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Actor / Actor

#1 Jang Minho

Jang Ho-geun ( Korean : 장호근 , born 11 September 1977), known professionally as Jang Minho , is a South Korean singer. [5] He competed in the TV Chosun audition show Mr. Trot , placing in the top sixth. [6] He is also a model, dancer, and TV presenter. [7] [8] South Korean singer (born 1977) In this

#2 Tasnia Farin

Tasnia Farin ( Bengali : তাসনিয়া ফারিণ ; born 30 January 1998) [2] is a Bangladeshi actress and model. [3] She rose to fame with her central role in the web series Ladies & Gentlemen directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki . The ZEE5 web series released on 9 July 2021. [4] [5] [6] She is also known for

#3 Eve Torres

Eve Torres Gracie [8] (born Eve Marie Torres on August 21, 1984) is an American actress, dancer, model, martial arts instructor, and former professional wrestler . She is best known for her time with WWE , where she was the first ever three-time WWE Divas Champion . American actress, dancer, model a

#4 Chris Salvatore

Christopher Louis Salvatore (born May 22, 1985) [2] is an American actor, singer-songwriter, model, and gay rights activist, known for his performances as Zack in the Eating Out gay film series. In 2011, he was ranked at #41 on AfterElton 's annual list of the top 50 gay and bisexual male celebritie

#5 Griffith Jones (actor)

Griffith Jones (born Harold Jones ; 19 November 1909 – 30 January 2007) was an English film, stage and television actor. English actor (1909–2007) Griffith Jones Born Harold Jones ( 1909-11-19 ) 19 November 1909 Notting Hill, London , England Died 30 January 2007 (2007-01-30) (aged   97) London, Eng

#6 Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley [lower-alpha 1] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), or simply Elvis , was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the " King of Rock and Roll ", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century . His energized interpretations of songs and sexually

#7 Maureen Arthur

Maureen Louise Arthur (April 15, 1934 – June 15, 2022) was an American film, television, and stage actress. American film, TV, and stage actress (1934–2022) Maureen Arthur Born Maureen Louise Arthur ( 1934-04-15 ) April 15, 1934 San Jose, California , U.S. Died June 15, 2022 (2022-06-15) (aged   88)

#8 Laura Nucci

Laura Nucci (1913–1994) was an Italian film actress . Nucci was one of the stars of the Fascist era , emerging after she won a competition. [1] Her career was setback by the downfall of Benito Mussolini 's regime, but from 1950 she began appearing in films again as a character actress . She also app

#9 Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin ( Chinese : 楊丞琳 ; born 4 June 1984) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and television host. Taiwanese actress and singer This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points . ( September 2021 ) In this Chinese name , the family name is Yang . Rainie

#10 Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden (born Hans-Jörg Gudegast ; April 3, 1941) [1] is a German-born film and television actor, known for his roles as Victor Newman on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless , as Hans Dietrich in the 1960s TV series The Rat Patrol , Dr. Charles Forbin in Colossus: The Forbin Project ,

#11 Hartmut Reck

Hartmut Reck (17 November 1932 – 30 January 2001) was a German television and film actor. He also appeared in the American-produced epic film , The Longest Day . He also acted in the German film dubbing industry, dubbing into German the voices of Anthony Hopkins , John Hurt , Robert Duvall , Michael

#12 Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai ( Mandarin:   [tsˈaɪ] ( listen ) ; Chinese : 蔡依林 ; born September 15, 1980) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress. Referred to as the " Queen of C-Pop ", [1] she is considered one of the most influential figures in Chinese popular culture. [2] [3] [4] She is known for her continu

#13 Paige Moss

Paige Moss (born January 30, 1973 in Washington, District of Columbia ) is an American stage, film and television actress. [1] [ dead link ] American actress Paige Moss Born ( 1973-01-30 ) January 30, 1973 (age   49) Washington, District of Columbia , U.S. Nationality American Occupation Actress Yea

#14 Erik Rubin

Erik Rubín Milanszenko (born 30 January 1971) is a Mexican singer and actor. He was a member of the Mexican teen pop group Timbiriche . [1] Mexican singer and actor (born 1971) For the American microbiologist, see Eric J. Rubin . For the American diplomat, see Eric S. Rubin . Not to be confused with

#15 Zhang Yuxi

Zhang Yuxi ( Chinese : 张予曦 ; born 30 January 1991) also known as Yci , is a Chinese actress. She is known for her roles as Lin Xingchen in the romance comedy drama My Little Princess (2016) and Chu Linglong in Love and Redemption (2020). Chinese actress (born 1991) Not to be confused with Zhang Xiny

#16 Jon Hamm

Jonathan Daniel Hamm (born March 10, 1971) is an American actor, director, and television producer. He came to prominence for his role as Don Draper in the period drama television series Mad Men (2007–2015), [1] [2] for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama

#17 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger ; born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American actor, film producer, businessman, retired professional bodybuilder and politician who served as the 38th governor of California between 2003 and 2011. As of 2022, he is the most recent Republican governor of California. Time magazi

#18 Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard ( French:   [maʁjɔ̃ kɔtijaʁ] ( listen ) ; born 30 September 1975) [2] is a French actress, film producer, singer, and environmentalist who is widely known for her roles in independent films and blockbusters in both European and Hollywood productions. She has received various accolad

#19 Noelle Middleton

Evelyn Noelle Woodeson (née Middleton ; 18 December 1926 – 30 January 2016) [1] was an Irish actress and one of the first BBC television announcers. She was also a leading lady of the 1950s British films. Irish actress Noelle Middleton Born Evelyn Noelle Middleton ( 1926-12-18 ) 18 December 1926 Sli

#20 Lua Blanco

Lua Blanco (born March 5, 1987) [1] is a Brazilian actress, singer, songwriter, TV host, and model. Blanco has been recognized for her talent, charisma and her ability to play different roles. [2] [3] [4] [5] She achieved success on the telenovela Rebelde and as a member of its accompanying band, Re

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Character / Character

#1 Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo Kusanagi ( Japanese : 草薙 京 , Hepburn : Kusanagi Kyō ) is a fictional character in SNK 's The King of Fighters series of fighting games . The character was first introduced in the 1994 video game The King of Fighters '94 as the leader of the Japanese team from the series' title tournament. Kyo, h

#2 Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is a science fiction adventure hero and feature comic strip created by Philip Francis Nowlan first appearing in daily US newspapers on January 7, 1929, and subsequently appearing in Sunday newspapers, international newspapers, books and multiple media with adaptations including radio in

#3 Aquaman

Aquaman is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics . Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger , the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941). [1] Initially a backup feature in DC's anthology titles, Aquaman later starred in several volumes of a solo comi

#4 The Noid

The Noid is an advertising character for Domino's Pizza created in the 1980s [3] and revived in 2021. Clad in a red, skin-tight, rabbit-eared body suit with a black N inscribed in a white circle on his chest, the Noid was a physical manifestation of all the challenges inherent in getting a pizza del

#5 Ludwig Von Drake

Professor Ludwig Von Drake is a cartoon character created in 1961 by The Walt Disney Company . He is the paternal uncle of Donald Duck . He was first introduced as the presenter (and singer of " The Spectrum Song ") in the cartoon An Adventure in Color , part of the first episode of Walt Disney's Wo

#6 Ryu (Street Fighter)

Ryu ( Japanese : リュウ , Hepburn : Ryū ) is a fictional Japanese fighting character and the main protagonist of Capcom 's Street Fighter series. [6] Having premiered in the first Street Fighter in 1987, Ryu appears as the game's lead character alongside his best friend Ken Masters . He is the longest

#7 Little Audrey

Little Audrey (full name: Audrey Smith ) is a fictional character, appearing in early 20th century folklore [1] prior to starring in a series of Paramount Pictures ' Famous Studios cartoons from 1947 to 1958. [2] She is considered a variation of the better-known Little Lulu , devised after Paramount

#8 Faye Morton

Faye Morton (also Michaels , Hewson , Wilson and Byrne ) is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City , portrayed by actress Patsy Kensit . The character first appeared on-screen on 30 January 2007 in the series nine episode "Into the Dark". Kensit had made a former unrelated guest

#9 Killer Kane

Killer Kane is a fictional character in the Buck Rogers comic strip and its subsequent 1939 Buck Rogers serial film produced by Universal Studios . [1] [2] The character also appeared in the 1979 film and subsequent TV series , in which he was a defector from Earth to the Draconian Empire and sought

#10 Rerun Van Pelt

Rerun Van Pelt is Linus and Lucy 's youngest brother in Charles M. Schulz 's comic strip Peanuts . Lucy Van Pelt, his sister, disparagingly calls the situation a "rerun" of the birth of her brother Linus , so Linus nicknames the child "Rerun". [1] Despite Lucy's disappointment, she becomes a warm an

#11 Legion (Marvel Comics)

Legion ( David Charles Haller ) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . He is the mutant son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller . Legion takes the role of an antihero who has a severe mental illness, including a form of dissociative identity disord

#12 Robert Garcia (Art of Fighting)

Robert Garcia ( Japanese : ロバート・ガルシア , Hepburn : Robāto Garushia ) is a video game character created by SNK . Robert stars in the fighting video game Art of Fighting as the supporting character along his best friend Ryo Sakazaki , the lead character. The game has both of them as practitioners of the

#13 Morph (TV series)

Morph is a British series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character, who is a small plasticine man, who speaks an unintelligible language and lives on a tabletop, his bedroom being a small wooden box. This fictional character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart

#14 Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus (born July 4, 1939) is a fictional character on the American animated sitcom The Boondocks . Voiced by Gary Anthony Williams , he first appeared on television in the show's pilot, "The Garden Party", on November 6, 2005. Created and designed by cartoonist Aaron McGruder , Ruckus enjoyed

#15 Pooch the Pup

Pooch the Pup is a cartoon animal character , an anthropomorphic dog, appearing in Walter Lantz cartoons during the studio's black-and-white era, and is the first recurring character to be made by Walter Lantz. The character appeared in 13 shorts made in 1932 and 1933. [1] Fictional character Pooch

#16 Sexton Blake

Sexton Blake is a fictional character, a detective who has been featured in many British comic strips, novels and dramatic productions since 1893. Sexton Blake adventures were featured in a wide variety of British and international publications (in many languages) from 1893 to 1978, comprising more

#17 Ralf Jones

Ralf Jones ( ラルフ・ジョーンズ , Rarufu Jōnzu ) is a video game character created by SNK . Ralf has made appearance in several games from the company, premiering in TNK III as a military tank driver. The Ikari Warriors series also emphasized Ralf's role as a soldier with him becoming the partner of Clark St

#18 The Tramp

The Tramp ( Charlot in several languages), also known as the Little Tramp , was English actor Charlie Chaplin 's most memorable on-screen character and an icon in world cinema during the era of silent film . The Tramp is also the title of a silent film starring Chaplin, which Chaplin wrote and direc

#19 Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI ( Japanese : キズナアイ , Hepburn : Kizuna Ai ) is a Japanese virtual YouTuber (VTuber) currently part of Kizuna AI Inc., a subsidiary of digital entertainment company Activ8. From her debut in 2016 until 2021, she was the most subscribed VTuber on Youtube, with more than 4 million subscribers

#20 Miffy

Miffy ( Dutch : Nijntje , pronounced [ˈnɛiɲcə] ) is a fictional rabbit appearing in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna . The original Dutch name, "Nijntje", is a shortening of the diminutive konijntje , "little rabbit". Media franchise of a fictional rabbit Fictio

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Director / Director

#1 Aito Mäkinen

Aito Mäkinen (4 January 1927 – 30 January 2017) [1] was a Finnish film director , screenwriter and film producer . He directed more than 45 films between 1963 and 1999. His 1964 film, Onnelliset leikit , was entered into the 4th Moscow International Film Festival . [2] Finnish film director Aito Mäk

#2 Kazimierz Dejmek

Kazimierz Dejmek (17 May 1924 – 31 December 2002) was a Polish actor, theatre and film director, and politician. During his career he managed the New Theatre in Łódź (since 2008 named after him), the National Theatre, Warsaw , and the Teatr Polski, Warsaw . From 1993 to 1996 he served as Poland's Mi

#3 Gottfried Reinhardt

Gottfried Reinhardt (20 March 1913 – 19 July 1994) was an Austrian -born American film director and producer . Austrian-American film director This article needs additional citations for verification . ( March 2013 ) Gottfried Reinhardt Born ( 1913-03-20 ) 20 March 1913 Berlin , German Empire Died 1

#4 José Álvaro Morais

José Álvaro Morais was a Portuguese film director. His film O Bobo won the Golden Leopard at the 1987 Locarno International Film Festival . [1] Portuguese film director (1943–2004) José Álvaro Morais Born ( 1943-09-02 ) 2 September 1943 Coimbra , Portugal Died 30 January 2004 (2004-01-30) (aged   60

#5 T. N. Gopakumar

T. N. Gopakumar (1957 – 30 January 2016) was an Indian journalist. He was the news editor-in-chief of Asianet News . Gopakumar was also the producer and anchorperson of the popular weekly programme Kannadi on Asianet . [1] Indian journalist T. N. Gopakumar Born 1957   ( 1957 ) Suchindram , Kanyakuma

#6 Viktor Merezhko

Viktor Ivanovich Merezhko ( Russian : Виктор Иванович Мережко ; 28 July 1937 – 30 January 2022) was a Soviet and Russian screenwriter, filmmaker, playwright, actor, writer, and television presenter. He was awarded the honorary title People's Artist of the Russian Federation in 2014. [1] Russian scre

#7 Václav Havel

Václav Havel (

#8 John Vasicek

John Vasicek (born January 30, 1974) is an American filmmaker. His debut film, Voyeur ", was selected for the 2007 Sonoma film festival . Two years later he produced My Movie Girl , which was screened at more than 25 film festivals. His latest script, Rhodes to Love , which won both an Odysseus Awar

#9 Otto Lang (film producer)

Otto Lang (21 January 1908 – 30 January 2006) was a skier and pioneer ski instructor from Bosnia and Herzegovina , who lived and worked in the United States. After teaching skiing at a variety of smaller resorts in Austria, he joined the Hannes Schneider Ski School in St. Anton am Arlberg , one of t

#10 Arthur Rankin Jr.

Arthur Gardner Rankin Jr. (July 19, 1924   – January 30, 2014) was an American director, producer and writer, who mostly worked in animation. [1] [2] Co-creator of Rankin/Bass Productions with his friend Jules Bass , he created stop-motion animation features such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ,

#11 Lisa Siwe

Lisa Christina Siwe ( Swedish pronunciation:   [ˈsîːvɛ] ; born 17 August 1968) is a Swedish director from Tynnered , Gothenburg . [1] Lisa Siwe Lisa Siwe in 2011. Born Lisa Christina Siwe ( 1968-08-17 ) 17 August 1968 (age   53) Tynnered , Sweden Nationality Swedish Occupation Film director She stud

#12 José Buchs

José Buchs (1896–1973) was a screenwriter and film director . [1] Spanish screenwriter and film director José Buchs Born 16 January 1896 Santander , Spain Died 30 January 1973 Madrid , Spain Other   names José Buchs Echeandía Occupation Director, Writer Years   active 1911–1964 (film )

#13 C.C. Burr

C.C. Burr (1891–1956) was an American film producer of the silent and early sound eras . [1] [2] He also directed eleven short films . Originally an employee at Paramount Pictures , he breanched out into independent production working with a number of different distributors over two decades. America

#14 Pappanamkodu Lakshmanan

Pappanamcode Lakshmanan was an Indian film scriptwriter, screen play writer and lyricist in Malayalam movies during the 1970s and 1980s. [1] He started his career with Indulekha in 1967. [2] He worked for around 100 Malayalam movies with the areas of his contribution including lyrics, script, story

#15 Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Allard de Vere Drummond (born Matthew Allard Robert Vaughn ; 7 March 1971) is an English filmmaker. [1] He has produced films including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000), and directed Layer Cake (2004), Stardust (2007), Kick-Ass (2010), X-Men: First Class (2011), K

#16 Rob Zombie

Robert Bartleh Cummings [7] [8] (born January 12, 1965), [9] known professionally as Rob Zombie , is an American singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and voice actor. He is a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie , releasing four studio albums with the band. He is the older brother of Spide

#17 Cristobal León & Joaquín Cociña

Cristóbal León (Chile, 1980) and Joaquín Cociña (Chile, 1980) are artists and filmmakers who live and work in Santiago de Chile . They have been working together since 2007. Independent of each other, they make drawings, animations, installations as well as backdrops and they also write texts. Their

#18 Robert Frank

Robert Frank (November 9, 1924 – September 9, 2019) was a Swiss photographer and documentary filmmaker , who became an American binational. His most notable work, the 1958 book titled The Americans , earned Frank comparisons to a modern-day de Tocqueville for his fresh and nuanced outsider's view of

#19 Ub Iwerks

Ubbe Ert Iwwerks (March 24, 1901   – July 7, 1971), known as Ub Iwerks ( / ˈ ʌ b ˈ aɪ w ɜːr k s / UB EYE -wurks ), was an American animator , cartoonist , character designer , inventor , and special effects technician . Born in Kansas City, Missouri , Iwerks grew up with a contentious relationship w

#20 Jörn Donner

Jörn Johan Donner (5 February 1933 – 30 January 2020) was a Finnish writer, film director , actor, producer , politician and founder of Finnish Film Archive . [1] Finnish writer (1933–2020) Jörn Donner Jörn Donner at the Helsinki Book Fair (2015) Born Jörn Johan Donner ( 1933-02-05 ) 5 February 1933

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Movie / Movie

#1 The Grudge 2

The Grudge 2 is a 2006 supernatural horror film and a sequel to the 2004 film The Grudge . Produced by Sam Raimi , the film was directed by Takashi Shimizu , [3] written by Stephen Susco [4] and stars an ensemble cast that includes Amber Tamblyn , Arielle Kebbel , Jennifer Beals , Edison Chen , Sara

#2 Lightning Lariats

Lightning Lariats is a 1927 American silent Western film directed by Robert De Lacey and starring Tom Tyler , Dorothy Dunbar and Frankie Darro . [1] 1927 film Lightning Lariats Directed by Robert De Lacey Written by George Worthing Yates (story) F.A.E. Pine Produced by Joseph P. Kennedy Robert N. Br

#3 Unsettled Land

Unsettled Land ( Hebrew : החולמים , lit. The Dreamers ; also known as Once We Were Dreamers ) is a 1987 Israeli drama directed by Uri Barbash . 1987 Israeli film Unsettled Land Film poster Directed by Uri Barbash Screenplay by Benny Barwash Eran Preis Produced by Ludi Boeken Katriel Schori Ben Elker

#4 Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter

Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter ( Chinese : 熊出没之雪岭熊风 ) is a 2015 Chinese animated family adventure comedy drama film directed by Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan. It was released on 30 January 2015. [2] [3] Though being criticized by some Chinese viewers for its similarity to Walt Disney's Frozen . [ citat

#5 Jigsaw (2017 film)

Jigsaw is a 2017 American horror film directed by the Spierig Brothers and written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. It is the eighth installment in the Saw film series . The film stars Matt Passmore , Callum Keith Rennie , Clé Bennett , and Hannah Emily Anderson. The plot follows a group of pe

#6 The Collector (Canadian TV series)

The Collector is a Canadian supernatural drama television series about a man attempting to help save people who have bargained their souls with the Devil . The series is set in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada, where it was also filmed. CHUM cancelled the program after three seasons. Canadian t

#7 Should Men Walk Home?

Should Men Walk Home? is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Mabel Normand and featuring Oliver Hardy [1] and Eugene Pallette . 1927 film Should Men Walk Home? Film poster Directed by Leo McCarey Written by Albert Austin Alfred J. Goulding H. M. Walker Produ

#8 Takumi-kun Series: Bibō no Detail

Takumi-kun Series: Bibō no Detail ( タクミくんシリーズ「美貌のディテイル」 ) is a 2010 Japanese film based on the novel of the same name by Shinobu Gotoh. It is directed by Kenji Yokoi and stars Kyousuke Hamao and Daisuke Watanabe . [1] [2] [3] This article needs additional citations for verification . ( November 2019

#9 Once Upon a Time (2008 film)

Once Upon a Time ( Korean :   원스 어폰 어 타임 ; RR :   Wonseu-eopon-eo-taim ) is a 2008 South Korean film , directed by Jeong Yong-ki and adapted from a screenplay by Cheon Seong-il. The film is a heist comedy film set in 1940s Korea, and stars Park Yong-woo and Lee Bo-young as a con artist and a jazz si

#10 Proven Innocent

Proven Innocent is an American legal drama television series created by David Elliot, which premiered on February 15, 2019, on Fox . The series follows the employees of a wrongful conviction law firm and stars Rachelle Lefevre , Russell Hornsby , Nikki M. James , Vincent Kartheiser , Riley Smith , K

#11 Black or White (film)

Black or White is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Mike Binder . The film stars Kevin Costner , Octavia Spencer , Jillian Estell, Bill Burr , Jennifer Ehle , Andre Holland , Gillian Jacobs , and Anthony Mackie . The film premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and

#12 Orikkal Koodi

Orikkal Koodi is a 1981 Indian Malayalam -language film, directed by I. V. Sasi and produced by S. R. Shaji. The film stars Madhu , Sukumaran , Kaviyoor Ponnamma and Lakshmi in the lead roles. background music was by Shyam . [1] [2] [3] 1981 Indian film Orikkal Koodi Directed by I. V. Sasi Written b

#13 Jodi (2022 film)

Jodi is an unreleased Indian Punjabi -language romantic-comedy period film written and directed by Amberdeep Singh . It is co-produced by Amrinder Gill and Karaj Gill under Rhythm Boyz Entertainment with Dalmora Films and, Diljit Dosanjh under Dosanjhwala Productions. The film stars Dosanjh and Nimr

#14 The Perfect Score

The Perfect Score is a 2004 American teen comedy - heist film directed by Brian Robbins and starring Chris Evans , Erika Christensen , Bryan Greenberg , Scarlett Johansson , Darius Miles , and Leonardo Nam . Not to be confused with Perfect Score . This article is missing information about the film's

#15 Going My Way (TV series)

Going My Way is an American comedy-drama series starring dancer and actor Gene Kelly . Based on the 1944 film of the same name starring Bing Crosby , the series aired on ABC with new episodes from October 3, 1962, to April 24, 1963. The program was Kelly's first and only attempt at a weekly televisi

#16 Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun the Sheep Movie is a 2015 British stop-motion animated adventure comedy film based on the 2007 British television series Shaun the Sheep , created by Nick Park , in turn a spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit film, A Close Shave (1995). The film follows Shaun and his flock into the big city to s

#17 Isai

Isai ( transl.   Music ) is a 2015 Indian Tamil -language musical psychological thriller film co-produced, written, directed and composed by S. J. Suryah , making his comeback as a director after a 10-year hiatus since 2005. The film stars himself in the lead role with debutant Sulagna in a female l

#18 Haven (TV series)

Haven is an American-Canadian supernatural drama television series loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid (2005). The show, which deals with strange events in a fictional town in Maine named Haven, was filmed on the South Shore of Nova Scotia , and was an American/Canadian co-produ

#19 High Pressure (film)

High Pressure is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring William Powell and Evelyn Brent . [1] It is based on the play Hot Money by Aben Kandel . The film is preserved at the Library of Congress and in the Warner Archive. [2] 1932 film High Pressure Theatrical Film

#20 Hotel (American TV series)

Hotel is an American primetime soap opera series which aired on ABC from September 21, 1983, to May 5, 1988, in the timeslot following Dynasty . Not to be confused with The Hotel (British TV series) or Hotel (British TV series) . American 1980s drama television series Hotel Season 1 DVD cover Create

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Alan Ayckbourn

Sir Alan Ayckbourn CBE FRSA (born 12 April 1939) is a prolific British playwright and director. He has written and produced as of 2021, more than eighty full-length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, whe

#2 Lion Feuchtwanger

Lion Feuchtwanger ( German: [ˈliːɔn ˈfɔʏçtˌvaŋɐ] ( listen ) ; 7 July 1884 – 21 December 1958) was a Bavarian Jewish novelist and playwright. A prominent figure in the literary world of Weimar Germany , he influenced contemporaries including playwright Bertolt Brecht . This article includes a list of

#3 Alan Watt (author)

Alan Watt (born 1965) is a Canadian author, comedian, actor, lecturer, and screenwriter. [1] [2] Canadian writer Alan Watt Born Aberdeen , Scotland Occupation Author screenwriter comedian actor Nationality Canadian Notable works Diamond Dogs

#4 Akashdeep S Batth

Akashdeep Singh Batth (born 30 January 1992) is an Indian Punjabi film director , producer, author and screenwriter . Batth made his directional debut with Myself Ghaint (2014). [1] [2] [3] [4] In 2011, Batth became a published author with his English fiction Anhad -The Man on Mission . Akashdeep wa

#5 Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers

Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers (1871–1938) was a German playwright , screenwriter , film director and producer . He worked on a number of films during the silent era . Towards the end of his film career he directed comedies for UFA such as The Gentleman Without a Residence and The Second Mother . [1] This

#6 Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Haarsh Limbachiya (born 30 January 1987) is an Indian screenwriter, producer and television host. He has written for the shows Comedy Circus Ke Tansen , Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live . [3] He also wrote dialogues for the film PM Narendra Modi and lyrics for the title-track of the film

#7 Jaishankar Prasad

Jaishankar Prasad (30 January 1889 [1]   – 15 November 1937) [3] was a prominent figure in modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre . Prasad was his pen name. [4] He was also known as Chhayavadi poet. Hindi litterateur, writer This article needs additional citations for verification . ( Sept

#8 Zvane Črnja

Zvane (Ivan) Črnja (October 8, 1920 – February 26, 1991) was a prominent Croatian poet, prose writer, essayist, culturologist, screenwriter, playwright and filmologist, journalist, publicist, polemicist and publisher. He's considered one of the most important names that Istria gave to Croatia in the

#9 Éric Ollivier

Éric Ollivier , pseudonym for Yves Duparc , (21 November 1926 – 30 January 2015) was a French writer, screenwriter and journalist, laureate of several French literary awards. For other uses, see Ollivier . Éric Ollivier Born Yves Duparc 21 November 1926 Lorient Died 30 January 2015 (2015-01-30) (age

#10 Arthur Laurents

Arthur Laurents (July 14, 1917   – May 5, 2011) was an American playwright, theatre director, film producer and screenwriter. [2] American playwright, theatre director and screenwriter Arthur Laurents Outside of the Palace Theatre , 1983 Born Arthur Levine ( 1917-07-14 ) July 14, 1917 Brooklyn , New

#11 Percy Heath (screenwriter)

Percy Heath (January 30, 1884 – February 9, 1933) was an American screenwriter and playwright. American screenwriter and dramatist (1884–1933) Percy Heath Born ( 1884-01-30 ) January 30, 1884 Perry, Missouri , USA Died February 9, 1933 (1933-02-09) (aged   49) Hollywood , California, USA Occupation

#12 Chris Terrio

Chris Terrio (born December 31, 1976) is an American screenwriter and film director . He is best known for writing the screenplay for the 2012 film Argo , for which he won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay . [1] Terrio also won the Writers Guild Award for Best Adapted Screenplay of 2012

#13 Tamer Shaaban

Tamer Shaaban (born November 2, 1988 in Buffalo, New York ) is an American film director, writer, and producer of Egyptian descent. He was named one of the "25 Most influential and powerful young people in the world" by YSA [1] which was sponsored by the Huffington Post. [2] American director and wr

#14 Marc Levin

Marc Levin is an American independent film producer and director. He is best known for his Brick City TV series, which won the 2010 Peabody award and was nominated for an Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking and his dramatic feature film, Slam , which won the Grand Jury Prize [1] [2]

#15 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (born 1973) [1] is an American playwright , screenwriter , and comic book writer best known for his work for Marvel Comics and for the television series Glee , Big Love , Riverdale , Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin . He is Chief Creative Of

#16 Eda Zoritte

Eda Zoritte Megged ( Hebrew : אידה צורית מגד ; born 30 January 1926) is an Israel i writer, essayist, playwright, translator and poet. Israeli writer, playwright, translator and poet Eda Zoritte Native name אידה צורית Born 30 January 1926 Tel Aviv , Mandatory Palestine Occupation Writer, essayist, p

#17 Ahmad Kamal Abdullah

Ahmad Kamal Abdullah (30 January 1941 – 27 October 2021) was a Malaysian poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic and Malaysian National Laureate (2011). He was known under the pseudonym Kemala. Malaysian writer (1941–2021) In this Malay name , there is no family name . The name Abdullah is a pat

#18 Steven Zaillian

Steven Ernest Bernard Zaillian [1] (born January 30, 1953) is an American screenwriter, director, film editor , and producer. He won an Academy Award , a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award for his screenplay Schindler's List (1993) and has earned Oscar nominations for the films Awakenings , Gangs

#19 Dennis Potter

Dennis Christopher George Potter (17 May 1935   – 7 June 1994) was an English television dramatist , screenwriter and journalist. He is best known for his BBC television serials Pennies from Heaven (1978), The Singing Detective (1986), and the BBC television plays Blue Remembered Hills (1979) and Br

#20 Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon (February 11, 1917 – January 30, 2007) was an American writer. He was prominent in the 1930s, first working on Broadway plays, and then in motion pictures, notably writing the successful comedy The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947), which earned him an Oscar in 1948. [1] He went on

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Writer / Writer

#1 Richard Buhlig

Richard Moritz Buhlig (December 21, 1880 – January 30, 1952) was an American pianist . American pianist Richard Buhlig Born Richard Moritz Buhlig ( 1880-12-21 ) December 21, 1880 Chicago , Illinois Died January 30, 1952 (1952-01-30) (aged   71) Los Angeles , California Occupation Pianist Nationality

#2 Manoel Jacintho Coelho

Manoel Jacintho Coelho (December 30, 1903 – January 13, 1991) was a Brazilian writer and the founder of the religious cult Rational Culture. [1] [2] This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove these template messa

#3 Thomas C. Hindman

Thomas Carmichael Hindman Jr. (January 28, 1828 – September 28, 1868) was a lawyer, politician, and a senior officer of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War . Born in Knoxville, Tennessee , he later moved to Mississippi and became involved in politics. Serving in the Mexican–Ame

#4 Jo Ritzen

Jozef Marie Mathias "Jo" Ritzen (born 3 October 1945) is a retired Dutch politician of the Labour Party (PvdA) and economist. Dutch politician This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2021 ) Jo Ritzen Jo Ritzen in 1986 Member of the Scientific Council for Government Poli

#5 Victor Henri Rochefort, Marquis de Rochefort-Luçay

Victor Henri Rochefort, Marquis de Rochefort-Luçay (30 January 1831   – 30 June 1913) [1] was a French writer of vaudevilles and politician. He was born in Paris and died in Aix-les-Bains . French writer and politician Henri Rochefort Marquis de Rochefort-Luçay Henri Rochefort, by Nadar Born Victor

#6 Alois Friedrich von Brühl

Alois Friedrich von Brühl ( Polish : 'Alojzy Fryderyk Bruhl' ; 31 July 1739 Dresden – 30 January 1793 Berlin ) was a Polish - Saxon diplomat, politician, Freemason, soldier, actor and playwright. Alois Friedrich von Brühl Born ( 1739-07-31 ) 31 July 1739 Dresden Died 30 January 1793 (1793-01-30) (ag

#7 Fran Striker

Francis Hamilton " Fran " Striker (August 19, 1903 – September 4, 1962) was an American writer for radio and comics , best known for creating the Lone Ranger , Green Hornet , and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon characters. [1] [2] American radio and comic writer Fran Striker Born Francis Hamilton Striker

#8 Wilson Martins (literary critic)

Wilson Martins (March 3, 1921 in São Paulo – January 30, 2010) [1] was a Brazilian literary critic and cultural historian who was a regular contributor for the Jornal do Brasil and O Estado de S.Paulo . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2010 ) He graduated from th

#9 John Gregory Dunne

John Gregory Dunne (May 25, 1932 – December 30, 2003) was an American writer. [1] He began his career as a journalist for Time magazine before expanding into writing criticism, essays, novels, and screenplays. [2] He often collaborated with his wife, Joan Didion . [3] [4] American writer John Gregor

#10 William A. Chanler

William Astor "Willie" Chanler (June 11, 1867 – March 4, 1934) was an American soldier, explorer, and politician who served as U.S. Representative from New York . [1] He was a son of John Winthrop Chanler . After spending several years exploring East Africa , he embarked on a brief political career.

#11 Sune Jonsson

Olov Sune Jonsson (20 December 1930 – 30 January 2009) was a Swedish documentary photographer and writer, recipient of the Hasselblad Award in 1993. Swedish photographer and writer This article needs additional citations for verification . ( March 2016 ) Sune Jonsson at his photographic exhibition i

#12 William Juhasz

William Juhasz (August 30, 1899, Budapest – September 29, 1967, New York City ) was a Hungarian-American author, editor, cultural and religious historian, journalist, Roman Catholic lay intellectual, literary translator, university professor, lecturer, commentator, Cold War operative. Research topic

#13 Mikhail Sariotti

Mikhail Sariotti ( Russian : Михаил Иванович (or Яковлевич) [1] ) Сариотти ; 1839 (or 1830, or 1831), [2] [3] near of Vyborg (near Saint Petersburg ) - 30 January (11 February) 1878, Saint Petersburg) was a famous Russian opera singer (bass-baritone) and music critic. Russian opera singer Mikhail Sa

#14 László Nagy (poet)

László Nagy (17 July 1925 in Felsőiszkáz – 30 January 1978 in Budapest ) was a Hungarian poet and translator. He started as a populist poet and in his early youth was a believer in socialist ideology. His oeuvre comprises more than 400 poems and many volumes of translations. He was also a prose writ

#15 Félix Arnaudin

Félix Arnaudin (born Simon Arnaudin, 30 May 1844 – 6 December 1921) was a French poet, photographer, and specialist in Haute-Lande folklore. In Gascony , M. Arnaudin created his collection of tales by attending gatherings, as well as marriages and various agricultural festivals. [1] He left 3,000 ph

#16 Mack Reynolds

Dallas McCord "Mack" Reynolds (November 11, 1917 – January 30, 1983) was an American science fiction writer. His pen names included Dallas Ross , Mark Mallory , Clark Collins , Dallas Rose , Guy McCord , Maxine Reynolds , Bob Belmont , and Todd Harding . [1] [2] His work focused on socioeconomic spe

#17 Adam Jerzy Czartoryski

Adam Jerzy Czartoryski ( Polish pronunciation:   [ˈadam ˈjɛʐɨ t͡ʂartɔˈrɨskʲi] ; Lithuanian : Аdomas Jurgis Čartoriskis ; 14 January 1770   – 15 July 1861), in English known as Adam George Czartoryski , was a Polish nobleman , statesman, diplomat and author. Polish nobleman, statesman, diplomat and a

#18 Leonard Feeney

Leonard Edward Feeney (February 18, 1897 – January 30, 1978) was an American Jesuit priest, poet, lyricist, and essayist. American poet The Reverend Leonard Edward Feeney SJ Born ( 1897-02-18 ) February 18, 1897 Lynn, Massachusetts Died January 30, 1978 (1978-01-30) (aged   80) Ayer, Massachusetts O

#19 Jonas Rein

Jonas Rein (30 January 1760 – 21 November 1821) was a Norwegian priest, poet and member of the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814. [1] Jonas Rein

#20 Henry Ashby Turner

Henry Ashby Turner, Jr. (April 4, 1932 – December 17, 2008) was an American historian of Germany who was a professor at Yale University for over forty years. He is best known for his book German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler (1985) in which he challenged the common theory that industrialists i

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