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Actor / Actor

#1 Nikki Reed

Nicole Houston Reed (born May 17, 1988) [1] is an American actress known for her portrayal of vampire Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga (2008–2012). She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen , directed by Catherine Hardwicke , for which she was credited with Hardwicke as a co-

#2 Sian Brooke

Sian Brooke (born Sian Elizabeth Phillips ; born 1980) [2] is a British actress. Her television work includes Cape Wrath (2007), Sherlock (2017), Doctor Foster (2017), Good Omens (2019), Guilt (2019), and Trying (2020–). British actress Sian Brooke Born Sian Elizabeth Phillips 1980 (age   41 – 42) L

#3 Pilar Seurat

Pilar Seurat (born Rita Hernandez , July 25, 1938 – June 2, 2001) was a Filipino American film and television actress in the 1960s. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove these template messages ) The topic o

#4 Zhao Yue

Zhao Yue ( simplified Chinese : 赵粤 ; traditional Chinese : 趙粵 ; pinyin : Zhào Yuè ; Korean : 조월 ; English: Akira Zhao, born April 29, 1995 in Wuhan , Hubei , China ) is a Chinese idol singer. She is a member of Team NII of Chinese idol group SNH48 , [1] and its sub-unit 7Senses . She is also a membe

#5 Andrey Kharitonov

Andrey Igorevich Kharitonov ( Russian: Андрей Игоревич Харитонов ; 25 July 1959 – 23 June 2019) was a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, director, screenwriter. He is best known for roles in films The Gadfly , The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta and The Invisible Man . Soviet and Russian a

#6 Gunārs Cilinskis

Gunārs Cilinskis (23 May 1931, Riga — 25 July 1992, Riga District [1] ) was a Latvian theater and film actor, film director and screenwriter. He was a People's Artist of the USSR (1979). [1] [2]

#7 Branko Đurić

Branko Đurić ( Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic : Бранко Ђурић ; born 28 May 1962), also known by his nickname Đuro ( Cyrillic : Ђуро), is a Bosnian [1] actor, comedian, film director and musician, who lives and works in Ljubljana , Slovenia . Bosnian actor, comedian, film director and musician Branko Đurić

#8 Manfred Inger

Manfred Inger (1907–1984) was an Austrian stage , film and television actor . [1] Austrian actor Manfred Inger Born 1 January 1907 Vienna , Austro-Hungarian Empire Died 25 July 1984 (aged 77) Vienna, Austria Occupation Actor Years   active 1949-1984 (film & TV)

#9 Eddie Jayamanne

Wanniaarachchige Don David Victor Jayamanne , MBE (15 February 1915 – 25 July 1981), popularly known as Eddie Jayamanne was a popular Sri Lankan comedian and actor of early Sri Lankan cinema. Sri Lankan comedian and actor Eddie Jayamanne එඩී ජයමාන්න Born Wanniaarachchige Don David Victor Jayamanne (

#10 Nikita Willy

Nikita Purnama Willy or better known as Nikita Willy (born in Jakarta , Indonesia on 29 June 1994) is an Indonesian actress, model and singer of Minangkabau descent. Indonesian singer This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2021 ) Nikita Willy Nikit

#11 Rupert Grint

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint [2] ( / ɡ r ɪ n t / ; born 24 August 1988) is an English actor. He rose to fame for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series . He was cast as Weasley at age eleven, having previously acted only in school plays and his local theatre group. Since then, he co

#12 Fiammetta Cicogna

Fiammetta Cicogna (born 17 May 1988 Milan) is an Italian television presenter, actress and model. Italian television presenter and model Fiammetta Cicogna Born 17 May 1988 Occupation Television presenter, actress, model

#13 Song Hye-kyo

Song Hye-kyo ( Korean :   송혜교 ; born 22 November 1981) [upper-alpha 1] is a South Korean actress. She gained international popularity through her leading roles in the television dramas Autumn in My Heart (2000), All In (2003), Full House (2004), That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), Descendants of the

#14 Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai ( Mandarin:   [tsˈaɪ] ( listen ) ; Chinese : 蔡依林 ; born September 15, 1980) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress. Referred to as the " Queen of C-Pop ", [1] she is considered one of the most influential figures in Chinese popular culture. [2] [3] [4] She is known for her continu

#15 Joan Sebastian

José Manuel Figueroa Figueroa [2] [3] (April 8, 1951 – July 13, 2015), known professionally as Joan Sebastian ( pronounced   [ɟʝoˈan seβasˈtjan] ), was a Mexican singer-songwriter. [4] [5] He composed more than 1,000 songs, including compositions for artists such as Bronco , Vicente Fernández , Luce

#16 John Bishop

John Joseph Bishop (born 30 November 1966) is an English comedian, presenter, actor and former footballer. English comedian and actor For other uses, see John Bishop (disambiguation) . John Bishop Bishop in June 2011 Born ( 1966-11-30 ) 30 November 1966 (age   55) Liverpool , England Occupation Come

#17 Jordan Fisher

Jordan William Fisher (born April 24, 1994) is an American actor, singer, dancer, mailman, gamer, and musician. He began his career with recurring roles on several television series, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager in 2012 and Liv and Maddie from 2015 to 2017. He also had supporti

#18 Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar (born January 28, 1992) is an Indonesian actress and singer of Arabic and Minangkabau descent. She is the daughter of Indonesian actors Fanny Bauty and Mark Sungkar. Indonesian actress and singer (born 1992) This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verificatio

#19 Hong Peiyun

Hong Peiyun ( Chinese : 洪珮雲 ; pinyin : Hóng Pèiyún ; born January 7, 2001 in Shanghai , China ) is a Chinese idol singer. She is a member of Team HII of Chinese idol group SNH48 , as well as its sub-unit, Color Girls. [1] Chinese idol singer (born 2001) Hong Peiyun Born ( 2001-01-07 ) January 7, 200

#20 Morgan White (radio DJ)

Morgan White (July 25, 1924 – September 2, 2010) [1] was an American radio disc jockey and actor . American DJ For the gymnast, see Morgan White (gymnast) . Morgan White Born ( 1924-07-25 ) July 25, 1924 Monroe, Utah , U.S. Died September 2, 2010 (2010-09-02) (aged   86) Sevier, Utah , U.S. Occupati

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Character / Character

#1 Schnuffel

Schnuffel ( German pronunciation: [ˈʃnʊfəl] ; English: Snuggle , French: Lapin Câlin , Italian: Kikolo , Spanish: Snufi ) is an animated rabbit created in 2007 by German media company Jamba! . Fictional character Schnuffel First appearance "Kuschel Song" (2007) Created by Jamster Voiced by Unknown (

#2 Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe ( / ˈ m ɑːr l oʊ / ) is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler , and exemplifying the hardboiled crime fiction genre. Marlowe first appeared under that name in The Big Sleep , published in 1939. Chandler's early short stories , published in pulp magazines such as Black Mask

#3 Char Aznable

Char Aznable ( シャア・アズナブル , Shaa Azunaburu ) , born Casval Rem Deikun ( キャスバル・レム・ダイクン , Kyasubaru Remu Daikun ) and also gone by the name Édouard Mass ( エドワウ・マス , Edowau Masu ) , is a fictional character from the Gundam franchise. He is originally one of the main antagonists in Mobile Suit Gundam wor

#4 Unown

Unown ( アンノーン , Annōn , "Un-noun", / ʌ n ˈ n oʊ n , ˈ ʌ n oʊ n / ) [1] is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak 's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori , Unown first appeared in the video games Pokémon Gold and Silver and in subsequent sequels, later appearing in various merchandise, sp

#5 Loki (Marvel Comics)

Loki Laufeyson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . While the character first appeared in Venus #6 (Aug. 1949), the characterization that has persisted to the modern day, created by writer Stan Lee , scripter Larry Lieber , and penciller Jack Kirby

#6 Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

John James Preston, commonly known as " Mr. Big ", is a recurring character in the HBO series Sex and the City , the follow-up film of the same name and its sequel , and epilogue series And Just Like That... , portrayed by Chris Noth . He is the primary on-and-off love interest of the series' protag

#7 Green Lama

The Green Lama is a fictional pulp magazine hero of the 1940s, created by American author Kendell Foster Crossen . He is commonly portrayed as a powerful Buddhist Lama, dressing in green robes with a red scarf and using his powerful skill set to fight crime. Slightly different versions of the same c

#8 Flip the Frog

Flip the Frog is an animated cartoon character created by American animator Ub Iwerks . He starred in a series of cartoons produced by Celebrity Pictures and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1930 to 1933. [1] The series had many recurring characters besides Flip; including Flip's dog, the mul

#9 Overly Attached Girlfriend

Overly Attached Girlfriend ( OAG ) is a fictional character and an Internet meme originating in a YouTube video published on June 6, 2012. The character was created by Laina Morris (born June 22, 1991). The video was a submission to a contest held by Justin Bieber who challenged fans to create a "Gi

#10 Kull of Atlantis

Kull of Atlantis or Kull the Conqueror is a fictional character created by writer Robert E. Howard . The character was more introspective than Howard's subsequent creation, Conan the Barbarian , whose first appearance was in a re-write of a rejected Kull story. [1] [2] Fictional character by Robert

#11 Darna

Darna ( Tagalog pronunciation:   [daɾna] ) is a Filipina superheroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo . The character's first appearance was in Pilipino Komiks (Ace Publications, Inc.) #77 on May 13, 1950. [2] Darna is a retooling of Ravelo's earlier character, Varga , whose

#12 Hellboy

Hellboy is a fictional character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola . The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 1993), and has since appeared in various eponymous miniseries , one-shots and intercompany crossovers . The character has been adapted into three live-action

#13 Michael Myers (Halloween)

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films . He first appears in 1978 in John Carpenter 's Halloween as a young boy who murders his elder sister, Judith Myers . Fifteen years later, he returns home to Haddonfield, Illinois, to murder more teenagers. In the orig

#14 Tasha Yar

Natasha " Tasha " Yar is a fictional character that mainly appeared in the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation . Portrayed by Denise Crosby , Yar is chief of security aboard the Starfleet starship USS Enterprise -D and carries the rank of lie

#15 X-23

Laura Kinney (born X-23 ; codename Wolverine ) is a fictional superhero appearing in media published by Marvel Entertainment , most commonly in association with the X-Men . The character was created by writer Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution television series in 2003, before debuting in the NYX c

#16 The XYY Man

The XYY Man began as a series of novels by Kenneth Royce , featuring the character of William (or Willie) 'Spider' Scott, a one-time cat-burglar who leaves prison aiming to go straight but finds his talents still to be very much in demand by both the criminal underworld and the British secret servic

#17 Carla Hughes (Winners & Losers)

Carla Hughes is a fictional character in the Australian Channel Seven drama series Winners & Losers , played by Sibylla Budd . Carla made her debut screen appearance in the episode "When You Least Expect It", which was broadcast on 30 July 2013 and is one of the show's regular female characters. The

#18 Baron Ambrosia

Baron Ambrosia was a character played by international explorer Justin Fornal from 2006 to 2013. The character was a self-proclaimed "quaffer of culinary consciousness" and traveled around New York City, mostly in The Bronx, documenting various ethnic cultures and their indigenous cuisines, represen

#19 She-Hulk

She-Hulk ( Jennifer Walters ) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema , she first appeared in The Savage She-Hulk #1 ( cover-dated February 1980). [2] Walters is a lawyer who, after an injury, received

#20 Ben Reilly

Benjamin Reilly ( / ˈ r aɪ l i / ), also known as the Scarlet Spider , is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Grown in a lab by the Jackal / Miles Warren , he is a clone of Spider-Man/Peter Parker tasked with fighting the hero but instead becoming an

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Director / Director

#1 Malaka Dewapriya

Malaka Dewapriya ( Sinhala : මාලක දේවප්‍රිය , IPA:   [maːləkə deːʋaprijə] [1] is a Sri Lankan film maker, visual artist, Sinhala Radio Play writer , short film and video director. [2] [5] Malaka Dewapriya Born Grardhiwasam Lindamulage Malaka Dewapriya Colombo Nationality Sri Lankan Other   names Mal

#2 Arthur Lubin

Arthur Lubin (July 25, 1898 – May 11, 1995) was an American film director and producer who directed several Abbott & Costello films, Phantom of the Opera (1943), the Francis the Talking Mule series and created the talking-horse TV series Mister Ed . A prominent director for Universal Pictures in the

#3 Alessandro Capone

Alessandro Capone (born 25 July 1955) is an Italian film director and screenwriter . [1] He has directed 15 films since 1989. Italian film director Alessandro Capone Born ( 1955-07-25 ) 25 July 1955 (age   66) Rome , Italy Occupation Film director, screenwriter Years   active 1979-present

#4 Stefano Incerti

Stefano Incerti (born 25 July 1965) is an Italian film director. [1] He has directed more than ten films since 1995. Italian film director (born 1965) Stefano Incerti Born ( 1965-07-25 ) 25 July 1965 (age   56) Naples , Italy Occupation Director Years   active 1995-present In 2014, Stefano directed

#5 Katsi Vaptsarov

Katsi Vaptsarov (born Krastyo Georgiev Vaptsarov) ( Bulgarian : Къци Вапцаров , or Кръстю Георгиев Вапцаров) (born July 25, 1963) is a popular Bulgarian television host and film director . [1] Katsi Vaptsarov Born ( 1963-07-25 ) July 25, 1963 (age   58) Rousse , Bulgaria Nationality Bulgarian Occupa

#6 Igor Piddubny

Igor Piddubny (also spelled Poddubny ; Ukrainian : Ігор Миколайович Піддубний ; born June 18, 1965) is a Ukrainian journalist, media manager , politician, and film director known for a number of documentaries that covered controversial topics in Ukrainian history and were aimed at Russophone audienc

#7 Shōzō Makino (director)

Shōzō Makino (牧野省三, Makino Shōzō , September 22, 1878, Kyoto – July 25, 1929) was a Japanese film director , film producer and businessman who is regarded as a pioneering director of Japanese film . [ citation needed ] In addition, all four of his sons, including Masahiro Makino and Sadatsugu Matsud

#8 Ifan ab Owen Edwards

Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards (25 July 1895 – 23 January 1970 ) was a Welsh academic, writer and film-maker, best known as the founder of Urdd Gobaith Cymru , the Welsh League of Youth. [1] Statue of Owen Morgan Edwards and Ifan ab Owen Edwards in Llanuwchllyn He was born at Tremaran, Llanuwchllyn , Meri

#9 Margarita Cadenas

Margarita Cadenas ( Caracas , Venezuela ), is a Venezuelan-French director, producer and screenwriter. [1] Margarita Cadenas

#10 William C. deMille

William Churchill deMille (July 25, 1878 – March 5, 1955), also spelled de Mille or De Mille , was an American screenwriter and film director from the silent film era through the early 1930s. [1] He was also a noted playwright prior to moving into film. Once he was established in film he specialized

#11 Olle Nordemar

Olof Harry "Olle" Nordemar (25 July 1914 – 18 February 1999) was a Swedish film director, film editor, film producer, cinematographer and screenwriter. Nordemar is best known as the producer behind Olle Hellbom 's films based on novels by Astrid Lindgren . Nordemar edited and produced the Norwegian-

#12 Timothy A. Chey

Timothy A. Chey is an American film producer, writer and director. Among his films are Fakin' da Funk , Gone , Impact: The Passion of the Christ , Suing the Devil , The Genius Club , Live Fast, Die Young , Final the Rapture , Epic Journey , Freedom , David and Goliath , and Slamma Jamma . [1] Americ

#13 Gustavo Alatriste

Gustavo Miguel Alatriste (25 August 1922 – 22 July 2006) [1] was a Mexican actor, director, and producer of films. Gustavo Alatriste Born Gustavo Rafael Alatriste Rodriguez ( 1922-08-25 ) 25 August 1922 Mexico City , Mexico Died 22 July 2006 (2006-07-22) (aged   83) Houston , Texas , U.S. Spouse(s)

#14 Nanouk Leopold

Nanouk Leopold (born 25 July 1968) is a Dutch film maker . She graduated from Dutch film school in 1997, starting off by making films for Dutch television. In 2001, she released her first feature film Îles flottantes ( "Floating Islands ), as part of the No More Heroes project which also included th

#15 Eduardo H. Garza

Eduardo H. Garza (July 25, 1978) is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer and film editor who resides in Spain. [1] [2] He has worked in advertisement and some Mexican film sets, he started out as a technician until he got to the role and started to be an assistant director. After settling

#16 François Ruffin

François Marcel Joseph Bernard Ruffin ( French:   [fʁɑ̃swa maʁsɛl ʒɔzɛf bɛʁnaʁ ʁyfɛ̃] ; born 18 October 1975) is a French journalist, filmmaker, author and politician. The founder and editor-in-chief of the satirical quarterly Fakir , he is best-known for directing the film Merci patron! (2016) as w

#17 Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin binti Ahmad (7 January 1958 – 25 July 2009) was a Malaysian film director, writer and scriptwriter . She was the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur . Her television commercials and films are well known in Malaysia for being humorous and touching. [ citation needed ] Her w

#18 Ub Iwerks

Ubbe Ert Iwwerks (March 24, 1901   – July 7, 1971), known as Ub Iwerks ( / ˈ ʌ b ˈ aɪ w ɜːr k s / UB EYE -wurks ), was an American animator , cartoonist , character designer , inventor , and special effects technician . Born in Kansas City, Missouri , Iwerks grew up with a contentious relationship w

#19 Māris Martinsons

Māris Martinsons (born July 25, 1960) is a Latvian film director , producer , screenwriter and film editor . From 1991 he has lived and worked in Lithuania , but moved back to his homeland Latvia in 2010. For the professor of management, see Maris Martinsons . This biography of a living person does

#20 Gaston Méliès

Gaston Méliès ( French:   [gastɔ̃ meljɛs] ; February 12, 1852 – April 9, 1915) was a French film director who worked primarily in the United States. He was the brother of the film director Georges Méliès . French film director

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Movie / Movie

#1 Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the novel series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar . The series, developed for television by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage , ran on The CW network for six seasons from September 19, 2007, to December 17, 2012. 2007 A

#2 The Strangler (1932 film)

The Strangler is a 1932 British crime film directed by Norman Lee and starring Jack Morrison, Moira Lynd and Lewis Dayton . It was made at Welwyn Studios . [1] 1932 film The Strangler Directed by Norman Lee Written by Norman Lee Starring Jack Morrison Moira Lynd Lewis Dayton Production company Briti

#3 Sonduru Dadabima

Sonduru Dadabima (A Pleasurable Hunt) ( Sinhala : සොඳුරු දඩබිම ) is a 2003 Sri Lankan Sinhala drama thriller film directed by Anura Horatious and produced by W. A. S. K. Samarawickrema for Sadheera Films. [2] It stars Sanath Wimalasiri and Dilhani Ekanayake in lead roles along with Tony Ranasinghe a

#4 A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own is a 1992 American sports comedy-drama film directed by Penny Marshall that tells a fictionalized account of the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). The film stars Tom Hanks , Geena Davis , Madonna , Lori Petty , Rosie O'Donnell , Jon Lovitz , Da

#5 When the Wind Blows (1986 film)

When the Wind Blows is a 1986 British animated disaster film directed by Jimmy Murakami based on Raymond Briggs ' comic book or graphic novel of the same name . The film stars the voices of John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft as the two main characters and was scored by Roger Waters . The film recounts a

#6 Cendrillon au Far West

Cendrillon au Far West (French for "Cinderella in the Far West") is a French/Belgian 2012 animated film. The film was directed and screenplay written by Pascal Hérold and produced by Delacave Studios. 2012 French film directed by Pascal Hérold This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it

#7 Virgin Lips

Virgin Lips is a 1928 American silent drama film directed by Elmer Clifton and starring Olive Borden , John Boles and Arline Pretty . [1] 1928 film For the Brazilian film, see Lábios sem Beijos Virgin Lips Directed by Elmer Clifton Written by Jack Lait Dorothy Howell Charles Beahan Produced by Harry

#8 Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko ( 結婚できない男 ) , known in English as The Man Who Can't Get Married , is a 2006 Japanese drama broadcast by Fuji TV . The theme song is "Swimmy" by Every Little Thing . This article is about the Japanese TV series. For the South Korean TV series with the same name, see He Who Can't

#9 The Mackintosh Man

The Mackintosh Man is a 1973 British Cold War neo noir spy thriller film , directed by John Huston and starring Paul Newman , Dominique Sanda and James Mason . [3] 1973 spy thriller film by John Huston The Mackintosh Man Original film poster by Tom Chantrell Directed by John Huston Screenplay by Wal

#10 Baş Belası

Baş Belası is a Turkish television drama in action and comedy genre [1] [2] . [3] It is produced by ARC film, directed by Murat Onbul and screenplayed by several screenwriters like Gulsec Karagoz, Zafer Ozer Cetinel, Ahmet Orcun Oksar, and Ramzan Demirli. The series in which Irem Helvacioglu and Sec

#11 Guerra de ídolos

Guerra de ídolos (English title: Price of Fame ) [5] is an American telenovela created by Mariano Calasso for Telemundo . [6] [7] It is the first musical telenovela of Telemundo that will play the genre of Mexican Regional music . [8] It was recorded in Mexico . [9] American telenovela Guerra de ído

#12 The Days (TV series)

The Days is an American drama series that aired on ABC from July 18 until August 22, 2004. Each episode chronicles 24 hours in the lives of the members of the fictional Day family. Produced in association with Valleycrest Productions and talkbackTHAMES . The Days episode five intertitle Genre Drama

#13 The Iceman Cometh (1989 film)

The Iceman Cometh ( simplified Chinese : 急冻奇侠 ; traditional Chinese : 急凍奇俠 ) Also Known as The Time Warriors , is a 1989 Hong Kong martial arts fantasy film directed by Clarence Fok , starring Yuen Biao , Maggie Cheung and Yuen Wah . The film was released in Hong Kong on 18 August 1989. 1989 Hong Ko

#14 Road House (1928 film)

Road House is a 1928 American silent drama film directed by Richard Rosson and starring Maria Alba , Warren Burke and Lionel Barrymore . [1] 1928 film Road House Directed by Richard Rosson Written by Malcolm Stuart Boylan Philip D. Hurn John Stone Starring Maria Alba Warren Burke Lionel Barrymore Ci

#15 Lost in America

Lost in America is a 1985 American satirical road comedy film directed by Albert Brooks and co-written by Brooks with Monica Johnson . The film stars Brooks alongside Julie Hagerty as a married couple who decide to quit their jobs and travel across America. 1985 film directed by Albert Brooks For ot

#16 The Intent

The Intent is a 2016 British crime thriller film directed by, written by and starring Femi Oyeniran . [2] [1] Film by Femi Oyeniran and Kalvadour Peterson The Intent Directed by Femi Oyeniran Kalvadour Peterson Starring Dylan Dufus Scorcher Shone Romulus Femi Oyeniran Ashley Chin Krept and Konan Rel

#17 Chocklet

Chocklet (sometimes Chocolate ) is a 2001 Indian Tamil -language action romance film directed by A. Venkatesh the story penned by R. Madhesh and produced by R. Madhesh . Starring Prashanth and debutant Jaya Re, the film also has Livingston , Suhasini , Mumtaj (dual role) and Nagendra Prasad in suppo

#18 El Americano: The Movie

El Americano: The Movie (also known as Americano [6] ) is a 2016 3D Mexican - American animated family film produced by Animex Producciones , Olmos Productions , and Phil Roman Entertainment , and is directed by Ricardo Arnaiz and ex- Disney animator, Mike Kunkel . [9] [10] [11] [12] The film featur

#19 Hitman (1998 film)

Hitman ( simplified Chinese : 杀手之王 ; traditional Chinese : 殺手之王 ), is a 1998 Hong Kong action film directed by Stephen Tung. The film stars Jet Li , Eric Tsang , Simon Yam and Gigi Leung . The film was released on 3 April 1998. 1998 Hong Kong film Hitman Film poster Traditional 殺手之王 Simplified 杀手之王

#20 Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man

Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man is a 1962 American adventure film directed by Martin Ritt based on Ernest Hemingway 's semi-autobiographical character Nick Adams , and featuring Richard Beymer as Adams. A.E. Hotchner wrote the screenplay, originally calling the film Ernest Hemingway's "Young M

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Leo Longanesi

Leopoldo Longanesi (30 August 1905 – 27 September 1957) was an Italian journalist, publicist, screenplayer, playwright, writer, and publisher. Longanesi is mostly known in his country for his satirical works on Italian society and people. He also founded the eponymous publishing house in Milan in 19

#2 Jack Kirkland

Jack Kirkland (July 25, 1902 – February 22, 1969) was an American playwright, producer, director and screenwriter. [1] American dramatist Jack Kirkland Born July 25, 1902 St. Louis , Missouri , U.S. Died February 22, 1969 (1969-02-22) (aged   66) New York City , New York , U.S. Nationality American

#3 Evan Spiliotopoulos

Evangelos Spiliotopoulos ( Greek : Ευάγγελος Σπηλιωτόπουλος ; born c. 1973) is a Greek-American screenwriter, film producer, and film director. Greek-American screenwriter, film producer and director Evan Spiliotopoulos Born c. 1973 (age   48 – 49) Greece Nationality Greek-American Occupation Screen

#4 Sig Herzig

Sig Herzig (July 25, 1897 – March 12, 1985) was an American screenwriter and playwright . American screenwriter and playwright This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations . ( April 2009 ) Sig Herzig

#5 Franciszka Arnsztajnowa

Franciszka Arnsztajnowa ( [fraɲˈt͡ɕiʂka   arnʂtajˈnɔva] ; in full: Franciszka Hanna Arnsztajnowa ; 19 February 1865 – August 1942) was a Polish poet, playwright, and translator of Jewish descent. [7] Much of her creative oeuvre falls within the Young Poland period, stylistically encompassing the twi

#6 Ahmed Falah

Ahmed Falah ( Dhivehi : އަޙްމަދު ފަލާޙް; born 1975) is a Maldivian singer, musician, film director, screenwriter/ scriptwriter, song writer, lyricist and poet. He won the Best Director Award in 2011 for Fageeru Koe in Maldives Film Awards 2011. He won the Best Melodition in 2008 in "Miadhu Crystal A

#7 Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone (born September 15, 1946) is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. [1] [2] [3] Stone won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay as writer of Midnight Express (1978), and wrote the gangster film remake Scarface (1983). Stone achieved prominence as writer an

#8 Jean Hazlewood

Ora Jean Hazlewood (August 4, 1916 – March 2, 1997) was an American screenwriter , and wife of actor Richard Widmark for 55 years. They met while they were both attending Lake Forest College . American screenwriter Jean Hazlewood Hazlewood and Widmark in the 1950s Born Ora Jean Hazlewood ( 1916-08-0

#9 Kang Eun-kyung

Kang Eun-kyung (born July 25, 1971) is a South Korean television screenwriter . She is best known for writing hit drama King of Baking, Kim Takgu (also known as Bread, Love and Dreams ), which reached a peak rating of 50.8% in 2010. [2] [3] [4] South Korean television screenwriter (born 1971) In thi

#10 Bernard Slade

Bernard Slade Newbound (May 2, 1930 – October 30, 2019) was a Canadian playwright and screenwriter. As a screenwriter, he created the sitcoms The Flying Nun and The Partridge Family . As a playwright, he wrote Same Time, Next Year , Tribute , and Romantic Comedy and their film adaptations. Canadian

#11 Claude Zidi

Claude Zidi (born 25 July 1934) is a French film director and screenwriter noted for his mainstream burlesque comedies. Born in Paris, he started as a cameraman and then a cinematographer, and he made his directorial and screenwriting debut in 1971. He won the César Award for Best Director for My Ne

#12 Elizabeth Wilson (screenwriter)

Elizabeth Wilson (1914-2000) was an American screenwriter, playwright, and TV writer active during the 1950s and 1960s; she was known for her work on Westerns. [1] American screenwriter and playwright Elizabeth Wilson Born Elizabeth Vance Anderson July 24, 1914 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Died July 25, 200

#13 Francis Edward Faragoh

Francis Edward Faragoh (born Ferenc Eduárd Faragó ; October 16, 1898 – July 25, 1966) was a Hungarian-American screenwriter . He wrote for 20 films between 1929 and 1947. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1931 for Best Writing, Adaptation for Little Caesar . [1] He was born in Budapest , Hung

#14 Massimo Bontempelli

Massimo Bontempelli (12 May 1878 – 21 July 1960) was an Italian poet, playwright, novelist and composer. He was influential in developing and promoting the literary style known as magical realism . [1] This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Italian . (Jul

#15 Daniil Kharms

Daniil Ivanovich Kharms ( Russian : Дании́л Ива́нович Хармс ; 30 December   [ O.S. 17 December ]   1905   – 2 February 1942) was an early Soviet-era Russian avant-gardist and absurdist poet, writer and dramatist. [1] Russian writer "Kharms" redirects here. For the 2017 film, see Kharms (film) . This

#16 Allan Loeb

Allan Loeb (born July 25, 1969) is an American screenwriter and film and television producer. He wrote the 2007 film Things We Lost in the Fire and created the 2008 television series New Amsterdam . He wrote the film drama 21 , which also was released in 2008. Among his other credits, he wrote and p

#17 Roland Moore

Roland Moore is a British screenwriter, playwright and author, best known as the creator and lead writer of the period drama series Land Girls for BBC One. [1] [2] British screenwriter, playwright and author Not to be confused with Ronald D. Moore . This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformat

#18 Lori Lansens

Lori Lansens is a Canadian novelist and screenwriter. [1] Canadian novelist and screenwriter (born 1962) Lori Lansens Born July 25, 1962 Chatham , Ontario Occupation Novelist, screenwriter Nationality Canadian Period 1990s-present Notable works South of Wawa , Rush Home Road , The Girls Lansens was

#19 Barbara Vernon (writer)

Barbara Mary Vernon (25 July 1916 – 16 April 1978) was an Australian playwright, screenwriter, editor and radio announcer. Australian playwright, screenwriter and radio announcer Barbara Vernon Born Barbara Mary Vernon 25 July 1916 Inverell, New South Wales , Australia Died 16 April 1978 (age 61) Da

#20 Álvaro Cunqueiro

Álvaro Cunqueiro Mora ( Mondoñedo , December 22, 1911 – Vigo , February 28, 1981) [1] was a Galician novelist, poet, playwright, and journalist. He is the author of many works in both Galician and Spanish , including Merlín e familia ("Merlin and family"). He was a cofounder of the Galician Writers

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Writer / Writer

#1 Jānis Akuraters

Jānis Akuraters (13 January 1876 – 25 July 1937) was a Latvian poet, writer, playwright and politician. He founded the Latvian National Theatre in 1919 and was director of Radio of Riga between 1930 and 1934. [1] Latvian writer This article includes a list of general references , but it lacks suffic

#2 W. Bruce Cameron

William Bruce Cameron (born February 2, 1960) is an American author , columnist , and humorist . Cameron is most famous for his novel A Dog's Purpose , [1] which spent 19 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list . The book is the basis for the movie version [2] starring Dennis Quaid , Britt Rober

#3 Hajime Taguchi

Hajime Taguchi ( 田口一 , Taguchi Hajime ) } (born 1975) is a Japanese novelist who is best known for his work Nakaimo - My Sister is Among Them! . In 2007, his novel Majo Rumika no Akai Ito won the Honorable Mention at the F Bunko J light novel rookie award. [1] Japanese novelist The topic of this art

#4 JP Miller

James " Pappy " Pinckney Miller (December 18, 1919 – November 1, 2001) was an American writer whose pen name was "JP Miller". He was a leading playwright during the Golden Age of Television , receiving three Emmy nominations. A novelist and screenwriter, he was best known for Days of Wine and Roses

#5 Al Gore

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (born March 31, 1948) is an American politician, businessman, and environmentalist who served as the 45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton . Gore was the Democratic nominee for the 2000 presidential election , losing to George

#6 Santanu Kumar Acharya

Santanu Kumar Acharya (born 1933) is a National Sahitya Academy Award-winning Indian writer. Odia writer Santanu Kumar Acharya Acharya during Fakir Mohan's 172nd birthday celebration at Santikanana, Balasore , Odisha Born ( 1933-05-15 ) 15 May 1933 (age   89) Mominpur, Kolkata Occupation Professor L

#7 Indraganti Srikanth

Indraganti Srikanth Sharma ( Telugu : ఇంద్రగంటి శ్రీకాంత శర్మ ; 29 May 1944 – 25 July 2019), was an Indian Telugu lyricist and writer. He wrote books, including short stories, radio plays, poetry and primarily lyrics during his lifetime career and was actively involved in Telugu literature and cinem

#8 Richard K. Sanford

Richard K. Sanford (July 25, 1822 in Volney , Oswego County, New York – April 24, 1895 in Brooklyn , Kings County, New York ) was an American newspaper editor and politician from New York . American politician (1822–1895)

#9 Carl Romme

Carl Paul Maria Romme (21 December 1896 – 16 October 1980) was a Dutch politician of the defunct Roman Catholic State Party (RKSP) and later co-founder of the Catholic People's Party (KVP) now merged into the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party and jurist. He was granted the honorary title of Mi

#10 Gavriil Kamenev

Gavriil Petrovich Kamenev ( Russian : Гаврии́л Петро́вич Ка́менев , IPA:   [ɡəvrʲɪˈil pʲɪˈtrovʲɪtɕ ˈkamʲɪnʲɪf] ( listen ) ; 1772–1803) was a Russian poet, writer, and translator. Gavriil Kamenev Born ( 1772-02-03 ) 3 February 1772 Kazan , Russia Died 25 July 1803 (1803-07-25) (aged   31) Kazan , Rus

#11 Dillwyn Parrish

George Dillwyn Parrish (July 25, 1894 – August 6, 1941) was an American writer, illustrator, and painter. American writer and painter This article needs additional citations for verification . ( October 2013 ) Dillwyn Parrish Born George Dillwyn Parrish July 25, 1894 Colorado Springs, Colorado , U.S

#12 Richard Ballantine

Richard Ballantine (25 July 1940 – 29 May 2013) [1] was a cycling writer, journalist and cycling advocate . [2] Born in America, the son of Ian and Betty Ballantine of Ballantine Books , and educated at the Browning School in New York and Columbia University , he principally resided in London , Engl

#13 Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon   FRIBA ( / ˈ f ɛ f əl / ; [5] born 19 June 1964) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

#14 Brian Stableford

Brian Michael Stableford (born 25 July 1948) is a British academic, critic and science fiction writer who has published more than 70 novels. His earlier books were published under the name Brian M. Stableford, but more recent ones have dropped the middle initial and appeared under the name Brian Sta

#15 Mario Cuomo

Mario Matthew Cuomo ( / ˈ k w oʊ m oʊ / , Italian:   [ˈkwɔːmo] ; June 15, 1932   – January 1, 2015) was an American lawyer and politician who served as the 52nd governor of New York for three terms, from 1983 to 1994. [1] A member of the Democratic Party , Cuomo previously served as the lieutenant g

#16 Ezra Fleischer

Ezra Fleischer ( Hebrew : עזרא פליישר ; 7 August 1928 – 25 July 2006) was a Romanian-Israeli Hebrew-language poet and philologist . This article needs to be updated . ( January 2012 ) Ezra Fleischer Born ( 1928-08-07 ) 7 August 1928 Timișoara , Romania Died 25 July 2006 (2006-07-25) (aged   77) Jeru

#17 Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan

Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan ( Macedonian : Јовица Тасевски - Етернијан , pronounced [jovitsa tasevski eternijan] ; born 25 July 1976, Skopje) is a Macedonian poet , essayist and literary critic . Macedonian writer Jovica Tasevski - Eternijan Born ( 1976-07-25 ) July 25, 1976 (age   45) Skopje , SR Mac

#18 Jack Clemo

Reginald John Clemo (11 March 1916 – 25 July 1994) was a Cornish poet and writer who was strongly associated both with his native Cornwall and his strong Christian belief. His work was considered to be visionary and inspired by the rugged Cornish landscape. He was the son of a clay-kiln worker and h

#19 Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr (born August 2, 1955) is an American military historian and author. [2] [3] Carr is the second of three sons born to Lucien Carr and Francesca Von Hartz. [4] American military historian and author For other people named Caleb Carr, see Caleb Carr (disambiguation) . Caleb Carr Born ( 1955-

#20 Karel Slavoj Amerling

Karel Slavoj Amerling (September 18, 1807 – November 2, 1884; also known as Karl Slavomil Amerling ; pen name Slavoj Strnad Klatovský ) was a Czech teacher, writer, and philosopher. [1] [2] Karel Slavoj Amerling Born ( 1807-09-18 ) September 18, 1807 Klatovy Died November 2, 1884 (1884-11-02) (aged

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