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Gong Jun (Chinese: 龚俊, born 29 November 1992[1]), also known as Simon Gong, is a Chinese actor. He gained attention for his role in Lost Love in Times (2017), and further recognition for his roles in Begin Again (2020), and Word of Honor (2021).

Gong Jun
Born (1992-11-29) November 29, 1992 (age 29)
Other namesSimon
Alma materPerformance Department, Donghua University
Years active2015–present
AgentGong Jun Studio
Known for
  • 《Begin Again》
  • 《Word Of Honor》
  • 《Dream Garden》
Notable workLing Rui - 《Begin Again》
Wen Ke Xing - 《Word Of Honor》
Lin Shen - 《Dream Garden》
WebsiteGong Jun's Weibo

Early life

Gong Jun was born on 29 November 1992, in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. He studied art in the second year of high school, a teacher came to the school to search for students to learn performance or choreography. Gong was selected by the teacher to study acting due to his appearance. At the beginning, Gong took the exam at Nanjing University of the Arts. He passed the preliminary examination but did not have the courage to participate in the second examination, since he was not well prepared. Later, Gong went to Beijing to participate in intensive training. After a long and difficult training, Gong took his entrance examination and was finally admitted to the Performance Department of Donghua University in Shanghai. He eventually graduated and moved to Beijing seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry.[2] Gong had once signed with a company which promised to give him works and living expenses every month. Eventually, he did not receive any works or living expenses, so he terminated the contract.[3] Prior to his debut, Gong was working as a model for various advertisements.[4] Since he appeared in many advertisements, he was given a nickname: The Little Prince of Advertising.


2015–2018: Acting debut and early beginnings

In 2015, Gong made his acting debut in the historical drama Sword Chaos, played the upright and straightforward Bi Lu.[5]

In 2016, Gong co-starred with Xu Feng (徐峰)in the youth drama Advance Bravely, adapted from the danmei novel with the same name (势不可挡) by Chai Ji Dan, in which he played Xia Yao, who becomes caught in a love triangle with a brother and a sister.[6] He was selected by the novel author to act in her series after she saw his pictures on Weibo.[3] On August 23, the urban adventure comedy film Lost in Japan was released.[7]

In 2017, Gong co-starred with Chen Yao in the youth fantasy drama The Player, adapted from the online game "Fantasy Westward Journey" which is inspired by the classic novel “Journey to the West”, he played Ren Yi Xia, a game expert.[8] He gained recognition for his role as the frank, loyal, free and unrestrained 11th Prince Yuan Che in the fantasy historical drama Lost Love in Times, based on the novel “Drunken Exquisiteness” (醉玲珑) by Shi Siye.[9] Due to the success of the drama, Gong starred in a 12-episode spin-off of the drama as the main character with Xu Mu Chan.[10] On September 19, Gong was announced as a member of reality show The Cute Teacher Arrives.[11] On September 29, Gong science fiction film Rebirth Partner with Wang Wan Zhong was launched on Tencent Video, in which he played the helpful and cute student Yi Sheng.[12] In December, he starred in the campus idol inspirational drama Shining Like You.[13]

In 2018, Gong co-starred with Zheng Qiu Hong in the ancient costume drama Unique Lady Part 1 and 2, based on the visual novel game “Lust for Gold” (好色千金), played the domineering and affectionate Prince Zhong Wu Mei.[14]

2019–2020: Rising popularity

In 2019, the French fantasy adventure animated film Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings was released in mainland China. Gong dubbed the voice of Apollo.[15] On November 7, the urban love drama Flavor It's Yours with Song Yiren was broadcast on iQIYI, in which he played Lu Wei Xun, a genius wine critic who is cold and unapproachable.[16]

In 2020, Gong starred in the campus youth drama The Love Equations with Liu Renyu, in which he played Zhao Fan Zhou, a seriously dedicated student in the forensic science department, based on the novel “The Sweet Love Story” (舟而复始) by Zhao Qian Qian.[17] On October 29, the urban emotional drama Begin Again with Zhou Yutong was broadcast, in which he played Ling Rui, a mature and kind surgeon. The series attracted attention, and Gong popularity became increasingly, with 1.8 billion views on Mango TV.[18] On December 24, Unique Lady 2 with Zheng Qiu Hong was broadcast on Youku.[19]

2021–present: Breakthrough

In 2021, Gong's ancient Wuxia drama Word of Honor with Zhang Zhehan was broadcast on Youku, based on the danmei novel "Faraway Wanderers" (天涯客) by Priest. He played Wen Ke Xing, gentle, but also a deep-minded, innocent and cruel Chief of the Ghost Valley.[20] Ma Tao, the main producer of Word of Honor was not familiar with him, but several of her friends recommended him to her. This gave Gong the opportunity to audition, he got the role through auditioning with Wen Kexing's drinking scene and after Long Que's death.[3] The series surprisingly became a hit, opened with 8.2 scored on Douban and steadily increasing to 8.6, became the highest rated danmei drama on the site.[21] The drama also received over 11 billion views on China popular media platform Douyin.[22] On April 12, he co-starred with Qiao Xin in the romantic suspense drama Dream Garden, played Lin Shen, a professional psychological counsellor, the series was later aired on December.[23][24] On July 5, Gong was announced as a member of reality show Chinese Restaurant 5 along with Huang Xiaoming, Ning Jing, Zhou Ye, Ding Zhen and Annabel Yao.[25] On July 8, the rescue emotional drama The Flaming Heart with Zhang Huiwen was broadcast, in which he played Huo Yan, an introverted and determined firefighter.[26][27] On July 20, Gong began filming alongside Dilraba Dilmurat and Liu Yuning in the historical drama Legend of Anle, based on the novel "The Emperor's Book" (帝皇书) by Xing Ling, acting as Crown Prince Han Ye.[28] On December 7, Gong attended the booting ceremony and began working on the new youth romance drama Rising With The Wind with Zhong Chuxi, based on the novel with the same name by Wei Zai (未再). He will be playing the role of Xu Si, an investor.[29]

In 2022, Gong and Yang Mi announced as leads in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong, adapted from the manhua "Hu Yao Xiao Hong Niang" (狐妖小红娘) by Tuo Xiao Xin (庹小新).[30]

Endorsements and ambassadorships


In 2019, Gong is named as brand ambassador for men's care products Mentholatum.[31] He was chosen as brand ambassador for skincare Little Touch,[32] spokesperson for clinical skincare DR. WU,[33] and officer for Youku in 2020.[34]

With the success of Word of Honor series, Gong commercial resources have been soaring. Partnered with 31 brands, his endorsements covered multiple categories such as sunscreen protection L'Oréal Paris,[35][36] health supplements products Centrum,[37][38][39] car brand Roewe,[40] fast food KFC,[41][42] beauty cosmetics 3CE Stylenanda,[43] fruity instant coffee Nescafé,[44] smartphone Honor,[45] and sportswear 361 Degrees.[46] He also the face of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton,[47] and Tiffany & Co.[48]

In April 2021, Gong was announced as spokesperson for Vita lemon flavoured drink,[49] but by July he has ceased his commercial cooperation with Vitasoy, after an employee circulated a memo online offering condolences to the family of a worker who stabbed a Hong Kong policeman, then committed suicide afterwards.[50][51]

On his birthday, November 29, Gong Jun was promoted to brand spokesperson for YA-MAN[52] and was awarded the brand ambassador title by Tiffany.[53] On December 1, Honor launched the Honor 60 series in China and announced Gong Jun as the Honor 60 Series Global Spokesperson.[54]

In February 2022, Italian luxury brand Hogan (owned by the TOD’S Group) announced Gong as its global ambassador. The shoes Gong endorsed sold out at the brand's Tmall flagship store over six hours, demonstrated his substantial influence on the luxury brand. By May 2022, Gong has collaborated with 6 more brands such as Colgate, Safeguard, Mujosh and Charlotte Tilbury.[55]

Commercial influences

In 2021, Honor launched the Honor 50 series in China and announced Gong as their smartphone spokesperson. This was the firm's first major smartphone release since it was sold by Huawei. The series sales exceeded ¥500 million Yuan in one minute.[56] This leads to their market share rose up by 14.6% and helped them return to top three brands in China's mobile market.[57] Similarly, after 361 Degrees announced Gong as their global spokesperson, their stock price soared by 14.37%.[58] By the first half of 2021, their net profit rose 32.9% into ¥401.4 million Yuan, gained 15.7% in revenue and 28.0% in gross profit.[59][60] On June 17, Roewe announced the release of 500 Roewe RX5 PLUS Limited Edition and Gong was their global spokesperson, the first patch of 100 cars was sold out within 9 minutes 20 seconds, achieved a fastest record of a car been sold every 2 seconds in a single day.[61][62] After selling 100 cars per day for 5 consecutive days, the series completely sold out and the total pre-sale value was at ¥644 million Yuan.[63][64] On June 23, Gong was announced as brand ambassador for luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, he is one of the fastest artists in China to receive the brand ambassador title from them in less than a year.[65] On October 15, Gong was chosen as Beauty Ambassador for the 18th Cosmo Beauty Awards.[66]


In the first half of 2021, Gong gained over 8 million followers and became the most-followed and most-searched artist on Sina Weibo platform, appeared 187 times on their real-time hot search trends list.[67][68] Gong is named as the hottest actor of the second quarter and was listed as one of 23 GQ's Men of The Year.[69][70]

Gong has graced the front covers of various magazines such as Harper's Bazaar,[71][72] SE Weekly,[73] OK!,[74] Madame Figaro,[75] Elle,[76] Glitz,[77] Lifestyle,[78] Esquire,[79] T Magazine,[80] and Cosmopolitan.[81]


In 2018, Gong's first book work, “1129”, was released, all proceeds from the book were donated towards charity to support the development of public welfare undertakings.[82][83] In 2020, Gong donated ¥150,000 Yuan to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to equip three rural schools in Nanjiang County, Sichuan Province with caring kitchen equipment, so that children can study hard and make progress every day while also getting continuous nutritional improvement.[84] He was also chosen as Moji Weather Charity Ambassador and Officer for two consecutive years.[85][86]

In 2021, Gong was appointed as Hello Childhood Charity Ambassador,[87] Charity Promotional Ambassador for World Book Day,[88] Charity Communication Ambassador for International Day for Biological Diversity,[89] and Charity Advocacy Ambassador for World Environment Day.[90]

In April 2021, Word of Honor’s outfits were sold through online auction. Among them, the red costume of Wen Ke Xing played by Gong Jun was sold at the highest price ¥224,601 Yuan, the auction earned total ¥584,207 Yuan for Wen’s costumes and accessories.[91] After the event, his red costume proceeds were donated towards China Social Assistance Foundation as part of public welfare project.[92] On July 21, Gong donated ¥500,000 Yuan to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for flood relief efforts in Henan.[93] Gong Jun's Studio reached out to Lock & Lock donated 10,000 water bottles, 1000 blankets, 200 quilts, and 200 sets of bedding supplies to support the flood victims and disaster areas.[94] Gong Jun's Studio along with Unif Beef jointly donated further 5000 boxes of noodles to support the frontline disaster relief.[95] Gong joined hands with 361 Degrees donated ¥10 million Yuan in cash and materials to help with flood relief and future restoration work.[96] On July 27, as part of the sustainability program “L’Oréal for the Future”,[97][98][99] the Group has set up €50 million Euro to help with the restoration of ecological.[100]

Due to the pandemic situation in China, in April 2022, Gong donated 65,000 medical and N95 masks. Further 3,536 rapid COVID-19 antigen kits and hand sanitizers, plus 950 boxes of milk & snacks to his alma mater Donghua University.[101] On September 08, Gong donated ¥500,000 Yuan to support Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.[102]


Television Series

Year English title Chinese title Role Network Notes/Ref.
2016 Sword Chaos 刀剑缭乱 Bi Lu iQIYI [103]
2017 Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑 Yuan Che Dragon TV, Youku, Tencent, iQIYI [104]
Lost Love in Times SP 醉玲瓏番外之玲瓏醉夢 Youku [104]
2018 Advance Bravely 盛势 Xia Yao Tencent, WeTV [105]
2019 Unique Lady Part 1 绝世千金第一季 Zhong Wu Mei iQIYI [106]
Unique Lady Part 2 绝世千金第二季 [106]
Flavor It’s Yours 看见味道的你 Lu Wei Xun [107]
2020 The Love Equations 致我们甜甜的小美满 Zhao Fan Zhou Tencent, WeTV, Mango TV [108]
Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Ling Rui Mango TV, Fujian TV, iQIYI, WeTV [109]
Unique Lady 2 绝世千金完结篇 Zhong Wu Mei Youku [106]
2021 Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Cameo Mango TV Episode 12
Word of Honor 山河令 Wen Ke Xing Youku [110]
The Player 指尖少年 Ren Yi Xia Mango TV [111]
The Flaming Heart 你好,火焰蓝 Huo Yan Youku [112]
Shining Like You 而你刚好发光 Fang Yan Tencent, WeTV [113]
Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Lin Shen Hunan TV, Mango TV [114]
TBA Legend of Anle 安乐传 Han Ye Youku [115]
Rising With The Wind 我要逆风去 Xu Si iQIYI [116]
Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong 狐妖小红娘月红篇 Dong Fang Yue Chu [117]

Film/Short Films

Year English title Chinese title Role Network Notes/Ref.
2016 Lost in Japan 囧日之东京大冒险 VK [118]
2017 Rebirth Partner 异生探 Yi Sheng Tencent [119]
2022 Master Kang Jasmine Tea 520 Mini Movie 非你茉属 Cartoonist [120]
Hello, Hello 你好,你好 AI [121]
TBA Snafu 狂怒沙暴 Hai Ming [122]


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2019 Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings 虫林大作战 Apollo [15]

Television Shows

Year English title Chinese title Role Network Notes/Ref.
2015 Warm Taste 暖暖的味道 Guest Beijing TV, iQIYI
2017 The Cute Teacher Arrives 萌师驾到 Regular Member Mango TV [11]
2018 Cooking For Love 为爱下厨 Guest Tencent [123]
2020 Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Hunan TV, Mango TV [124]
Departure From the End of Changjiang River 从长江的尽头回家 Jiangsu TV, Youku [125]
2021 Ace vs Ace: Season 6 王牌对王牌第六季 Zhejiang TV, Tencent, iQIYI, Youku [126]
Happy Camp 快乐大本营 Hunan TV, Mango TV [127]
Produce Camp 2021 创造营2021 Guest Mentor Tencent [128]
Go Fighting! Season 7 极限挑战7 Guest Dragon TV, Youku [129]
Sisters Who Make Waves Season 2 乘风破浪的姐姐2 Mango TV [130]
Ace Actress 我是女演员 Jiangsu TV, Youku [131]
The Brain Special Episode 最强大脑特别篇 Youku [132]
Sweet Tasks 甜蜜的任务 Mango TV [133]
Go Fridge Season 7 拜托了冰箱轰趴季 Tencent [134]
Chinese Restaurant 5 中餐厅第五季 Regular Member Hunan TV, Mango TV [135]
I Don't Know 我不知道啊 Guest Tencent [136]
2022 We Are The Champions 战至巅峰 Regular Member [137]
Go Fighting! Season 8 极限挑战第八季 Dragon TV [138]
The Guardian of Alpine Plants 高山植物守护者 Guest [139]

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2021 OK! Magazine Awards Most Anticipated Male Artist Won [140]
Weibo Starlight Awards Overseas Most Anticipated Artist Won [141]
GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2021 Rising Actor of The Year Award Won [142]
Sohu Fashion Awards 2021 Fashion Figure of the Year Won [143]
Weibo TV Series Awards Most Popular Actor The Flaming Heart Won [144][145]
WeTV Awards Favorite Actor Nominated [146]
2022 Esquire Gentle Gala Annual Commercial Marketable Artist Award Won [147][148]
Golden Bud Network Film and Television Festival Most Popular Actor of the Year Won [149]
Weibo Night Weibo King Pending [150]
Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards Best Artist Pending


Year English title Chinese title Album Notes Ref.
2019 "But it is For You" 但为君故 Unique Lady OST with Zheng Qiuhong [151]
2020 "Sweet Little Satisfaction" 甜甜的小美满 The Love Equations OST with Liu Renyu [152]
"Youth With You" 有你的清纯 with Liu Renyu, Yang Ge and Yan Bingyi
"Used To You" 习惯你 Begin Again OST with Zhou Yutong [153]
2021 "Faraway Wanderers" 天涯客 Word of Honor OST with Zhang Zhehan [154]
"Ask Heaven" 天问 Word of Honor Theme Concert: Born to be Soulmates Live Album [155]
"Faraway Wanderers" 天涯客
"Looking at the Jianghu with a Smile" 笑看江湖 With Man Shuke
"Burning Medals" 滚烫勋章 The Flaming Heart OST With Pang Hanchen, Zhou Yanchen, Lu Yupeng, Wang Yizhou and Zhang Huiwen [156]
"Light Up the Future" 把未来点亮 CCTV’s May 4th Gala With Tang Yixin and Zeng Shunxi [157]
Theme song for the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party [158]
”Beast’s Flower” 野兽的花 BEAST's 10th Anniversary Commemorative Single With Jing Boran, Ouyang Nana and Wang Xi [159]
2022 "May You Be Prosperous" 恭喜发财 [160]
"Fortuned Filled Spring" 春意福盈 [161]
“Youth Says” 青年说 [162]
“Little Shoulders” 小小的肩膀 [163]
“More Youthful With Ideal” 有理想更青春 Leading Into the New Era [164]


Date English title Chinese title Network Location Attendance Ref.
May 3, 2021 Word of Honor Theme Concert 山河令生来知己演唱会 Youku Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre 40,000 [165][166]
May 4, 2021


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Gong Jun (chino simplificado: 龚俊; Chengdu, el 29 de noviembre de 1992) también conocido como Simon Gong, es un actor y modelo chino.[1]Es conocido por sus papeles en Lost Love In Times, The Love Equations, Begin Again y Word Of Honor.

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