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Actor / Actor

#1 Edward Cast

Edward Raymond Cast (1925–1994) was a British stage, film and television actor. [1] [2] [3] British actor Edward Cast Born Edward Raymond Cast ( 1925-03-02 ) 2 March 1925 London , England Died December 1994 (1994-12-00) (aged   69) Westminster , London, England Occupation Actor

#2 Jang Minho

Jang Ho-geun ( Korean : 장호근 , born 11 September 1977), known professionally as Jang Minho , is a South Korean singer. [5] He competed in the TV Chosun audition show Mr. Trot , placing in the top sixth. [6] He is also a model, dancer, and TV presenter. [7] [8] South Korean singer (born 1977) In this

#3 Daniel Seltzer

Daniel Seltzer (13 February 1933 — 2 March 1980) was a professor of English at Princeton University , an actor and a Shakespearean scholar . [1] He was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play in 1976 for his performance in Jules Feiffer 's Knock Knock and had a

#4 Eve Torres

Eve Torres Gracie [8] (born Eve Marie Torres on August 21, 1984) is an American actress, dancer, model, martial arts instructor, and former professional wrestler . She is best known for her time with WWE , where she was the first ever three-time WWE Divas Champion . American actress, dancer, model a

#5 Dominique Zardi

Dominique Zardi (born Emile Jean Cohen-Zardi ) (2 March 1930, Paris – 13 December 2009) was a French actor. He acted in more than 200 feature films, [1] including Fantômas with Louis De Funès and Jean Marais . [2] He died of cancer at the age of 79. [1] He was the uncle of the actress and film direc

#6 Charles Coles

Charles “Honi” Coles (April 2, 1911 – November 12, 1992) was an American actor and tap dancer , who was inducted posthumously into the American Tap Dance Hall of Fame in 2003. He had a distinctive personal style that required technical precision, high-speed tapping, and a close-to-the-floor style wh

#7 Ann Baker

Anna Rose Baker (July 23, 1930 – March 2, 2017) was an American actress, known for her appearance in classic films and television shows during the 1950s. American actress (1930–2017) For other people named Anne Baker, see Anne Baker (disambiguation) . Ann Baker Baker as Corliss Archer in Meet Corlis

#8 Hsiao Ho (actor)

Hsiao Ho, (Hsiao Hou) ( Chinese : 小侯 ; pinyin : Xiǎo Hóu ; Cantonese : Siu Hau, born 2 March 1958 in Meixian District , Guangdong , China ) is a Hong Kong martial arts film actor, stunt performer and action choreographer. A Hakka, he has acted in many films directed by Lau Kar-leung , including Mad

#9 Koda Kumi

Kumiko Kōda ( 神田 來未子 , Kōda Kumiko , born November 13, 1982) , known professionally as Koda Kumi ( 倖田 來未 , Kōda Kumi ) , is a Japanese singer from Kyoto , known for her urban and R&B songs. Japanese singer In this Japanese name , the surname is Koda . Koda Kumi 倖田 來未 Koda at Kami Kaze Con 2005 Backg

#10 Vladimir Kozlov

Oleg Aleksandrovich Prudius ( Russian : Олег Александрович Прудиус ; Ukrainian : Олег Олександрович Прудіус , Oleh Oleksandrovych Prudius ; born April 27, 1979) [1] better known by his ring name Vladimir Kozlov , is a Ukrainian-American former professional wrestler currently signed with Impact Wrest

#11 Michelle Vargas

Michele Vargas (born March 2, 1985) is a Dominican -American model and telenovela actress. [1] [2] Michelle Vargas Vargas in 2010 Born ( 1985-03-02 ) March 2, 1985 (age   37) San Francisco de Macorís , Dominican Republic Occupation Actress, Model Years   active 2003 – present Spouse(s) Sebastien Cha

#12 Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley [lower-alpha 1] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), or simply Elvis , was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the " King of Rock and Roll ", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century . His energized interpretations of songs and sexually

#13 Lee Sun-kyun

Lee Sun-kyun (born March 2, 1975) [3] is a South Korean actor. After beginning his career in musical theatre, for many years Lee was relegated to minor and supporting roles onscreen, only getting to play lead characters in one-act dramas on KBS Drama City and MBC Best Theater . In one such Best Thea

#14 Maryse Mizanin

Maryse Mizanin [5] ( / m ə ˈ r iː s / ; née Ouellet ; born January 21, 1983) is a Canadian professional wrestler , actress, and glamour model . She is currently signed to WWE , appearing on the Raw brand alongside her husband The Miz , under the ring name Maryse . After spending years modeling, incl

#15 Billy Herrington

William Glen Harold Herrington (July 14, 1969 – March 2, 2018), known professionally as Billy Herrington , was an American model and pornographic film actor . [4] [5] In the late 2000s, his appearances in various gay pornography movies led him to become a popular Internet meme on video-sharing websi

#16 Seo Eun-soo

Lee Jeong-min ( Korean :   이정민 ; born March 2, 1994) is a South Korean actress and model. Seo made her acting debut in the 2016 television drama Don’t Dare to Dream . Seo received her big break after portraying the role of Seo Ji-soo in the KBS2 family drama My Golden Life (2017-2018). She appeared

#17 Christine Bottomley

Christine Bottomley (born 27 April 1979) is an English actress. English actress This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( March 2013 ) Christine Bottomley Bottomley in 2012 Born ( 1979-04-27 ) 27 April 1979 (age   43) Rochdale , Lancashire , England Nationalit

#18 Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay Williams ( クリスタル・ケイ・ウィリアムズ , Kurisutaru Kei Wiriamuzu , born February 26, 1986) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actress and radio host. Japanese singer, songwriter, actress and radio host This article needs to be updated . ( December 2021 ) Crystal Kay Crystal Kay at a radio station in

#19 Warso Moe Oo

Warso Moe Oo ( Burmese : ဝါဆိုမိုးဦး ; born 27 July 1994) is a Burmese actress, commercial model and singer. [2] [3] She has achieved fame and success as an actress and singer. [4] [5] Throughout her career, she has acted in over 200 films and released a solo album Mite Lar Pyaw Kyi . [6] [7] Burmes

#20 Eric Blore

Eric Blore Sr. (23 December 1887 – 2 March 1959) was an English actor and writer. His early stage career, mostly in the West End of London, centred on revue and musical comedy , but also included straight plays. He wrote sketches for and appeared in variety . In the 1930s Blore acted mostly in Broad

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Character / Character

#1 Nighthawk (Marvel Comics)

Nighthawk is the name of several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . There have been seven versions of the character: two supervillains -turned- superheroes from the mainstream Marvel Universe continuity ( Earth-616 ), Kyle Richmond (who belonged to th

#2 King Kong

King Kong is a fictional giant monster resembling an enormous gorilla , who has appeared in various media since 1933. He has been dubbed The Eighth Wonder of the World , a phrase commonly used within the franchise. His first appearance was in the novelization of the 1933 film King Kong from RKO Pict

#3 Jim Gordon (Gotham)

James " Jim " Gordon is a fictional character who serves as the main protagonist of the Warner Bros. / DC Comics television series Gotham , portrayed by Ben McKenzie . He is based on the character of the same name created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane , debuting in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). Fic

#4 Rani Chandra (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

Rani Chandra is a fictional character played by Anjli Mohindra in the British children's science fiction television programme The Sarah Jane Adventures , a spin-off from the long-running series Doctor Who . She first appeared in The Day of the Clown . Fictional character from the television series T

#5 Jane Eyre (character)

Jane Eyre is the fictional heroine and the titular protagonist in Charlotte Brontë 's 1847 novel of the same name . The story follows Jane's infancy and childhood as an orphan, her employment first as a teacher and then as a governess , and her romantic involvement with her employer, the mysterious

#6 Porky Pig

Porky Pig is an animated character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. He was the first character created by the studio to draw audiences based on his star power , and the animators created many critically acclaimed shorts featuring the character. [3] Even after

#7 Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew ) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . The character first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #32 ( cover-dated February 1977), and 50 issues of an ongoing series titled Spider-Woman followed. At its conclusion, she was killed,

#8 Morph (TV series)

Morph is a British series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character, who is a small plasticine man, who speaks an unintelligible language and lives on a tabletop, his bedroom being a small wooden box. This fictional character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart

#9 The Boston Teens

The Boston Teens are fictional characters featured on the American television show Saturday Night Live . "The Boston Teens" debuted in 1999 and have appeared in 14 sketches to date. TV Guide named The Boston Teens among Saturday Night Live ' s 40 greatest characters in a list compiled in honor of th

#10 Nightwing

Nightwing is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics . The character has appeared in various incarnations; the identity was adopted by Dick Grayson when he left his role as Batman 's vigilante partner Robin . DC Comics superhero For other uses, see Nightwing (disambiguat

#11 Patty (Peanuts)

Patty is a fictional character featured in the long-running syndicated daily and Sunday comic strip Peanuts , created by Charles M. Schulz . Patty was formerly a major character whose role was reduced in later years; she never developed a distinct personality like Lucy , or Sally . She is sometimes

#12 Kull of Atlantis

Kull of Atlantis or Kull the Conqueror is a fictional character created by writer Robert E. Howard . The character was more introspective than Howard's subsequent creation, Conan the Barbarian , whose first appearance was in a re-write of a rejected Kull story. [1] [2] Fictional character by Robert

#13 Murdoc

Murdoc is a fictional character that appears in the ABC television series MacGyver and in the CBS reboot series of the same name . In both portrayals, Murdoc is an assassin and frequent antagonist of both series. For the Gorillaz member, see Murdoc Niccals . Not to be confused with Murdock (disambig

#14 Hap and Leonard

Hap and Leonard are two fictional amateur investigators and adventurers created by American author Joe R. Lansdale . [1] They are the main characters in a series of twelve novels, four novellas , and three collections of stories and excerpts. They are two very different men and the best of friends,

#15 Sara Lance

Sara Lance , also known by her alter-ego White Canary , is a fictional character in The CW 's Arrowverse franchise, first introduced in the 2012 pilot episode of the television series Arrow , and later starring in Legends of Tomorrow . The character is an original character to the television series,

#16 Cable (character)

Cable ( Nathan Christopher Charles Summers ) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics , commonly in association with X-Force and the X-Men . The child Nathan first appeared as a newborn infant in The Uncanny X-Men #201 (Jan. 1986) created by writer Chris

#17 The Tramp

The Tramp ( Charlot in several languages), also known as the Little Tramp , was English actor Charlie Chaplin 's most memorable on-screen character and an icon in world cinema during the era of silent film . The Tramp is also the title of a silent film starring Chaplin, which Chaplin wrote and direc

#18 Kurogane (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)

Kurogane ( Japanese : 黒鋼 ) , born Yōō ( 鷹王 ) , [1] is a fictional character from Clamp's manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle . Kurogane is a poor tempered ninja from Japan who is obsessed with fighting. His lord, Princess Tomoyo , exiles him to modern Japan where Kurogane joins with the wizard Fai D.

#19 Cheeta

Cheeta (sometimes billed as Cheetah , Cheta , and Chita ) is a chimpanzee character that appeared in numerous Hollywood Tarzan films of the 1930s–1960s, as well as the 1966–1968 television series , as the ape sidekick of the title character, Tarzan. Cheeta has usually been characterized as male, but

#20 Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Frances Shepherd , M.D. , F.A.C.S. is a fictional character on the ABC American television medical drama Private Practice , and the spinoff series' progenitor show, Grey's Anatomy , portrayed by Caterina Scorsone . In her debut appearance in season three, Amelia visited her former sister-in-l

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Director / Director

#1 Colin Campbell (director)

James Colin Campbell (11 October 1859 – 26 August 1928) was a Scottish-born film director , actor and screenwriter . [1] [2] He directed more than 170 films between 1911 and 1924. He also wrote for 60 films between 1911 and 1922. He was born in Scotland , and died in Hollywood, California . For othe

#2 Ashu Trikha

Ashu Trikha is an Indian film director and producer of Bollywood . He started his career with Arjun Rampal movie Deewaanapan which was produced by Vashu Bhagnani 's. Sheesha in 2005, followed by Mithun Chakraborty movie Zindagi Tere Naam which also saw the return of Ranjeeta Kaur to Bollywood . His

#3 Noémia Delgado

Noémia Delgado (7 June 1933 – 2 March 2016) was a Portuguese television and film screenwriter, film editor and director. [1] Noémia Delgado Born Noémia Delgado ( 1933-06-07 ) 7 June 1933 Huíla , Angola Died 2 March 2016 (2016-03-02) (aged   82) Nationality Angolan Occupation Screenwriter, director,

#4 Kyle Balda

Kyle Balda (born March 9, 1971) is an American animator and film director, best known for co-directing the animated films The Lorax (2012), with Chris Renaud , and Minions (2015), with Pierre Coffin . He has also worked as animator on several films, including Jumanji , Toy Story 2 , and Despicable M

#5 Renato Berta

Renato Berta is a Swiss cinematographer and film director, best known for his collaborations with directors Alain Tanner and Jean-Marie Straub . Trained at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, Berta has worked as cinematographer in more than 100 films since 1969. He won a César Award f

#6 Kenji Misumi

Kenji Misumi ( 三隅 研次 , Misumi Kenji ) (2 March 1921 – 24 September 1975) was a Japanese film director. He created film series such as Lone Wolf and Cub and the initial film in the long-running Zatoichi series, and also directed Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice , starring Shintaro Katsu . [1] He die

#7 Mohammad Mohammadian

Mohammad Mohammadian ( Persian : محمد محمدیان ; Persian pronunciation:   [mohæmˈmæde: mohæmˈmædeiˈɒːn ] ; born 22 June 1987) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, photographer and producer. He became interested in cinema in his teenage years, and started his filmmaking education with the Irania

#8 Don Haig

Don Haig (22 July 1933 — 2 March 2002) was a Canadian filmmaker, editor, and producer. Canadian filmmaker, editor and producer Don Haig Born Donald George Haig ( 1933-07-22 ) July 22, 1933 Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada Died March 2, 2002 (2002-03-02) (aged   68) Toronto , Ontario , Canada Nationality

#9 Peter Flinth

Peter Flinth (born 7 November 1964) is a Danish film director . Peter Flinth Flinth at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival, 2022 Born ( 1964-11-07 ) 7 November 1964 (age   57) Copenhagen , Denmark Nationality Danish Occupation Film director Years   active 1997–present Website www .peterflint

#10 Dai Sijie

Dai Sijie (born 1954) is a Chinese French author and filmmaker . Chinese–French author and filmmaker This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2009 ) In this Chinese name , the family name is Dai . Dai Sijie 戴思杰 Dai Sijie in Madrid (2012), by Asís G.

#11 Raoul Peck

Raoul Peck (born 9 September 1953 in Port-au-Prince , Haiti ) is a Haitian filmmaker, of both documentary and feature films. [1] He is known for using historical, political, and personal characters to tackle and recount societal issues and historical events. [2] Peck was Haiti's Minister of Culture

#12 Winsor McCay

Zenas Winsor McCay ( c.   1866–71 – July 26, 1934) was an American cartoonist and animator . He is best known for the comic strip Little Nemo (1905–14; 1924–26) and the animated film Gertie the Dinosaur (1914). For contractual reasons, he worked under the pen name Silas on the comic strip Dream of t

#13 Antonio Ottone

Antonio Ottone (1941 - 2002) was an Argentine film director , screenwriter and film producer . He presided over the National Institute of Cinematography (1994-1995). This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2019 ) Antonio Ottone Born 1941 Santa Fe , Argentina Died March 2, 20

#14 Nate Taylor

Nate Taylor is an American filmmaker based in New York City . Taylor is son of documentary director Eric Taylor [1] and contemporary artist Sali Taylor. [2] American film director For other people with similar names, see Nathan Taylor (disambiguation) and Nathaniel Taylor (disambiguation) . This bio

#15 Kazuaki Kiriya

Kazuaki Kiriya ( 紀里谷 和明 , Kiriya Kazuaki ) , born April 20, 1968, is a Japanese photographer and director of films and music videos . His birth name is Kazuhiro Iwashita ( 岩下 和裕 , Iwashita Kazuhiro ) . He is represented by Paradigm Agency. Japanese filmmaker Kazuaki Kiriya (紀里谷 和明) Born Kazuhiro Iwa

#16 Vladimir Vajnshtok

Vladimir Petrovich Vajnshtok ( Russian : Владимир Петрович Вайншток ; 2 March 1908 – 18 October 1978) was a Soviet film director and, under the name Vladimir Vladimirov , screenwriter . [1] Vladimir Vajnshtok Born Vladimir Petrovich Vajnshtok ( 1908-03-02 ) 2 March 1908 St. Petersburg , Russian Empi

#17 Chris Buck

Christopher James Buck (born February 24, 1958) is an American film director, animator, and screenwriter known for co-directing Tarzan (1999), Surf's Up (2007) (which was nominated for the 2007 Oscar for Best Animated Feature ), Frozen (2013), which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2014, a

#18 Burt Kennedy

Burton Raphael Kennedy (September 3, 1922 – February 15, 2001) was an American screenwriter and director known mainly for directing Westerns . Budd Boetticher called him "the best Western writer ever." [1] American film director and screenwriter For the American football and basketball coach, see Bu

#19 Bertrand Van Effenterre

Bertrand Van Effenterre (born 2 March 1946) is a French film director, screenwriter and producer. His film Tumultes was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival . [1] French film director Bertrand Van Effenterre Born ( 1946-03-02 ) 2 March 1946 (age   76) Paris, Fra

#20 David Worth (cinematographer)

David Worth is an American cinematographer and film director. [1] He contributed as cinematographer to more than twenty films, including Bloodsport , Any Which Way You Can and Bronco Billy . He also directed films including Warrior of the Lost World , Lady Dragon and Hard Knocks . [1] He directed th

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Movie / Movie

#1 Waking the Dead (TV series)

Waking the Dead is a British television police procedural crime drama series, produced by the BBC , that centres on a fictional London -based Cold Case unit composed of CID police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist . A pilot episode aired in September 2000, and a total of ni

#2 Helium (film)

Helium is a 2013 Danish short drama film directed by Anders Walter . 2014 Danish film Helium Film poster Directed by Anders Walter Written by Christian Garnst Miller-Harris Anders Walter Starring Casper Crump Pelle Falk Krusbæk Marijana Jankovic Cinematography Rasmus Heise Edited by Lars Wissing Pro

#3 The Grudge 2

The Grudge 2 is a 2006 supernatural horror film and a sequel to the 2004 film The Grudge . Produced by Sam Raimi , the film was directed by Takashi Shimizu , [3] written by Stephen Susco [4] and stars an ensemble cast that includes Amber Tamblyn , Arielle Kebbel , Jennifer Beals , Edison Chen , Sara

#4 El C.I.D.

El C.I.D. is an ITV television crime drama comedy that ran for three seasons from 7 February 1990 until 2 March 1992. [1] The series starred Alfred Molina as Bernard Blake, a C.I.D. officer who takes early retirement and moves to Spain where he and his work partner, Douglas Bromley ( John Bird ), a

#5 Radio Free Albemuth (film)

Radio Free Albemuth is a 2010 American film adaptation of the dystopian novel Radio Free Albemuth by author Philip K. Dick , which was written in 1976 and published posthumously in 1985. The film is written, directed, and produced by John Alan Simon and stars Jonathan Scarfe and Shea Whigham . 2010

#6 Jigsaw (2017 film)

Jigsaw is a 2017 American horror film directed by the Spierig Brothers and written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. It is the eighth installment in the Saw film series . The film stars Matt Passmore , Callum Keith Rennie , Clé Bennett , and Hannah Emily Anderson. The plot follows a group of pe

#7 Anubavam Pudhumai

Anubavam Pudhumai ( transl.   New Experience ) is a 1967 Indian Tamil -language comedy thriller film directed by C. V. Rajendran in his debut and written by Chitralaya Gopu from a story by Raju. The film stars R. Muthuraman and Rajasree . It was released on 2 March 1967. [2] The film was remade in H

#8 Popcorn (2007 film)

Popcorn is a 2007 British romantic comedy film written and directed by Darren Paul Fisher . It was filmed in 2005 at one of London's largest multiplex cinemas, Odeon Greenwich. 2007 British film Popcorn British theatrical release poster Directed by Darren Paul Fisher Written by Darren Paul Fisher Pr

#9 Munjane

Munjane (English   : Dawn ) is a 2012 released Kannada romantic drama film starring Ganesh and Manjari Phadnis . [1] The film was written, produced and directed by S. Narayan, who also composed and written the songs and also acted in the film. Dharma Vish has scored the background music. Narayan's w

#10 Material Girls

Material Girls is a 2006 American teen comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge , loosely based on Jane Austen 's 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility , updating the setting to modern Los Angeles. Starring Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff , the film is co-produced by Patriot Pictures and Maverick Films . 2006

#11 While the Patient Slept (film)

While the Patient Slept is a 1935 comedy murder mystery film directed by Ray Enright starring Aline MacMahon as a nurse/crime sleuth and Guy Kibbee as her boyfriend and police detective. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Mignon G. Eberhart . 1935 film by Ray Enright While the Pati

#12 Medics (Polish TV series)

Medics , also known under the original title Lekarze , is a Polish medical drama which aired from 3 September 2012 to 30 November 2014 on TVN . Medics Medics cast Also known as Lekarze Szpital Alicji (production title) Genre Medical Drama Written by Andrzej Staszczyk Justyna Stefaniak Marek Kreutz D

#13 Te acuerdas de mí

Te acuerdas de mí (English title: I've Known You All My Life ) [2] is a Mexican telenovela that aired on Las Estrellas from 18 January 2021 to 3 May 2021. [3] The series is produced by Carmen Armendáriz. It is an adaptation of the Turkish series Night Queen , and stars Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina

#14 Disguise (film)

Disguise , is a 2018 Nigerian comedy film directed by Desmond Elliot and coproduced by Agatha Amata and Victor Okpala. [1] The film stars IK Ogbonna and Nancy Isime in the lead roles whereas Wale Ojo , Toyin Abraham , Daniel K Daniel and Desmond Elliot made supportive roles. [2] The film revolves ar

#15 Ishrat Made in China

Ishrat Made in China is a 2022 Pakistani romantic action comedy film , co-written, produced and directed as a debut by Mohib Mirza , who also stars as the titular character Ishrat. [3] The film was also co-directed by Parmesh Adiwal and Tehseen Khan. [4] [5] The film is a spin-off of the 2006 televi

#16 One Child (TV series)

One Child is a BBC drama series part of the BBC's China season, shown over three sixty minute episodes. The series follows a girl called Mei Ashley ( Katie Leung ) who discovers that she has a brother, Li Jun (Sebastian So) that she never knew about and that he is due to be sentenced to death for a

#17 Arrebato

Arrebato ( [areˈβato] , "Rapture") is a 1979 Spanish art house horror film written and directed by Iván Zulueta . 1979 Spanish art house horror film by Iván Zulueta This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove thes

#18 No Angels (TV series)

No Angels is a British comedy-drama television series, produced by the independent production company World Productions for Channel 4 , which ran for three series from 2004 to 2006. It was devised by Toby Whithouse . [1] No Angels Genre Comedy drama Created by Toby Whithouse Starring Louise Delamere

#19 Bluebell (TV series)

Bluebell is a British television drama series produced by the BBC in 1986. Bluebell Written by Paul Wheeler Directed by Moira Armstrong Starring Carolyn Pickles Country of origin United Kingdom No. of episodes 8 Production Producer Brian Spilby Running time 50 min Release Original network BBC1 Origi

#20 Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros

Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros is a 2010 American made for cable comedy erotic film written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the pseudonym name Nicholas Juan Medina). It is a porn spoof of Indiana Jones . [1] 2010 television film directed by Fred Olen Ray Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Alan Ayckbourn

Sir Alan Ayckbourn CBE FRSA (born 12 April 1939) is a prolific British playwright and director. He has written and produced as of 2021, more than eighty full-length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, whe

#2 Simon Blackwell

Simon John Blackwell (born 27 May 1966) is an English comedy writer and producer. He is best known for his work on The Thick of It , In The Loop and Veep , and for his collaborations with Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain on Peep Show , Four Lions and The Old Guys . Blackwell is the creator of the comedy

#3 Charles Gordone

Charles Edward Gordone (October 12, 1925 – November 16, 1995) was an American playwright, actor, director, and educator. He was the first African American to win the annual Pulitzer Prize for Drama and he devoted much of his professional life to the pursuit of multi-racial American theater and racia

#4 Kazuo Ishiguro

Sir Kazuo Ishiguro OBE FRSA FRSL ( / k æ ˈ z uː oʊ ˌ ɪ ʃ ɪ ˈ ɡ ʊər oʊ , ˈ k æ z u oʊ -/ kaz- OO -oh ISH -ig- OOR -oh, KAZ -oo-oh - ⁠ ; born 8 November 1954) is an English novelist, screenwriter, musician, and short-story writer. Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki , Japan , and moved to Britain in 1960 wi

#5 Mike Bartlett (playwright)

Michael Bartlett (born 7 October 1980) [2] is an English playwright [3] and screenwriter for film and TV series. His 2015 psychological thriller TV series, Doctor Foster , starring Suranne Jones , won the New Drama award from National Television Awards . [4] Bartlett also won Best Writer from the Br

#6 Michael Cuesta

Michael Cuesta (born July 8, 1963) is an American film and television director, best known for his independent films, specially for having co-written and directed the 2001 film, L.I.E. He has directed and produced television series including Six Feet Under , Dexter , Blue Bloods and Homeland . Ameri

#7 Nikos Kazantzakis

Nikos Kazantzakis ( Greek : Νίκος Καζαντζάκης [ˈnikos kazanˈd͡zacis] ; 2 March (OS 18 February) 1883 [2]   – 26 October 1957) was a Greek writer. Widely considered a giant of modern Greek literature , he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in nine different years. [3] Greek writer and ph

#8 Yonah Lewis

Yonah Lewis (born March 2, 1986) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter, who collaborates on most of his work with Calvin Thomas . [1] The duo are most noted for their 2019 film White Lie , which was a Canadian Screen Award nominee for Best Motion Picture , and garnered the duo nominations for

#9 Amy Sherman-Palladino

Amy Sherman-Palladino (born January 17, 1966) is an American television writer, director, and producer. She is the creator of the comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls , Bunheads , and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel . American television writer, director, and producer Amy Sherman-Palladino Amy Sherman-Pallad

#10 Harriet Frank Jr.

Harriet Frank Jr. (born Harriet Goldstein ; March 2, 1923 – January 28, 2020) was an American screenwriter and producer. Working with her husband Irving Ravetch , Frank received many awards during her career, including the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and the Writers Guild of America Award ,

#11 Brad Copeland

Brad Copeland is an American television writer , producer and film director , best known for his work on the Fox TV series Arrested Development . American television writer and producer Brad Copeland Born ( 1975-09-12 ) September 12, 1975 (age   46) Orlando , Florida , U.S. Occupation Television pro

#12 George Hively

George Hively (September 6, 1889 – March 2, 1950) was a film writer and film editor from 1917 to 1945. American screenwriter George Hively Born September 6, 1889 Springfield, Missouri , US Died March 2, 1950 (1950-03-02) (aged   60) Los Angeles, California , US Occupation Screenwriter Years   active

#13 Craig Brewer

Craig Brewer (born December 6, 1971) is an American filmmaker. His 2005 movie Hustle & Flow won the Audience Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and achieved commercial success, along with an Academy Award for Best Original Song , " It's Hard out Here for a Pimp ". He is also known for directin

#14 Jean Hazlewood

Ora Jean Hazlewood (August 4, 1916 – March 2, 1997) was an American screenwriter , and wife of actor Richard Widmark for 55 years. They met while they were both attending Lake Forest College . American screenwriter Jean Hazlewood Hazlewood and Widmark in the 1950s Born Ora Jean Hazlewood ( 1916-08-0

#15 James Hanley (novelist)

James (Joseph) Hanley (3 September 1897 – 11 November 1985) was a British novelist, short story writer, and playwright from Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire , of Irish descent. Hanley came from a seafaring family and spent two years at sea himself, during World War I. He published his first novel Dri

#16 Vilém Mrštík

Vilém Mrštík (14 May 1863 in Jimramov – 2 March 1912 in Diváky ) was a Czech writer and dramatist. Vilém Mrštík Vilém Mrštík (1897) Born ( 1863-05-14 ) May 14, 1863 Jimramov , Moravia, Austrian Empire Died March 2, 1912 (1912-03-02) (aged   48) Diváky , Moravia, Austria-Hungary Resting place Diváky

#17 Tekla Teresa Łubieńska

Tekla Teresa Łubieńska (born 6 June 1767 in Warsaw , died 15 August 1810 in Kraków ) – was a Polish playwright, poet and translator. Tekla Teresa Łubieńska Łubieńska, c.   1800 Born Tekla Teresa Bielińska ( 1767-06-06 ) 6 June 1767 Warsaw Poland Died 15 August 1810 (1810-08-15) (aged   43) Kraków ,

#18 Hanif Kureishi

Hanif Kureishi CBE (born 5 December 1954) is a British playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker and novelist of South Asian and English descent. [1] In 2008, The Times included Kureishi in its list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945. [2] English writer (born 1954) Hanif Kureishi CBE Hanif Kure

#19 Susanna Rowson

Susanna Rowson , née Haswell (1762 – 2 March 1824) was an American novelist, poet, playwright, religious writer , stage actress, and educator, considered the first woman geographer and supporter of female education. She also wrote against slavery. Rowson was the author of the 1791 novel Charlotte Te

#20 Budd Grossman

Budd Grossman (born March 2, 1924) was an American producer and screenwriter . He produced and wrote for television programs including Dennis the Menace , [2] The Doris Day Show , Get Smart , The Andy Griffith Show , Gilligan's Island , Diff'rent Strokes , [3] Three's Company (and its spin-off Three

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Writer / Writer

#1 Eliezer Steinbarg

Eliezer Steinbarg ( Yiddish : אֱליעזֶר שטיינבארג Eliezer Shteynbarg ; [1] 2 March 1880 – 27 March 1932) was a Yiddish-school teacher and Yiddish poetic fabulist. He was born in Lipcani , Bessarabia and became a teacher in Bessarabia and Volhynia . In 1902 he became a poet in Yiddish , but did not ha

#2 Percival Lancaster

Percival Lancaster (24 February 1880   – 25 October 1937) was a British civil engineer and a writer of boy's adventure fiction, whose progress was derailed by the First World War. Although his full name was William Arthur Percy Lancaster, he generally used the form Percival Lancaster. Scottish write

#3 Raja Radhika Raman Sinha

Raja Radhika Raman Prasad Sinha (1937–2008) was an Indian civil engineer and a writer of Hindi literature . [1] [2] Born in Patna , in the Indian state of Bihar on May 26, 1937 as the eldest son of Gorakh Prasad and Umraoti Devi couple, [3] Sinha was the pioneer of Hindi fiction and authored several

#4 Darcy O'Brien

Darcy O'Brien (July 16, 1939, in Los Angeles – March 2, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma ) was an award-winning American author of fiction and literary criticism , most well known for his work in the genre of true crime . His first novel, A Way of Life, Like Any Other , [1] was a fictionalized account of hi

#5 Carl Andreas Fougstad

Carl Andreas Fougstad (2 March 1806 – 3 July 1871) was a Norwegian attorney, journalist, author and elected official. He served as mayor of Oslo. [1] Carl Andreas Fougstad.

#6 Paul D. Zimmerman

Paul D. Zimmerman (July 3, 1938 in New York City , New York – March 2, 1993 in Princeton , New Jersey ) [1] was a screenwriter, film critic and activist. American screenwriter

#7 Edward Berdoe

Edward Collis Berdoe (7 March 1836 – 2 March 1916) was an English physician , anti- vivisectionist and writer. He studied and wrote on the works of Robert Browning . He also campaigned against medical experiments on human patients and animals. English writer and physician, 1836–1916 Edward Collis Be

#8 Wilson Hirschfeld

Wilson Hirschfeld (September 4, 1916 — March 2, 1974) was a journalist and former managing editor of The Plain Dealer . American journalist In his teenage years Wilson attended Glenville High School along with Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster , graduating in 1934. He served on Glenvill

#9 Martin A. Larson

Martin Alfred Larson (March 2, 1897 in Whitehall, Michigan - January 15, 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona ) [1] was an American historical revisionist and freethinker . He specialized in the history of Christianity and wrote on its origins and early theological history, best known for his assertion that Jes

#10 Gab Cody

Gab Cody is an American filmmaker and theatre artist. She wrote, produced and directed the feature film Progression , and her plays Fat Beckett , Crush the Infamous Thing , The Alchemists' Lab , Prussia:1866 and Inside Passage have premiered at theaters. She served as Lead Writer on the immersive th

#11 Salim Neisari

Salim Neisari ( Persian : سلیم نیساری ) was an Iranian Professor of Persian literature and a permanent member of Academy of Persian Language and Literature . He was born on 12 December 1920 in Tabriz , East Azerbaijan Province , Azerbaijan (Iran) , Iran and died on 12 January 2019 in Paris , France

#12 Benjamin Bartlett

Benjamin Bartlett (1714–1787), was an English numismatical and topographical writer. For the British composer, see Ben Bartlett .

#13 Isabelle de Charrière

Isabelle de Charrière (20 October 1740   – 27 December 1805), known as Belle van Zuylen in the Netherlands , née Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken , and [Madame] Isabelle de Charrière elsewhere, was a Dutch and Swiss writer of the Enlightenment who lived the latter half of her lif

#14 Bahman Sholevar

Bahman Sholevar ( Persian : بهمن شعله‌ور ) is an Iranian-American novelist, poet, translator, critic, psychiatrist and political activist. He began writing and translating at age 13. At ages 18 and 19 he translated William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land into Persi

#15 Elisabeth of Wied

Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Luise of Wied (29 December 1843   – 2 March 1916) was the first queen of Romania as the wife of King Carol I from 15 March 1881 to 27 September 1914. She had been the princess consort of Romania since her marriage to then-Prince Carol on 15 November 1869. "Carmen-Sylva" red

#16 Konstantin Batyushkov

Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov ( Russian : Константи́н Никола́евич Ба́тюшков , IPA:   [kənstɐnʲˈtʲin nʲɪkɐˈla(j)ɪvʲɪtɕ ˈbatʲʊʂkəf] ( listen ) ; 29 May   [ O.S. 18 May ]   1787   – 19   July   [ O.S. 7 July ]   1855 ) was a Russian poet , essayist and translator of the Romantic era . He also serv

#17 Albert Manucy

Albert C. Manucy (1910–1997) was an author, historian and a Fulbright Scholar who specialized in Spanish Colonial Florida and the architecture of St. Augustine, Florida . American historian Albert Manucy at the Arrivas House, ca. 1963 American six pounder field piece (1775) by Albert Manucy

#18 Meyer Dolinsky

Meyer Dolinsky (October 13, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois – February 29, 1984 in Los Angeles, California ), aka Mike Dolinsky (sometimes credited as "Michael Adams" or "Mike Adams"), was an American screenwriter. Before transitioning to the screen, he wrote radio scripts. American screenwriter

#19 David Goodis

David Loeb Goodis (March 2, 1917 – January 7, 1967) was an American writer of crime fiction noted for his output of short stories and novels in the noir fiction genre. Born in Philadelphia , Goodis alternately resided there and in New York City and Hollywood during his professional years. According

#20 Philip H. Nicklin

Philip Houlbrooke Nicklin (1786 – 2 March 1842) [1] was an American bookseller, publisher and writer. In 1829, Nicklin was elected to the American Philosophical Society . [2] In 1834, a trustee himself, he reported to the trustees of the University of Pennsylvania "concerning the universities of Oxf

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