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Kaiser Chuang or Chuang Kai-hsun (Chinese: 莊凱勛; pinyin: Zhuāng Kǎixūn; born 22 March 1981) is a Taiwanese actor.[2][3]

Kaiser Chuang
Born (1981-03-22) 22 March 1981 (age 41)
Changhua, Taiwan
Alma materTaipei National University of the Arts
Years active2001—present
Liao Yi-an
(m. 2016)
Musical career
Also known asZhuang Kaixun
Cash Chuang

Early life and career

Born in Changhua County, Chuang graduated from the department of drama of Taipei National University of the Arts.[4]

He has appeared in the films Step Back to Glory (2013), Who Is Undercover (2014) and The Tenants Downstairs (2016) and several plays and television series such as Breaking Free (2011) and Happy 300 Days (2013).

In 2015, Chuang received double nominations for the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film at the 50th Golden Bell Awards and won the award for his performance in The Road Home. The following year he won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 18th Taipei Film Festival for Maverick (2015).[5]

He participated in the HBO Asia TV series “Trinity of Shadows” which consists of 15 one-hour episodes, as up-and-coming public official. The first two will launch on June 13, 2021, and be followed every subsequent Sunday with further instalments. The series will play on HBO Go and HBO in Asia.[6]

Personal life

On August 2, 2016, Chuang married his girlfriend of two years, Liao Yi-an (Xiao An), who works in the fashion industry and who is nine years younger than Chuang. Their wedding reception was held on September 3, 2016 in Taipei.[7][8]



Year English title Original title Role Network Notes
2005Love On Old Mountain Railway戀戀舊山線Liu YinghuiHakka TV
2005Ben Chi's Line奔馳的縱貫線A-chingPTSMiniseries
2006Happiness Station幸福派出所Kao Tsan-weiHakka TV
2007Going Home回家Wang Hsiao-mingGTV
2009OriginChiu KouHakka TV
2010Ju Dao Yi Shi Qing菊島醫師情Hou Wu-chungDaAi TV
2010The Taste of Papaya秋宜的婚事PTSFilm
201117th Exit十七號出入口Lao FuPTSFilm
2011Where Are You Now你現在在哪?A-liangPTSFilm
2011Sensory Crime感官犯罪Chiang Yen-tePTSFilm
2011Jiong Ien Sen醬園生Wu Cheng-huaHakka TV
2011Breaking Free破浪而出A-hsiuDaAi TV
2011My Son我兒阿輝Hu Kuo-pingDaAi TV
2012Ban Ni Tong Xing伴你同行Ni Kuo-chunDaAi TV
2012Jump! Cheerleader飆!企鵝里德A-chuanHakka TV
2013The Music Class Never Ends大雄的音樂教室Ta HsiungPTSFilm
2013Happy 300 Days遇見幸福300天Ting Hao-chuanTTV
2013The Pursuit of Happiness愛的生存之道Ho Wei-tingGTV
2014Go, A-wen!加油喔!阿文A-wenPTSFilm
2015The Road Home回家路上A-minPTSFilm
2015An Outing出遊A-chaoPTSFilm
2015Spring Beauty降生十二星座DrinkerPTSFilm
2015The Lunch Break午休時間TeacherPTSFilm
2016La Grande Chaumière Violette紫色大稻埕Chiang Wei-shuiSET Taiwan
2016Mysterious Equation我家的方程式Hsu Jung-yuanDaAi TV
2017She's Family媽媽不見了Chou Wen-pingFormosa TVMiniseries
2017The Galaxy Fighter Bushiban銀河戰士特訓班Chan Shih-haoPTSFilm
2017Wake Up 2麻醉風暴2Wan Ta-chiPTSMiniseries
2017Fang Duo Chong De Ji Yi紡綞蟲的記憶Huang Yu-yenPTS
Forward Sisters姊妹們,上Joseph
2019The Driver伺机Jian Yi
Toggle Original Series / Mediacorp Channel U / Mediacorp Channel 8
  • 1st Male Lead
  • Pairs up with Jesseca Liu
  • Toggle Original Series


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2006Do Over一年之初Traffic police
2006The Song of Cha-Tian Mountain插天山之歌Lu Chih-hsiang
2008Never Give Up不能回家的小孩Wang
2010Tears眼淚Ah Ming
2010Thief小偷LukeShort film
2011PrisonShort film
2011Falling Edge墜落邊緣JayShort film
2011Everlasting Moments靈魂的旅程Jay
2012Gravity Zero無重力BenShort film
2012My Dear Stilt候鳥來的季節Lin Chia-hsiung
2013Step Back to Glory志氣Mr. Kao
2014Who Is Undercover王牌Secretary Kao
2014Taipei Factory II – Luca台北工廠2-盧卡Chen Guo-xing
2015Maverick菜鳥Yang Ming-cheng
2015Taste of Life百味人生Chen Lei
2015Elena愛琳娜Liao Chun-ming
2016The Tenants Downstairs樓下的房客Chang Kuo-sheng
2016Packages from Daddy心靈時鐘Mr. Chou
2017Who Killed Cock Robin目擊者Wang Yi-chi (Hsiao-chi)
2017Iphigenia's Night伊菲基妮亞之夜JieShort film
2017Father to Son在一個死亡之後Fan Pao-te (young)
2019Deep Evil
2019Paradise Next
2021American Girl美國女孩Liang Chong-hui

Music videos

Year Artist Song title
2011 Mayday "Noah's Ark"
2012 Christine Fan "Bounce"
2015 LTK Commune "Nylon's Last Words"


Year English title Mandarin title
2001An Official Storm一官風波
2003Room 118成人娛樂
2004Staying Focused越來越難集中精神
2006Sweet Time旋律,在愛情交界處
2007Madame Bovary Is Me包法利夫人們
2009Design For Living華麗上班族之生活與生存
2013Nice To Hear From You收信快樂
2015I Hate Therefore I Marry恨嫁家族
2016For Youth我記得…

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
201045th Golden Bell AwardsBest Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Television FilmBreaking FreeNominated
201015th Asian Television AwardsBest Supporting ActorBreaking FreeNominated
201249th Golden Horse AwardsBest Supporting ActorMy Dear StiltNominated
201550th Golden Bell AwardsBest Actor in a Miniseries or Television FilmThe Road HomeWon
An OutingNominated
201618th Taipei Film FestivalBest Supporting ActorMaverickWon
201754th Golden Horse AwardsBest Leading ActorWho Killed Cock RobinNominated


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