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Morph is a British series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character, who is a small plasticine man, who speaks an unintelligible language and lives on a tabletop, his bedroom being a small wooden box. This fictional character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart, beginning in 1977, on several of his UKTV programmes, notably Take Hart and Hartbeat.

A model of the main character, Morph, on display at the National Media Museum, Bradford
First appearanceTake Hart, 15 February 1977
Created byPeter Lord
David Sproxton
Motto"Ba ba ba ba, ba ba da!"
In-universe information


Morph was produced for the BBC by Aardman Animations, later famous for the "Sledgehammer" music video, Wallace and Gromit, and Shaun the Sheep. Morph appeared mainly in one-minute "shorts" interspersed throughout the Take Hart show. These were connected to the main show by having Hart deliver a line or two to Morph who would reply in gobbledygook but with meaningful gestures. Later on, Morph was joined by cream-coloured Chas, who was much more troublesome and mischievous.

Morph can change shape, he would become spheres in order to move around, or extrude into cylinders to pass to different levels. He can also mimic other objects, or creatures. Morph lived in a wooden microscope box on an artist's desk. He and Chas both loved to eat cake, as seen in many of the shorts. Most appearances of Morph revolve around his friendship and rivalry with Chas, with each often playing tricks on the other and laughing at each other's misfortune. Whilst Morph's nature is that of an innocent, curious character, Chas is much more mischievous, and prone to bad behaviour.

After Hart's shows ended, Morph and Chas appeared in shorts on the Children's BBC's successor programme SMart from 1994 onwards.

Some of the early plasticine models of Morph were destroyed in a fire at the warehouse where they were being stored, on 10 October 2005.[1]

Morph's 30th birthday was celebrated in 2007 by creator Peter Lord and celebrity fan and comedian Phill Jupitus at events for the Encounters Film Festival in Bristol. In March 2009, shortly after Hart's death, a flashmob of Morph characters was organised in London outside the Tate Modern art gallery.[2]

In 2009, the BBC drama Ashes to Ashes featured Morph in a guest appearance as a representation of a present-day medic.[3] Morph was used to give a comic feeling while in a very serious situation in Series 2, Episode 3 of Ashes to Ashes. The character was pictured in an episode of Take Hart, however, Morph appeared on the television after it was turned off, separating it from the context of the Take Hart episode.

On 29 October 2013, Peter Lord (co-founder of Aardman Animations) created a fund raising project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The campaign set a target of £75,000 to be used to fund 12 new one minute episodes. The target was reached on 6 November 2013 after only 9 days, attracting contributions from over 1,700 backers who received a variety of rewards, including early access to the new animations and a small box of clay used in the production, depending on the individual's level of funding.[4][5] In January 2014, Peter Lord and Aardman began production on 15 new episodes featuring Morph. The new series premiered on Morph's official YouTube channel with 15 episodes from 4 July 2014 to 30 January 2015.

In 2015, a Morph experience opened at Land's End. The Land's End signpost was rebranded 'Lamb's End' with original sets, models and characters from a range of Aardman productions. Visitors were also able to star in a real Shaun the Sheep scene, using green screen technology, and meet other characters from the Aardman family, including Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit.[6]

Released between 20 March and 2 October 2015, HD restored versions of The Amazing Adventures of Morph appeared on YouTube and in the summer of 2015, Morph returned to TV on CBBC with the 15 new episodes.[7] From 6 November 2015 to 7 January 2016, The Lost Tapes from 2001 were revealed having been redubbed and remastered on YouTube. In March 2016, it was announced that Sky plc had made a deal with Aardman Animations to produce new Morph material to be directed at its child audience.[8] From 6 May 2016 to 15 September 2017, all clips captured from Take Hart were revealed on the Morph YouTube channel. In August 2017, new Morph merchandise was shown at Wallace & Gromit's Charity Shop.[9] Between 2 March and 14 September 2018, 15 more episodes of the new Morph series, that were previously shown on Sky Kids, were shown on YouTube. From 15 February to 17 May 2019, all 13 episodes of The Morph Files, that were remastered into HD, were released on YouTube.

In May 2019, Morph and Chas appeared in an advert for Tesco as part of the company's centenary celebrations, which also featured celebrities Anneka Rice and Derrick Evans (the latter more commonly known as Mr. Motivator).[10]

On 9 November 2020, the new Morph series entitled "The Epic Adventures of Morph" appeared and began to stream on Sky Kids. The series features Morph, Chas, and two old characters—Delilah and GrandMorph—who were brought back to add more life to the show. There is also a very small cameo from Gillespie, who is another character from The Morph Files and The Amazing Adventures of Morph, along with Delilah and GrandMorph, that was revived for the series. To the great sadness of many Morph fans, however, Folly and Gobbledeegook were not brought into the new series, possibly an effort to make animation easier, be more minimalistic, or save production costs which involve more materials.

Films, shorts, and TV series

1977–83 Take Hart
1980–81 The Amazing Adventures of Morph
1984–93 Hartbeat
1994–2005 SMart
1996 The Morph Files
1997 Morph TV (with Tony Hart)
1998 On Your Marks
2001 The Lost Tapes
2006 Morph (TV series)
2009 Ashes to Ashes (guest appearance)
2012 Ricky's Radical Reinventions
2014–present Brand New Morph
2019–present Retro Morph
2020–present The Epic Adventures of Morph [11]
2021-present The Very Small Creatures [12]

Series overview

Series Episodes
First aired Last aired
Original episodes 44 2006/4 November 2013 2006/23 October 2015
1 17 4 July 2014 6 March 2015
2 12 2 March 2018 14 September 2018

Original episodes (2006, 2013–2015)

The original 44 episodes of Morph were originally produced on the Aardman website back in 2006, and were re-used on Aardman's YouTube channel by around September 2008 until 2010, and Morph's YouTube channel from 4 November 2013 until 23 October 2015. The original episodes uses the same clips originally used from Take Hart, Hartbeat, SMart and The Morph Files.

# Episode Original airdate
101 (1)Hats2006/4 November 2013
102 (2)No Entry2006/4 November 2013
103 (3)Magic Boots2006/4 November 2013
104 (4)Invisimorph2006/4 November 2013
105 (5)Sweet Showdown2006/4 November 2013
106 (6)The Amazing Mimic2006/6 November 2013
107 (7)Get The Picture2006/11 November 2013
108 (8)Cake2006/14 November 2013
109 (9)Robomorph2006/27 March 2014
110 (10)Messy April Fools2006/1 April 2014
111 (11)Card Trick2006/1 May 2014
112 (12)Ice Cream2006/8 May 2014
113 (13)Row Your Boat2006/15 May 2014
114 (14)Sailors2006/22 May 2014
115 (15)Cleaning2006/29 May 2014
116 (16)Minimorph2006/5 June 2014
117 (17)Football2006/12 June 2014
118 (18)Sitting Comfortably?2006/19 June 2014
119 (19)Pudding Time2006/26 June 2014
120 (20)Blancmange2006
121 (21)Self Portrait2006
122 (22)Sculpture2006
123 (23)Bed Time2006
124 (24)Paint Job2006
125 (25)Toll Bridge2006
126 (26)Invisidog2006
127 (27)Morph Off2006
128 (28)Pop2006
129 (29)Still Life2006
130 (30)Poser2006
131 (31)Abominable Snowman2006
132 (32)Dog Show2006
133 (33)Cowboys2006
134 (34)Sharpshooter2006
135 (35)Dinner Time2006
136 (36)Sea Shell/Rock and Roll Hole2006
137 (37)Hide and Seek2006
138 (38)Strong Morph2006
(40)The Painters2006
(42)Washing Machine2006
(43)Bake Off2006
(44)Silver Disc Shooting2006

Series 1: 2014–2015

The first series of the then-named Brand New Morph was released on YouTube from 4 July 2014 to 30 January 2015 with a Red Nose Day special being released on 6 March. The first series was also aired on CBBC throughout the summer of 2015.

# Episode Original airdate
201 (20)Twin Decks4 July 2014
202 (21)Portable Hole18 July 2014
203 (22)Great Outdoors1 August 2014
204 (23)Stand Up15 August 2014
205 (24)Fetch29 August 2014
206 (25)Bin It To Win It12 September 2014
207 (26)Stick Up26 September 2014
208 (27)Hiccups10 October 2014
209 (28)Box of Tricks24 October 2014
210 (29)Selfie7 November 2014
211 (30)Clean Sweep21 November 2014
212 (31)Goal5 December 2014
213 (32)Xmas19 December 2014
214 (33)Sloped World2 January 2015
215 (34)Chas Express17 January 2015
216 (35)Picture Perfect30 January 2015
217 (36)Red Nose Day6 March 2015

Series 2: 2018

The 2nd series of Brand New Morph was released to YouTube from 2 March 2018 until 14 September 2018, it is the first series being produced for Sky Kids, which streamed the first 2 series of Morph on Sky TV.

# Episode Original airdate
301 (37)Phosing2 March 2018
302 (38)One Man and His Dog16 March 2018
303 (39)Treasure Map30 March 2018
304 (40)Shadow Puppets13 April 2018
305 (41)Magic Doors27 April 2018
306 (42)Boot Camp11 May 2018
307 (43)Desktop Rodeo25 May 2018
308 (44)Tablet8 June 2018
309 (45)New Neighbour22 June 2018
310 (46)Birthday Party3 July 2018
311 (47)Portable Portals20 July 2018
312 (48)Lamp3 August 2018
313 (49)Remote17 August 2018
314 (50)Piñata31 August 2018
315 (51)Rappers Delight14 September 2018

Series 3: 2021

The third series of Brand New Morph made its way to YouTube on 12 February 2021 until 31 December 2021, with the episodes taking place during some special events that occurred during the year. All of the episodes were produced during production for the 2nd series in 2018, 3 years before it was officially shown in 2021.

# Episode Original Airdate
316 (52)Valentine's Day12 February 2021
317 (53)Pancake Day16 February 2021
318 (54)World Book Day4 March 2021
319 (55)Easter2 April 2021
320 (56)Beached25 June 2021
321 (57)Back To School3 September 2021
322 (58)Halloween29 October 2021
323 (59)Fireworks5 November 2021
324 (60)Christmas23 December 2021
325 (61)New Year31 December 2021

Series 4: 2022

The fourth series of Brand New Morph (now titled: 'The Epic Adventures of Morph) made its way to YouTube on 1 April 2022 until 8 July 2022, with the episodes' running time now extended to five minutes. Delilah and Grandmorph made their return to the series as main characters also. The Very Small Creatures still appeared from time to time and Gillespie made a cameo in 'Beanstalk.' All of the episodes were produced in 2020, 2 years before it was officially shown in 2022.

# Episode Original Airdate
326 (62)Tangled Web1 April 2022
327 (63)Pie Spy8 April 2022
328 (64)Chas Air15 April 2022
329 (65)Medieval Morph22 April 2022
330 (66)Size Matters29 April 2022
331 (67)Daredevil Delilah6 May 2022
332 (68)Finding Nailbrush13 May 2022
333 (69)Double Trouble20 May 2022
334 (70)Camping Caper27 May 2022
335 (71)Beanstalk3 June 2022
336 (72)Operation Sausage10 June 2022
337 (73)Dolls House17 June 2022
338 (74)Rainy Day24 June 2022
339 (75)GAME ON!1 July 2022
340 (76)Cheesed Off8 July 2022




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