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Actor / Actor

#1 Nick Cravat

Nicholas Cuccia (pronounced coo-cha ; January 10, 1912 – January 29, 1994), [4] better known by his stage name Nick Cravat , was an American actor and stunt performer. American actor and stunt performer Nick Cravat Nick Cravat (right) with Burt Lancaster , performing as Lang and Cravat with the Fede

#2 Bea Arthur

Beatrice Arthur (born Bernice Frankel ; May 13, 1922   – April 25, 2009) was an American actress and comedian. Born and raised in Brooklyn , New York City , Arthur began her career on stage in 1947, attracting critical acclaim before achieving worldwide recognition for her work on television beginni

#3 Yureni Noshika

Yureni Noshika (born 29 January 1990) is an actress in Sri Lankan cinema and television as well as a singer and media personality. Noshika began her career winning the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World contest and went on to commercials before making it in the television and movie industries. Sri Lankan

#4 Yuki Kubota

Yuki Kubota ( 久保田 悠来 , Kubota Yūki , born June 15, 1981, in Hiratsuka , Kanagawa Prefecture , Japan) is a Japanese actor and model whose work has included stage, television and film roles. He is best known as the character Takatora Kureshima / Kamen Rider Zangetsu / Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin in the

#5 Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley [lower-alpha 1] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), or simply Elvis , was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the " King of Rock and Roll ", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century . His energized interpretations of songs and sexually

#6 Ichikawa Raizō VIII

Ichikawa Raizō VIII ( 八代目 市川 雷蔵 , Hachidaime Ichikawa Raizō , August 29, 1931 – July 17, 1969) was a Japanese film and kabuki actor . His birth name was Akio Kamezaki ( 亀崎 章雄 , Kamezaki Akio ) , [1] and his name was legally changed several times, first to Yoshio Takeuchi ( 武内 嘉男 , Takeuchi Yoshio )

#7 Ivana Miličević

Ivana Miličević ( Croatian pronunciation:   [ǐʋana milǐːt͡ʃevit͡ɕ] ; born April 26, 1974 [ citation needed ] ) is a Bosnian Croat-American actress and model. [2] She is best known for her starring roles in the Cinemax action drama series Banshee (2013–2016) and The CW science fiction drama series Th

#8 O. W. Fischer

Otto Wilhelm Fischer ( German : O. W. Fischer , pronounced [oː veː ˈfɪʃɐ] ( listen ) ; 1 April 1915 – 29 January 2004) was an Austrian film and theatre actor, a leading man of West German cinema during the Wirtschaftswunder era of the 1950s and 1960s. Austrian actor This article relies largely or en

#9 Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber ( / b iː b ər / BEE -bər ; born March 1, 1994) [1] [2] is a Canadian singer. Bieber is widely recognized for his genre-melding musicianship and has played an influential role in modern-day popular music . [3] He was discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun and signed

#10 Edu Manzano

Eduardo Manzano [fn 1] ( Tagalog pronunciation:   [manˈsanɔ] ; born September 14, 1955) is a Filipino-American actor, comedian, politician, United States Air Force veteran and television host. He was previously the host of game shows The Weakest Link , Pilipinas, Game KNB? , 1 vs. 100 and Asar Talo

#11 Claire Corlett

Claire Margaret Corlett (born July 9, 1999) is a Canadian actress, known most notably for her nine years of voice work on the family fantasy/comedy animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic , for which she provided the voice for the supporting character Sweetie Belle . [1] Canad

#12 Roman Izyaev

Roman Savievich Izyaev ( Russian : Роман Савиевич Изъяев ; Hebrew : ;רומן איזאייב January 29, 1940 - April 29, 2018) was a Soviet, Russian and Israeli stage actor, artistic director, screenwriter and scenic designer of the Judeo-Tat theatre . For his contributions to the development of domestic thea

#13 Gloria Swanson

Gloria May Josephine Swanson (March 27, 1899   – April 4, 1983) was an American actress and producer. She first achieved fame acting in dozens of silent films in the 1920s and was nominated three times for the Academy Award for Best Actress , most famously for her 1950 return in Billy Wilder 's Suns

#14 Ben Levi Ross

Benjamin Levi Ross [1] (born January 15, 1998) [2] is an American stage actor and singer. He [lower-alpha 1] is best known for his work in the Tony Award winning musical Dear Evan Hansen , where he played Evan, Connor and Jared (understudy) on Broadway and Evan in the national tour. American stage a

#15 Kazunari Ninomiya

Kazunari Ninomiya ( 二宮 和也 , Ninomiya Kazunari , born June 17, 1983) , often called Nino ( ニノ ) , is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actor, voice actor, presenter and radio host. He is a member of the Japanese idol group Arashi . Japanese actor and singer Kazunari Ninomiya 二宮 和也 Ninomiya in November 2

#16 Pat Thornton

Pat Thornton (born September 5, 1976) is a Canadian television actor, comedian, and writer. [2] Pat Thornton A photo of Thornton Born ( 1976-09-05 ) September 5, 1976 (age   45) Kingston , Ontario [1] Nationality Canadian Occupation Actor, comedian Years   active 2001–present Known   for The Sketche

#17 Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Ellen Gilbert (born May 8, 1964) [1] [2] is an American actress, television director, producer, politician, and former president of the Screen Actors Guild . American actress and television director Melissa Gilbert Gilbert in December 2010 26th President of the Screen Actors Guild In office

#18 Lynne McGranger

Lynne McGranger (born 29 January 1953) is an Australian actress and longest serving female cast member of a television soap opera in Australia , having starred as Irene Roberts on soap opera Home and Away for over 29 years. [1] [2] She joined the series in 1993, taking over from actress Jacquy Phill

#19 Billy Walker (boxer)

William Walker (born Stepney , London, 3 March 1939) is a British retired heavyweight boxer and actor. He turned professional in 1961 after 39 amateur bouts. His nickname was "Golden Boy". His professional record was 21 wins (16 by knockout), 8 losses and 2 draws. During 1967, he fought for both the

#20 H. Reeves-Smith

Harry Reeves-Smith (17 May 1862 – 29 January 1938) [1] was an English born stage actor who achieved success in Broadway productions at the turn of the twentieth century. His father was G. Reeves-Smith, a manager of the Brighton Aquarium. [2] Harry made his first appearance on stage in 1878 at Halifa

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Character / Character

#1 Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is a science fiction adventure hero and feature comic strip created by Philip Francis Nowlan first appearing in daily US newspapers on January 7, 1929, and subsequently appearing in Sunday newspapers, international newspapers, books and multiple media with adaptations including radio in

#2 Charlie Dog

Charlie Dog (also known as Rover , Charlie , and sometimes Charles the Dog ) is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes series of cartoons. The character was featured in nine cartoons between 1941 and 1958. [2] Warner Bros. theatrical cartoon character Fictional character C

#3 Jango Fett

Jango Fett is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, created by George Lucas . He first appeared as an antagonist in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones , played by Temuera Morrison . The character is a Mandalorian bounty hunter , regarded as the best mercenary in t

#4 Little Audrey

Little Audrey (full name: Audrey Smith ) is a fictional character, appearing in early 20th century folklore [1] prior to starring in a series of Paramount Pictures ' Famous Studios cartoons from 1947 to 1958. [2] She is considered a variation of the better-known Little Lulu , devised after Paramount

#5 Human Torch (android)

The Human Torch , also known as Jim Hammond (originally, Hamond ), is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Created by writer-artist Carl Burgos , he first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), published by Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics . Marv

#6 Janitor (Scrubs)

The Janitor is a fictional character, played by Neil Flynn in the American comedy-drama Scrubs . Though he is a janitor at Sacred Heart, he is rarely referred to as the janitor, but rather just called Janitor. Fictional character The Janitor Scrubs character First appearance " My First Day " Last ap

#7 Loki (Marvel Comics)

Loki Laufeyson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . While the character first appeared in Venus #6 (Aug. 1949), the characterization that has persisted to the modern day, created by writer Stan Lee , scripter Larry Lieber , and penciller Jack Kirby

#8 Pengsoo

Pengsoo ( Korean : 펭수 , Pengsu ) is a penguin character that appears on the YouTube channel Giant Peng TV, run by Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) in South Korea. Pengsoo is a ten-year-old trainee at EBS who dreams of being a universal superstar . [1] TV character Fictional character Pengsoo Fi

#9 Sexton Blake

Sexton Blake is a fictional character, a detective who has been featured in many British comic strips, novels and dramatic productions since 1893. Sexton Blake adventures were featured in a wide variety of British and international publications (in many languages) from 1893 to 1978, comprising more

#10 King Louie

King Louie is a fictional character introduced in Walt Disney 's 1967 animated musical film The Jungle Book . He is an Orangutan who leads other jungle primates and wants to become more human-like by gaining knowledge of fire from Mowgli . Louie is an original character not featured in Rudyard Kipli

#11 Violet (Peanuts)

Violet Gray is a fictional character featured in the long-running syndicated daily and Sunday comic strip Peanuts , created by Charles M. Schulz . Violet first appeared in the February 7, 1951 strip. [1] She was originally a major character, until she was eventually relegated to background and cameo

#12 Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are a duo of cartoon characters from the Looney Tunes series of animated cartoons , first appearing in 1949 in the theatrical cartoon short Fast and Furry-ous . In each episode, the cunning, devious and constantly hungry coyote repeatedly attempts to catch and subs

#13 Baron Ambrosia

Baron Ambrosia was a character played by international explorer Justin Fornal from 2006 to 2013. The character was a self-proclaimed "quaffer of culinary consciousness" and traveled around New York City, mostly in The Bronx, documenting various ethnic cultures and their indigenous cuisines, represen

#14 Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist in the 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen . She is often referred to as Eliza or Lizzy by her friends and family. Elizabeth is the second child in a family of five daughters . Though the circumstances of the time and environment push her to seek a marri

#15 Vic Rattlehead

Vic Rattlehead is the illustrated mascot of the American thrash metal band Megadeth . [1] Vic is a skeletal figure wearing a suit who embodies the phrase " See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil " as well as a symbol of censorship . His eyes are covered by a riveted-on visor, his mouth is clamped

#16 Sonic the Hedgehog (character)

Sonic the Hedgehog [lower-alpha 1] is the protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega , and appears in numerous spin-off comics , animations , and other media. Sonic is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball, primarily to

#17 Long John Silver

Long John Silver is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the novel Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson . The most colourful and complex character in the book, he continues to appear in popular culture. His missing leg and parrot, in particular, have greatly contributed to th

#18 Scrappy

Scrappy is a cartoon character created by Dick Huemer for Charles Mintz 's Screen Gems Studio (distributed by Columbia Pictures ). A little round-headed boy, [1] Scrappy often found himself involved in off-beat neighborhood adventures. Usually paired with his little brother Oopy (originally Vontzy),

#19 Elaine Benes

Elaine Marie Benes ( / ˈ b ɛ n ɪ s / ) is a fictional character on the American television sitcom Seinfeld , played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus . Elaine's best friend in the sitcom is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld , and she is also good friends with George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer . Louis-Dreyfus rece

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Director / Director

#1 Oğuzhan Uğur

Oğuzhan Uğur (born 29 January 1984) is a Turkish musician, director, screenwriter and Internet personality. Turkish director and singer Oğuzhan Uğur Born ( 1984-01-29 ) 29 January 1984 (age   38) Ankara , Turkey Occupation Musician, director, screenwriter, YouTuber Years   active 2011–present Uğur w

#2 Jacqueline Veuve

Jacqueline Veuve (29 January 1930 – 18 April 2013) was a Swiss filmmaker known for "ethnographical cinema". She has been referred to as the "great lady of the Swiss documentary film." [1] She received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2013 Swiss Film Prize . [2] Swiss documentary filmmaker, ethn

#3 Odveig Klyve

Odveig Klyve (born 29 January 1954) is a Norwegian writer and film director. Norwegian writer and film director (born 1954) Among her notable publications are Rift (poetry debut, 1993), Basunengelen (children's book, 1997), Historien om Null (children's book, 2003), Algebraisk (poetry, 2004), Det an

#4 Charuvi Agrawal

Charuvi Agrawal (born 20 June 1983) is an Indian painter, sculptor, animator, filmmaker, and visual artist. She graduated from Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada , and is a gold medalist in fine arts from the College of Art , University of Delhi . This biography of a livi

#5 Slavko Janevski

Slavko Janevski (January 11, 1920, Skopje - January 20, 2000) was a Macedonian poet, prose and script writer. He was also active as a comics artist. [1] He finished high school in Skopje. From 1945 onwards he was the editor of the first teenage magazine called "Pioneer". Janevski is the author of th

#6 C. S. Amudhan

C. S. Amudhan (born 19 July 1977) is an Indian filmmaker and lyricist from the Tamil film industry. Indian filmmaker and lyricist C. S. Amudhan Born Sebastian Amudhan ( 1977-07-19 ) 19 July 1977 (age   45) Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India Occupation Director , screenwriter Years   active 2001–present Sp

#7 James Cameron

James Francis Cameron CC (born August 16, 1954) is a Canadian filmmaker and environmentalist. Best known for making science fiction and epic films, he first gained recognition for directing The Terminator (1984). He found further success with Aliens (1986), The Abyss (1989), Terminator 2: Judgment D

#8 Rudy Larriva

Rudolph Larriva (February 12, 1916 – February 19, 2010) was an American animator and director from the 1940s to the 1980s. American animator and director Rudy Larriva Rudy Larriva, American animator. Born Rudolph Larriva ( 1916-02-12 ) February 12, 1916 El Paso, Texas , U.S. Died February 19, 2010 (

#9 Andrew J. Kuehn

Andrew J. Kuehn (September 24, 1937 – January 29, 2004) was an American film producer notable for revolutionizing the American film trailer in the early 1960s [1] [2] and for producing and directing featurette films for television like Lights, Camera, Annie! [3] Getting in Shape for the "Main Event"

#10 Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette ( French:   [ʒak ʁivɛt] ; 1 March 1928 – 29 January 2016) was a French film director and film critic most commonly associated with the French New Wave and the film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma . He made twenty-nine films, including L'amour fou (1969), Out 1 (1971), Celine and Julie Go

#11 Adam Phillips (animator)

Adam Phillips , also known by his online alias Chluaid ( / k l aɪ d / ), is an Australian filmmaker, animator , and former freelancer . He is best known for his animation work, consisting of flash animation compositions published on his website, Bitey Castle, and on the flash portal Newgrounds . His

#12 Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez ( Spanish pronunciation:   [biˈθente ˈblasko iˈβaɲɛθ] , 29 January 1867 – 28 January 1928) was a journalist, politician and bestselling Spanish novelist in various genres whose most widespread and lasting fame in the English-speaking world is from Hollywood films that were adap

#13 Tony Klinger

Tony Klinger (born 29 January 1950) is a British film-maker, author and media executive. He began his career as Assistant Director on The Avengers in the 1960s, [1] directed several rockumentaries and headed media companies both in the UK and the USA. British film producer and director This article

#14 Brian Fee

Brian Stacy Fee (born January 29, 1975) is an American storyboard artist, animator, prop designer, producer, film director and occasional voice actor who works for Pixar . [1] American filmmaker This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( April 2017 ) Brian Fee

#15 Georgiy Gongadze

Georgiy Ruslanovych Gongadze [lower-alpha 1] (21 May 1969 – 17 September 2000) [1] was a Georgian - Ukrainian journalist and film director who was kidnapped and murdered in 2000 near Kyiv. He founded the internet newspaper Ukrainska Pravda along with Olena Prytula in 2000. Georgian-born Ukrainian jo

#16 Hal Roach

Harry Eugene " Hal " Roach Sr. [1] (January 14, 1892 – November 2, 1992) was an American film and television producer, director, and screenwriter, who was the founder of the namesake Hal Roach Studios . American filmmaker (1892–1992) For his son, the film and television producer, see Hal Roach Jr. F

#17 Ub Iwerks

Ubbe Ert Iwwerks (March 24, 1901   – July 7, 1971), known as Ub Iwerks ( / ˈ ʌ b ˈ aɪ w ɜːr k s / UB EYE -wurks ), was an American animator , cartoonist , character designer , inventor , and special effects technician . Born in Kansas City, Missouri , Iwerks grew up with a contentious relationship w

#18 Jack Christian

Jack Christian is a film and television showrunner , producer , writer and director. He is known most recently for his work on the feature films Seriously Red , The Reef: Stalked , Mercy Road , The Infernal Machine , Run Rabbit Run , Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, the Netflix series Dive Clu

#19 Robert Wise

Robert Earl Wise (September 10, 1914 – September 14, 2005) was an American film director, producer, and editor. He won the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture for his musical films West Side Story (1961) and The Sound of Music (1965). He was also nominated for Best Film Editing for Cit

#20 Katherena Vermette

Katherena vermette [lower-alpha 1] (born 29 January 1977) is a Canadian writer, who won the Governor General's Award for English-language poetry in 2013 for her collection North End Love Songs . [3] Vermette is of Métis descent and originates from Winnipeg , Manitoba . She was a MFA student in creat

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Movie / Movie

#1 Waking the Dead (TV series)

Waking the Dead is a British television police procedural crime drama series, produced by the BBC , that centres on a fictional London -based Cold Case unit composed of CID police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist . A pilot episode aired in September 2000, and a total of ni

#2 Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar is an Indian Hindi -language television drama series that premiered on 7 March 2022 on StarPlus and is also available digitally on Disney+ Hotstar . It stars Swati Rajput and Ankit Siwach . [1] The series ended on 25 June 2022. [2] It is the remake of Asianet 's Malayalam se

#3 Love Aflame

Love Aflame is a 1917 American silent comedy drama film directed by James Vincent and Raymond Wells and starring Ruth Stonehouse and Stuart Holmes and Jack Mulhall . [1] Prints and/or fragments were found in the Dawson Film Find in 1978. 1917 film Love Aflame Directed by James Vincent Raymond Wells

#4 Fatman (film)

Fatman is a 2020 American black comedy action film written and directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms and starring Mel Gibson , Walton Goggins and Marianne Jean-Baptiste . [4] David Gordon Green and Danny McBride serve as executive producers of the film. [5] The plot follows an unorthodox Santa Claus

#5 El C.I.D.

El C.I.D. is an ITV television crime drama comedy that ran for three seasons from 7 February 1990 until 2 March 1992. [1] The series starred Alfred Molina as Bernard Blake, a C.I.D. officer who takes early retirement and moves to Spain where he and his work partner, Douglas Bromley ( John Bird ), a

#6 Stand by Me Doraemon

Stand by Me Doraemon ( Japanese : STAND BY ME ドラえもん , Hepburn : Sutando Bai Mī Doraemon ) is a 2014 Japanese 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy drama film based on the Doraemon manga series and directed by Ryūichi Yagi and Takashi Yamazaki . [2] It was released on 8 August 2014. [3] [4] It

#7 Cops and Robbers (1951 film)

Cops and Robbers ( Italian : Guardie e ladri ) is a 1951 Italian cult comedy film directed by Steno and Mario Monicelli . It stars the famous comedian Totò , and the cinematographer was the future film director Mario Bava . It was produced by Dino De Laurentiis and Carlo Ponti . 1951 Italian film Gu

#8 Parallel Mothers

Parallel Mothers ( Spanish : Madres paralelas ) is a 2021 Spanish drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar . The film stars Penélope Cruz and Milena Smit and features Aitana Sánchez-Gijón , Israel Elejalde , Julieta Serrano and Rossy de Palma . 2021 film by Pedro Almodóvar Parallel Mothers

#9 The Levy Department Stores

The Levy Department Stores (French: Les galeries Lévy et Cie ) is a 1932 French comedy film directed by André Hugon and starring Léon Belières , Charles Lamy and Alexandre Mihalesco . [1] It was the first of three sequels to the 1930 film Levy and Company . 1930 film The Levy Department Stores Direc

#10 Kati Patang

Kati Patang ( transl.   The Severed Kite ) is a 1971 Indian Hindi -language musical drama film produced and directed by Shakti Samanta . It was a box office success. [3] The film stars Asha Parekh as a woman pretending to be a widow, and her ensuing trials and tribulations opposite her charming neig

#11 The Kingmaker (film)

The Kingmaker is a 2019 documentary film written and directed by Lauren Greenfield , featuring the political career of Imelda Marcos [6] with a focus on the Marcos family 's efforts to rehabilitate the family's image and to return to political power, [7] [8] including her plans to see her son, Bongb

#12 AK 56

AK 56 is a 2012 Indian Kannada -language action film written and directed by Om Prakash Rao . It was produced by Silver Screen Pictures and released on 10 February 2012. 2012 Indian film AK 56 Poster Directed by Om Prakash Rao Screenplay by Om Prakash Rao Produced by Sheetal Shettiyar Moti Tolani Ku

#13 Color Classics

Color Classics are a series of animated short films produced by Fleischer Studios for Paramount Pictures from 1934 to 1941 as a competitor to Walt Disney 's Silly Symphonies . [1] As the name implies, all of the shorts were made in color format, with the first entry of the series, Poor Cinderella (1

#14 Tum Mere Paas Raho

Tum Mere Paas Raho ; (English: Stay Close To Me) is a 2015 Pakistani romantic drama serial written by Inam Hasan for Hum TV. The series is directed by Saife Hassan and produced by Momina Duraid . It stars Arij Fatyma , Zahid Ahmed (actor) , Saba Faisal, Bushra Ansari , Muhammad Mukhtar, Amna Ilyas ,

#15 Te acuerdas de mí

Te acuerdas de mí (English title: I've Known You All My Life ) [2] is a Mexican telenovela that aired on Las Estrellas from 18 January 2021 to 3 May 2021. [3] The series is produced by Carmen Armendáriz. It is an adaptation of the Turkish series Night Queen , and stars Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina

#16 Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is a 2005 American biographical sports drama film directed by Ron Howard , titled after the nickname of world heavyweight boxing champion James J. Braddock and inspired by his life story. The film was produced by Howard, Penny Marshall , and Brian Grazer . Damon Runyon is credited for

#17 A Monster Calls (film)

A Monster Calls is a 2016 dark fantasy drama film directed by J. A. Bayona and written by Patrick Ness , based on his 2011 novel of the same name , which in turn was based on an original idea by Siobhan Dowd . The film stars Sigourney Weaver , Felicity Jones , Toby Kebbell , Lewis MacDougall , and L

#18 Luzzu (film)

Luzzu is a 2021 Maltese drama film directed and written by Alex Camilleri. [4] The film stars Jesmark Scicluna, Michela Farrugia and David Scicluna. 2021 film directed by Alex Camilleri Luzzu Theatrical release poster Directed by Alex Camilleri Written by Alex Camilleri Produced by Rebecca Anastasi

#19 Man's Favorite Sport?

Man's Favorite Sport? is a 1964 American comedy film starring Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss and directed and produced by Howard Hawks . Hawks intended the film to be an homage to his own 1938 screwball classic Bringing Up Baby with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant , and unsuccessfully tried to get

#20 The Great Muppet Caper

The Great Muppet Caper is a 1981 British-American musical heist comedy film directed by Jim Henson (in his feature directorial debut). It is the second theatrical film in The Muppets franchise . In addition to the Muppet performers, the film stars Charles Grodin and Diana Rigg with special appearanc

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Polly Platt

Mary Marr " Polly " Platt (January 29, 1939 – July 27, 2011) was an American film producer, production designer and screenwriter. She was the first female art director accepted into Hollywood's Art Director's Guild. In addition to her credited work, she was known as mentor (for which she was honored

#2 Olga Tokarczuk

Olga Nawoja Tokarczuk [1] ( [tɔˈkart͡ʂuk] ; born 29 January 1962) is a Polish writer, activist, [2] and public intellectual . [3] She is one of the most critically acclaimed and successful authors of her generation in Poland; in 2019, she was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature as the first P

#3 Kenny Hotz

Kenneth Joel Hotz (born May 3, 1967) is a Canadian comedy writer, producer, entertainer and television personality. He is best known as the star of the reality comedy show Kenny vs. Spenny alongside Spencer Rice . Hotz is the creator of the FX series Testees , and Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will .

#4 Owen Davis

Owen Gould Davis (January 29, 1874 – October 14, 1956) was an American dramatist known for writing more than 200 plays and having most produced. In 1919, he became the first elected president of the Dramatists Guild of America . He received the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Icebound , [

#5 Romain Rolland

Romain Rolland ( French:   [ʁɔlɑ̃] ; 29 January 1866 – 30 December 1944) was a French dramatist, novelist, essayist, art historian and mystic who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915 "as a tribute to the lofty idealism of his literary production and to the sympathy and love of truth wi

#6 Anthony Coldeway

Anthony W. Coldeway (August 1, 1887 – January 29, 1963) was an American screenwriter who had an extensive career from 1910 through 1954. Although most of his work was on films , he did some writing for television and also was the director of a silent film , entitled Her Great Dilemma , in 1917. He w

#7 Hope Loring

Hope Loring (29 January 1894 – 17 January 1959) was an English screenwriter . [1] She wrote for 63 films between 1918 and 1931. [2] She was born in England and died in Majorca , Spain . She was married to fellow screenwriter and producer Louis D. Lighton . English screenwriter Hope Loring Moving Pic

#8 Alby James

Alby James OBE FRSA (born 24 May 1954) [1] is a British theatre director and a producer for film and television drama, screenwriter, script consultant and trainer, whose career spans more than four decades. Committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry, he has worked with broadcaste

#9 Coles Trapnell

Valentine Coles Trapnell (August 2, 1910 – January 29, 1999) was an American television producer, writer, and director most famous for a stint following Roy Huggins as the producer of the Warner Bros. Western series Maverick starring James Garner , Jack Kelly , and Roger Moore , beginning with the s

#10 Steven Baigelman

Steven J. Baigelman is a Canadian screenwriter , producer, and film director . He has written the screenplays for the crime dramedy Feeling Minnesota (1996), the television crime thriller Brother's Keeper (2002), the biographical drama Get on Up (2014), and the biographical drama Miles Ahead (2015).

#11 Matei Vișniec

Matei Vișniec Romanian pronunciation:   [maˈtej viʃˈnjek] ; born January 29, 1956 in Rădăuți ) is a Romanian-French playwright, poet and journalist living in Paris . Romanian writer Matei Vișniec Matei Vișniec (2012) Native name Matei Vișniec Born ( 1956-01-29 ) 29 January 1956 (age   66) Rădăuți ,

#12 David Auburn

David Auburn (born November 30, 1969) [1] is an American playwright, screenwriter, and theatre director. He is best known for his 2000 play Proof , which won the 2001 Tony Award for Best Play and Pulitzer Prize for Drama . He also wrote the screenplays for the 2005 film version of Proof , The Lake H

#13 Frances Goodrich

Frances Goodrich (December 21, 1890 – January 29, 1984) was an American actress, dramatist, and screenwriter, best known for her collaborations with her partner and husband Albert Hackett . [1] She received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama with her husband in 1956 for The Diary of Anne Frank which had p

#14 Bill Peet

William Bartlett Peet ( né Peed; [1] January 29, 1915   – May 11, 2002) was an American children's book illustrator and a story writer and animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios . American screenwriter Bill Peet Peet autographing a drawing of Hubert the Lion Born William Bartlett Peet [1] Januar

#15 Viña Delmar

Viña Delmar (born Alvina Louise Croter ; January 29, 1903 – January 19, 1990) was an American short story writer, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who worked from the 1920s to the 1970s. She rose to fame in the late 1920s with the publication of her suggestively titled novel, Bad Girl, which b

#16 Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin ( English: / ˈ p ʊ ʃ k ɪ n / ; [1] Russian : Александр Сергеевич Пушкин [note 1] , tr. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin , IPA:   [ɐlʲɪkˈsandr sʲɪrˈɡʲe(j)ɪvʲɪtɕ ˈpuʂkʲɪn] ( listen ) ; 6   June   [ O.S. 26 May ]   1799   – 10 February   [ O.S. 29 January ]   1837 ) was a Rus

#17 Robert Frost

Robert Lee Frost (March   26, 1874   – January   29, 1963) was an American poet . His work was initially published in England before it was published in the United States. Known for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech , [2] Frost frequently wrote abou

#18 Anton Chekhov

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov ( Russian : Антон Павлович Чехов [note 1] , IPA:   [ɐnˈton ˈpavləvʲɪtɕ ˈtɕexəf] ; 29   January 1860 [note 2] – 15 July 1904 [note 3] ) was a Russian [3] playwright and short-story writer who is considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time. His career as a playwrig

#19 Paddy Chayefsky

Sidney Aaron " Paddy " Chayefsky (January 29, 1923   – August 1, 1981) was an American playwright, screenwriter and novelist. He is the only person to have won three solo Academy Awards for writing both adapted and original screenplays. [1] American playwright, screenwriter and novelist Paddy Chayef

#20 Deb Cox

Deborah Cox (born 29 January 1958) is an Australian screenwriter and producer for television and film. Australian screenwriter and producer Deb Cox Born Deborah Cox ( 1958-01-29 ) 29 January 1958 (age   64) Melbourne , Victoria , Australia Occupation Screenwriter, producer Nationality Australian Edu

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Writer / Writer

#1 Jacob Gretser

Jacob Gretser (March 27, 1562 – January 29, 1625) was a celebrated German Jesuit writer. Jacob Gretser This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations . ( May 2014 )

#2 Gert Hofmann

Gert Hofmann (29 January 1931   – 1 July 1993) was a German writer and professor of German literature.

#3 Matt Brandstein

Matt Brandstein (born January 29, 1972) is an American writer and occasional Bollywood film actor. [1] He is most known for his writing of the popular Jewish children's comic book series Mendy and the Golem . [2] Brandstein often employs the use of his Hebrew name Moshe in honor of his Jewish herita

#4 Milorad Pavlović-Krpa

Milorad Pavlović — Krpa ( Belgrade , 4 October 1865 — Belgrade, 29 January 1957) was a Serbian writer, publicist, translator, and editor and publisher of Glasnik za zabavu i nauku (Entertainment and Science Herald). [1] [2] Milorad Pavlović-Krpa Born ( 1865-10-04 ) 4 October 1865 Belgrade , Principa

#5 Harold Q. Masur

Harold Q. Masur (January 29, 1909 in New York City – September 16, 2005 in Boca Raton , Florida ) was an American lawyer and author of mystery novels, most of them featuring his lawyer character, Scott Jordan, who behaved like a private eye, similar to Perry Mason American writer He graduated from t

#6 Glenda Guest

Glenda Guest is an Australian novelist . Her novel, Siddon Rock , won the 2010 Commonwealth Writers' Prize , Best First Novel. [1] [2] Australian novelist

#7 Robert Forrest (dramatist)

Robert Forrest is a Scottish three-time Sony Award winning [1] dramatist (playwright) who has created many radio shows for BBC Radio and a stage play 'Jason and the Argonauts' for children that toured internationally and on Broadway . He has also adapted The Exorcist for BBC Radio 4 (Feb 2014).

#8 Andre Norton

Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton , February 17, 1912   – March 17, 2005) was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy , who also wrote works of historical and contemporary fiction. She wrote primarily under the pen name Andre Norton , but also under Andrew North and Allen Weston .

#9 Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis

Johann Gaudenz Gubert Graf (and Freiherr) von Salis-Seewis (26 December 1762 – 29 January 1834) was a Swiss poet, writer, politician and librettist . [1] Swiss poet This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline

#10 Luis Dato

Luis G. Dato (4 July 1906 – 29 January 1985) was a Filipino poet , writer, educator and politician from Baao, Camarines Sur . He was one of the first Filipinos to write and publish works in English. Among his poems are "The Spouse", "Day on the Farm" and "Among the Hills". [1] In 1927, his "Mi Ultim

#11 Peter Joseph Elvenich

Peter Joseph Elvenich (29 January 1796 – 16 June 1886) was a German Catholic theologian and philosopher born in Embken, a village that today is part of Nideggen , North Rhine-Westphalia . He was a principal supporter and defender of Hermesianism, a theological belief system based on the teachings of

#12 Abdullah Öcalan

Abdullah Öcalan ( / ˈ oʊ dʒ əl ɑː n / OH -jə-lahn ; [10] Turkish:   [œdʒaɫan] ; born 4 April 1949), also known as Apo [10] [11] (short for Abdullah in Turkish and Kurdish for "uncle"), [12] [13] is a political prisoner [14] [15] and founding member of the militant Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). [16

#13 Tensei Kono

Tensei Kono ( 河野 典生 , Kōno Tensei , January 27, 1935 – January 29, 2012) is a Japanese science fiction writer. Among other works, he has written Triceratops ( トリケラトプス ), [1] which has been collected in The World Treasury of Science Fiction edited by David G. Hartwell . Japanese writer The topic of t

#14 Carlo Cassola

Carlo Cassola (17 March 1917 – 29 January 1987) was an influential Italian novelist and essayist. His novel La Ragazza di Bube (1960), which received the Strega Prize , was adapted into a film of the same name by Luigi Comencini in 1963. Italian novelist and essayist (1917–1987) Not to be confused w

#15 Pol Sax

Pol Sax (born 1960) is a Luxembourg writer living in Berlin whose German-language novel "U5" won the Servais Prize for Luxembourg literature in 2009. Luxembourg writer living in Berlin (born 1960)

#16 Frank Key

Paul Byrne (29 January 1959 – 13 September 2019 [2] [3] ), who used the pseudonym Frank Key , was a British writer, illustrator, blogger and broadcaster [4] [5] best known for his self-published short-story collections and his long-running radio series Hooting Yard on the Air , which was broadcast w

#17 Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Johann Gottlieb Fichte ( / ˈ f ɪ k t ə / ; [28] German: [ˈjoːhan ˈɡɔtliːp ˈfɪçtə] ; [29] [30] [31] 19 May 1762 – 29 January 1814) was a German philosopher who became a founding figure of the philosophical movement known as German idealism , which developed from the theoretical and ethical writings o

#18 Robert Heuberger

Robert K. Heuberger (12 January 1922 [2] – c. 29 January 2021 [3] [4] ) was a Swiss real estate entrepreneur, patron of the arts and an author under the pseudonym Victor Vermont . [5] Swiss screenwriter (1922–2021) Robert K. Heuberger Born ( 1922-01-12 ) 12 January 1922 Olten , Switzerland Died 29 J

#19 Walter Kolbenhoff

Walter Kolbenhoff , born as Walter Hoffman (20 May 1908 – 29 January 1993), was a German novelist . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2008 )

#20 Ronald Hugh Morrieson

Ronald Hugh Morrieson (29 January 1922 – 26 December 1972) was a novelist and short story writer in the New Zealand vernacular, who was little known in his home country until after his death. He earned his living as a musician and music teacher, and played in dance bands throughout south Taranaki. M

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