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Lin Tzay-peir (born 20 February 1950) is a Taiwanese actor and television presenter. He won Best Actor at the 1985 Golden Bell Awards.

Lin Tzay-peir
Born (1950-02-20) 20 February 1950 (age 72)[1]
Taipei, Taiwan
Alma materChinese Culture University
OccupationActor, TV presenter
Years active1980–present
SpouseTzu Lin
AwardsGolden Bell Awards – Best Actor
1985 Autumn Tide Toward the Evening Sky

Musical career
Also known as
  • Lin Zay-pei
  • Frank Lin

Personal life

In 1988, Lin Tzay-peir married singer-actress Chang Kai-ling (張愷凌), better known by her stage name Tzu Lin (紫琳), after 9 years of dating. They starred in the 1988 TV series Walking Through the Past together. After 7 years of marriage they had a daughter, but divorced shortly afterwards, only to remarry 4 years later. He was charged with DUI in 2004 and 2013.[2][3]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1980Part Time Job暑期工讀生Ko Pen-yi
1981The Merry Couple歡喜冤家Mr. Ku
Lucky By Chance鬼馬五福星board director
Don't Look at the Moon Through the Window窗口的月亮不准看Mr. Hu's son
Spring Fever吾家有女初長成Chen Yu-jen
If I Were for Real假如我是真的Yao Qing
1982The Woman Who Eats People磨牙的女人
The Anger失節Ma Ta-yu
The Sexy Lady Driver糊塗女司機Fang Chih-hao
One Hundred Point百分滿點
Exposed to Danger冷眼殺機Wu Chen
Devil Returns驚魂風雨夜Doctor Hsu
Killer Rose殺人玫瑰Chen Chieh
1983Ah-Yuan My Son媽媽帶我回家
1987Give Her to You把她交給你Huang Tsung-hengTV film
1989Old Man and Girl老少五個半
1991Bedside Love Stories: Love in a Game床邊愛情故事:遊戲的愛TV film
1995The Long Night長夜TV film
1996Group Meal圍爐Liang TuoTV film

TV dramas

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1980Autumn Water, Vast Sky秋水長天Chin
1981The Colourful Phoenix Soars彩鳳飛Prince Ba
1982Corners of the Earth海角天涯Han Yun-tien
1983Flying Together in Pairs比翼雙雙飛Fan Tudan
Autumn Tide Toward the Evening Sky秋潮向晚天Lei Kai-ping
1984Heaven Dragon, Sword Hero天龍劍俠Nine Yin Child
The Folk Song Romance山歌戀Li Jingtang
In Search of Love愛的追尋Hua Ta-jen
The Beginning of Life人之初Lo Wen-chung
1985Flowers Fall Off, but Spring Remains花落春猶在Lee Ta-ming
Endless Love無盡的愛Chen Chih-hsiung
Sun, Moon and Star星星、月亮、太陽Xu Jianbai
1986The Unofficial Biography of Cixi慈禧外傳Yizhureplaced after 3 episodes
Azure Sea, Blue Sky, Nightly Pines碧海青天夜夜心
  • Tang Hui-chun
  • Tang Hui-yu
1987Deep Garden庭院深深Chien Fei-fan
1988One Side of the Water在水一方Lu Yu-wen
Moment in Peking京華煙雲Kung Lifu
Freezing Point冰點Lin Che-an
Walking Through the Past走過從前Chang Yuan
1989The Wife-Pursuing Trio追妻三人行Niu Chia-hsing
1990Three Flowers三朵花Meng Yunlou
1992No Regrets This Life今生無悔Fang Wen-yang
1993Justice Pao包青天
  • Li Chengnan
  • Fang Wenshan
unrelated characters
The Temptation of Middle Age中年的誘惑
1994The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants七俠五義Lu Fang
1996Taiwan Paranormal Events台灣靈異事件several unrelated characters
1997The Strange Cases of Lord Shi施公奇案several unrelated characters
Let Me Hear You Say Dad Again再叫一聲爸爸
1998The Loafer-Turned-Imperial Envoy浪子大欽差
  • Shi Bupo
  • Lu Tianhong
unrelated characters
Legends of the Earth God土地公傳奇several unrelated characters
Women at Thirty女人三十
1999Fragrance of Women女人香Hsu Hao-jan
2000Eldest Son's Wife長男的媳婦Wang Ching-mu
Give Daddy a Kiss親親老爸Weng Ming-hsuan
Happy Without You無你較快活Hsu Chih-hsiang
Feel for Others將心比心Wang Ming-te
2001The Husband-Pursuing Trio追夫三人行Chen Sang
Gazing at My Hometown望鄉Lin Yung-shou
Love and Honour情義Liu Cheng-yi
Father's Illegitimate Daughter爸爸的私生女Lee Yang-ming
2002Endless Love不了情Chiang Yung-ming
2003Upmost Sun日正當中Hsieh Kao-ming
2004Women Are Flowers at 40女人40一枝花Ting Yung-chun
The Unforgettable Memory意難忘Mai Kuo-chuan
2005The Sun of Life生命的太陽legislator
The Bright Moon over the Mortal World明月照紅塵Chen Hsi-hai
Eight Ounces of Gold八两金Chen Bo
Autumn Tide Toward the Evening Sky秋潮向晚天Guan Jianghaoremake of the 1983 series
2006The Kid from Heaven天堂來的孩子Lo Yi-hsiang's father
The Success Story of a Formosa Girl寶島少女成功記Chao Chen-wei
The Spirits of LoveWu Chin-sheng
2007Wings of Angel天使之翼Hu Te-chang
2008Mom's House娘家Huang Ching-feng
2009See A-Lang Again又見阿郎Pai Hai-sheng
The Story of Parents' House娘家的故事Shen Wanhai
2012Pursuit追逃Meng Fanping
Feng Shui Family風水世家Lin Ching-shui
2014Dowry嫁妝Lee Ching-te
2016The King of Drama阿不拉的三個女人Huang Yun-chin

Awards and nominations

Year # Award Category Work Result
Television (as actor)
1985 20th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a TV Series Autumn Tide Toward the Evening Sky Won
1997 32nd Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series Group Meal Nominated
Television (as host)
1988 23rd Golden Bell Awards Best Host (Educational and Cultural Programme) Productivity Square (生產力廣場) Nominated
1989 24th Nominated


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