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Actor / Actor

#1 Stuart Wagstaff

Stuart Wagstaff AM (13 February 1925   – 10 March 2015) was an English-born Australian entertainer who was active in all genres of the industry including film, television, theatre, music and stage management. English-born Australian entertainer This article's lead section may be too short to adequat

#2 Unax Ugalde

Unax Ugalde Gutiérrez (born 27 November 1978) is a Spanish actor . Spanish actor In this Spanish name , the first or paternal surname is Ugalde and the second or maternal family name is Gutiérrez . Unax Ugalde Unax Ugalde at the Goya Awards in 2018 Born Unax Ugalde Gutiérrez ( 1978-11-27 ) 27 Novemb

#3 Sian Brooke

Sian Brooke (born Sian Elizabeth Phillips ; born 1980) [2] is a British actress. Her television work includes Cape Wrath (2007), Sherlock (2017), Doctor Foster (2017), Good Omens (2019), Guilt (2019), and Trying (2020–). British actress Sian Brooke Born Sian Elizabeth Phillips 1980 (age   41 – 42) L

#4 Warren Oates

Warren Mercer Oates (July 5, 1928   – April 3, 1982) was an American actor best known for his performances in several films directed by Sam Peckinpah , including The Wild Bunch (1969) and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974). Another of his most acclaimed performances was as officer Sam Wood i

#5 Branko Đurić

Branko Đurić ( Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic : Бранко Ђурић ; born 28 May 1962), also known by his nickname Đuro ( Cyrillic : Ђуро), is a Bosnian [1] actor, comedian, film director and musician, who lives and works in Ljubljana , Slovenia . Bosnian actor, comedian, film director and musician Branko Đurić

#6 Mark Damon

Mark Damon (born April 22, 1933) is an American film actor and producer . He became noted for roles in films like Roger Corman 's House of Usher , before moving to Italy and becoming a notable Western star and member of the 1960s Dolce Vita set of actors and actresses in Rome. [ citation needed ] Af

#7 Jean Alexander

Jean Margaret Hodgkinson [1] (11 October 1926 – 14 October 2016), known by the stage name Jean Alexander , was a British television actress. She was best known to television viewers for her long running role of Hilda Ogden in the soap opera Coronation Street , a role she played from 1964 until 1987,

#8 Yuki Kubota

Yuki Kubota ( 久保田 悠来 , Kubota Yūki , born June 15, 1981, in Hiratsuka , Kanagawa Prefecture , Japan) is a Japanese actor and model whose work has included stage, television and film roles. He is best known as the character Takatora Kureshima / Kamen Rider Zangetsu / Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin in the

#9 Hiromi Nagasaku

Hiromi Nagasaku ( 永作 博美 , Nagasaku Hiromi , born October 14, 1970) is a Japanese actress and singer. She was a member of the J-pop group Ribbon . Mark Schilling of The Japan Times described her as "the best comic actress working in Japan today". [1] Japanese actress and singer (born 1970) Hiromi Nag

#10 Navya Nair

Navya Nair is an Indian actress who has appeared predominantly in Malayalam films, along with others in Kannada and Tamil . She is the recipient of several awards. Indian actress born 1985 This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( April 2022 ) Navya Nair Nair

#11 Antonin Berval

Antonin Berval (1891–1966) was a French film actor . [1] He is sometimes credited simply as Berval . French actor Antonin Berval Born 12 September 1891 Avignon , France Died 14 October 1966 Nice , France Other   names Antonin Pasteur Berval Occupation Actor Years   active 1923–1959 (film)

#12 Gackt

Gakuto Oshiro ( 大城 ガクト , Ōshiro Gakuto , born July 4, 1973) , [nb 1] [8] better known by his mononymous stage name Gackt (stylized as GACKT ), [nb 2] is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. Japanese musician, singer-songwriter and actor (born 1973) Gackt Gackt at the 2

#13 Polaire

Émilie Marie Bouchaud [1] (14 May 1874 – 14 October 1939), better known by her stage name Polaire , was a French singer and actress. She was known for her wasp waist which, achieved through corsetry, reportedly measured less than 16 inches (41   cm), although pictures of her show distinct signs of r

#14 Sarunyoo Wongkrachang

Sarunyoo Wongkrachang or spelt Sarunyu Wongkrachang ( Thai : ศรัณยู วงษ์กระจ่าง; nickname: Tua–ตั้ว; October 17, 1960 in Bang Khonthi District , Samut Songkhram Province , Thailand – June 10, 2020), was a Thai actor, singer, host, activist, screenwriter, director and producer. He was a producer of T

#15 Ken Vedsegaard

Ken Vedsegaard (born 14 October 1972) is a Danish actor. Danish film and television actor This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( January 2013 ) Ken Vedsegaard Born ( 1972-10-14 ) 14 October 1972 (age   49) Copenhagen , Denmark Nationality Danish Occupation

#16 Reeve Carney

Reeve Jefferson Carney (born April 18, 1983) is an American actor and singer-songwriter. He is best known for originating the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway and playing Orpheus in the original Broadway cast of the Tony Award -winning musical Hadestown .

#17 Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber ( / b iː b ər / BEE -bər ; born March 1, 1994) [1] [2] is a Canadian singer. Bieber is widely recognized for his genre-melding musicianship and has played an influential role in modern-day popular music . [3] He was discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun and signed

#18 Mysore Lokesh

Mysore Lokesh (19 May 1947 – 14 October 1994) was an Indian actor in the Kannada film industry . [3] Some of the notable films of Mysore Lokesh as an actor include Bandhana (1984), Gajapathi Garvabhanga (1989), S. P. Sangliyana Part 2 (1990), Mathe Haditu Kogile (1990). [ citation needed ] Indian Ka

#19 Eva Lunde

Eva Lunde (April 23, 1922 – October 14, 1996) was a Norwegian actress. She played roles in several Norwegian films, including Tante Pose and Den forsvundne pølsemakere . [1] From 1948 to 1952 she was engaged with the Trøndelag Theater , where she was a supporting and versatile force. [1] [2] Norwegi

#20 Steve Furst

Steven Jonathan Furst (born 3 September 1967) is a British comedian, actor and writer. [1] He appeared in the Orange mobile phone cinema adverts in the UK (with Brennan Brown ), playing the role of Eliot, a spoof studio executive, and has appeared regularly in the BBC comedy television programme Lit

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Character / Character

#1 Kim Burgess

Kimberly " Kim " Burgess is a fictional character from the American police procedural Chicago P.D. , played by Marina Squerciati . She made her first appearance in the pilot episode "Stepping Stone", which was broadcast on NBC on January 8, 2014. Burgess is a patrol officer of the Chicago Police Dep

#2 Bucky Barnes

James Buchanan " Bucky " Barnes is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Originally introduced as a sidekick to Captain America , the character was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 ( cover-dated March 1

#3 Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is a science fiction adventure hero and feature comic strip created by Philip Francis Nowlan first appearing in daily US newspapers on January 7, 1929, and subsequently appearing in Sunday newspapers, international newspapers, books and multiple media with adaptations including radio in

#4 Fearless Leader

Fearless Leader is the main antagonist in the 1959–1964 animated television series Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show , both shows often collectively referred to as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show . He is the employer of fellow primary villains Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale , serving as

#5 Paul Falsone

Paul Falsone is a fictional character in Homicide: Life on the Street , portrayed by Jon Seda . He is a police detective of the Baltimore Police Department . Born on October 14, 1968, Falsone was introduced as a long-time member of the Auto Squad at the end of Season 5, where his natural talents pro

#6 Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is a member of the fictional Addams Family . He was played by Jackie Coogan in the original television series , by Christopher Lloyd in the two feature films, by Nick Kroll in the 2019 and 2021 animated features, by Patrick Thomas in the direct-for-video film Addams Family Reunion , and

#7 Portrayal of James Bond in film

James Bond is a fictional character created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952. The literary character appeared in a series of twelve novels and two short story collections written by Fleming and a number of continuation novels and spin-off works after Fleming's death in 1964

#8 Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe ( / ˈ m ɑːr l oʊ / ) is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler , and exemplifying the hardboiled crime fiction genre. Marlowe first appeared under that name in The Big Sleep , published in 1939. Chandler's early short stories , published in pulp magazines such as Black Mask

#9 Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen , the character first appeared in Marvel Preview #7 (Summer 1976). He is an intelligent, anthropomorphic raccoon , who is an expert marksman ,

#10 Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams is a member of the fictional Addams family , created by American cartoonist Charles Addams . Fictional character Fictional character Pugsley Addams The Addams Family character Ken Weatherwax as Pugsley in The Addams Family television series First appearance The New Yorker (1938) Creat

#11 Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt is a fictional character in the Addams Family television and film series. He was developed specifically for the 1964 television series and is a regular supporting character in subsequent motion-picture, television and stage adaptations. Fictional character in the television series The Add

#12 Little Audrey

Little Audrey (full name: Audrey Smith ) is a fictional character, appearing in early 20th century folklore [1] prior to starring in a series of Paramount Pictures ' Famous Studios cartoons from 1947 to 1958. [2] She is considered a variation of the better-known Little Lulu , devised after Paramount

#13 Dave Lister

David " Dave " Lister , commonly referred to simply as Lister , is a fictional character from the British science fiction situation comedy Red Dwarf , portrayed by Craig Charles . Fictional character in Red Dwarf For other people named Dave Lister, see Dave Lister (disambiguation) . Fictional charac

#14 Grandmama (The Addams Family)

Grandmama is a fictional character in the Addams Family television and film series. First appearing in the works of cartoonist Charles Addams , she is a supporting character in the series film, television, and stage adaptations. Fictional character in the Addams family fiction This article's lead se

#15 Fofão

Fofão is a fictional character from the Brazilian children's TV series Balão Mágico and TV Fofão . He was portrayed by the Brazilian actor and humorist Orival Pessini . He became a hit amongst Brazilian kids in the early 1980s, having his own TV show, discs, dolls and many licensed products. Fiction

#16 The Kreep

Brazillia R. Kreep (also known as The Kreep) is a Gothic poet , playwright , composer , lyricist , and illustrator in the tradition of Edward Gorey , and is the pen name of writer R. O’Donnell . [1] American dramatist Fictional character Brazillia R. Kreep The Kreep character Brazillia R. Kreep - Th

#17 Uncle Remus

Uncle Remus is the fictional title character and narrator of a collection of African American folktales compiled and adapted by Joel Chandler Harris and published in book form in 1881. Harris was a journalist in post- Reconstruction era Atlanta , and he produced seven Uncle Remus books. He wrote the

#18 Heckle and Jeckle

Heckle and Jeckle are postwar animated cartoon characters created by Paul Terry , originally produced at his own Terrytoons animation studio and released through 20th Century Fox . The characters are a pair of identical anthropomorphic yellow-billed magpies ; they were voiced at different times by S

#19 Nia Nal

Nia Nal , also known by her code name Dreamer , is a fictional superhero from the Arrowverse television series Supergirl , portrayed by Nicole Maines . The character is based on, and is depicted as an ancestor of, the DC Comics character Nura Nal / Dream Girl . She debuts in the fourth season of the

#20 Lola Griffin

Lola Griffin (also Williams ) is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City , played by actress Sharon D. Clarke . She first appeared in the series seven episode "Patience", broadcast on 7 June 2005. Lola is characterised as a "tough" female and "wisecracking earth mother". She was

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Director / Director

#1 Raja Nawathe

Raja Nawathe ({{ Marathi :राजा नवाथे}}; 14 October 1924   – 15 November 2005) was an Indian film producer, director, assistant film director, in Bombay's Hindi film industry , long before it came to be known as Bollywood . He is known for films like Raj Kapoor-Nargis starrer Aah (1953) and thriller

#2 Şerif Gören

Şerif Gören ( Greek : Σερίφ Γκιορέν , romanized :   Seríf Gkiorén , born 1944 in Xanthi , Greece ) is a Turkish film director . Aside from important movies under his own signature, he is also the winner of the Palme d'Or ("Golden Palm") award in Cannes Film Festival in 1982 for the film Yol , which

#3 Carroll Ballard

Carroll Ballard (born October 14, 1937) is a retired American film director . He has directed six feature films, including The Black Stallion (1979), Never Cry Wolf (1983), and Fly Away Home (1996). American film director Carroll Ballard Born ( 1937-10-14 ) October 14, 1937 (age   84) Los Angeles, C

#4 Bill Tytla

Volodymyr Peter "Bill" Tytla (October 25, 1904 - December 30, 1968) was a Ukrainian-American animator known for his work in Walt Disney Animation Studios , Paramount's Famous Studios , and Terrytoons . In his Disney career, Tytla is particularly noted for the animation of Snow White and the Seven Dw

#5 José Giovanni

José Giovanni (22 June 1923, Paris , France – 24 April 2004, Lausanne , Switzerland) was the pseudonym of Joseph Damiani , a French writer and film-maker of Corsican origin who became a naturalized Swiss citizen in 1986. French film director This article includes a list of references , related readi

#6 Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold , OBE (born 5 April 1961) is an English filmmaker and former actor. She won an Academy Award for her short film Wasp in 2005. [3] Her feature films include Red Road (2006), Fish Tank (2009), and American Honey (2016), all of which have won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival . [

#7 Ibtisam Mara'ana

Ibtisam Mara'ana-Menuhin ( Arabic : ابتسام مراعنة منوحين , Hebrew : אִבְּתִיסָאם מַרְאַעְנֶּה־מְנוֹחִין ) is an Israeli Arab politician, film director, and producer. [1] She is currently a member of the Knesset for the Labor Party . Palestinian filmmaker and member of Knesset Ibtisam Mara'ana Factio

#8 Stuart Ashen

Stuart Clive Ashen (born 16 December 1976), commonly known by his online alias Ashens ( / ˈ æ ʃ ə n z / ASH -ənz ), is a British comedian, critic and YouTuber known for reviewing various products; his reviews usually include toys, video games and food. As of January   2022 [update] , his main YouTub

#9 William Cameron Menzies

William Cameron Menzies (July 29, 1896   – March 5, 1957) was an American film production designer (a job title he invented) [1] and art director as well as a film director and producer during a career spanning five decades. He began his career during the silent era , and later pioneered the use of

#10 Jack L. Warner

Jack Leonard Warner (born Jacob Warner ; [1] August 2, 1892 – September 9, 1978) was a Canadian-American film executive, who was the president and driving force behind the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank , California . Warner's career spanned some forty-five years, its duration surpassing that of an

#11 Steve Bannon

Stephen Kevin Bannon (born November 27, 1953) is an American media executive, political strategist , and former investment banker . He served as the White House 's chief strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump's term . [3] [4] He is a fo

#12 Theodore Boborol

Theodore Capistrano Boborol (born December 19, 1979) is a Filipino film and television director who started as a creative researcher for Star Cinema in 2000. Boborol made his directorial debut with the teen romantic comedy-drama film Just the Way You Are (2015). He rose to prominence for directing h

#13 Yonfan

Yonfan (born 14 October 1947) is a Hong Kong film director and photographer . Yon Fan 楊凡 Yonfan in 2020 Born ( 1947-10-14 ) 14 October 1947 (age   74) Wuhan , Hubei , Republic of China Chinese name Traditional   Chinese 楊凡 Simplified Chinese 杨凡 Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Yáng Fán

#14 Winsor McCay

Zenas Winsor McCay ( c.   1866–71 – July 26, 1934) was an American cartoonist and animator . He is best known for the comic strip Little Nemo (1905–14; 1924–26) and the animated film Gertie the Dinosaur (1914). For contractual reasons, he worked under the pen name Silas on the comic strip Dream of t

#15 Kamalakara Kameswara Rao

Kamalakara Kameswara Rao (14 October 1911 – 29 June 1998) was an Indian film director known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema , and few Tamil and Hindi films . Widely known as Pouraanika Chitra Brahma , Rao has directed fifty feature films in a variety of genres. [1] In 1960 he directed t

#16 Kaoru Ikeya (director)

Kaoru Ikeya ( 池谷薫 , Ikeya Kaoru ) (born 14 October 1958) is a Japanese film director . He directed the documentary The Ants (2006). [ citation needed ] Japanese film director This article is about the film director. For the astronomer, see Kaoru Ikeya . This article has multiple issues. Please help

#17 Sanjay Chhel

Sanjay Chhel is an Indian film director, writer and lyricist. Indian film director, writer and lyricist Sanjay Chhel Sanjay Chhel at Esha Deol 's wedding reception in 2012 Born ( 1967-10-14 ) 14 October 1967 (age   54) Dwarka , Gujarat , India Occupation Film director, lyricist, writer Years   activ

#18 Ardeshir Irani

Khan Bahadur Ardeshir Irani (5 December 1886 – 14 October 1969) was a writer, director, producer, actor, film distributor, film showman and cinematographer in the silent and sound eras of early Indian cinema . He was the one of the greatest legend of today's Indian Cinema. He was the director of Ind

#19 Damian Pettigrew

Damian (also Damien ) Pettigrew (March 10, 1963) [1] is a Canadian filmmaker , screenwriter , producer , author , and multimedia artist , best known for his cinematic portraits of Balthus , Federico Fellini , and Jean Giraud . Damian Pettigrew Born Damian (Damien) Pettigrew Québec , Canada Occupatio

#20 László Ranódy

László Ranódy (14 September 1919 – 14 October 1983) was a Hungarian film director . He directed 18 films between 1950 and 1980. His film Drama of the Lark was entered into the 1964 Cannes Film Festival . [1] Hungarian film director László Ranódy Born ( 1919-09-14 ) 14 September 1919 Zombor , Kingdom

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Movie / Movie

#1 Dishkiyaoon

Dishkiyaoon ( transl.   Sound of a bullet ) is a 2014 Indian Hindi -language crime action film written and directed by debutant Sanamjit Singh Talwar, and produced by Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra along with Eros International . The film features Sunny Deol , Harman Baweja , debutant Ayes

#2 Adventure Inc.

Adventure Inc. is a dramatised adventure television series produced primarily in Canada which aired from 30 September 2002 to 12 May 2003. It was a co-production of Fireworks Entertainment (Canada), Tribune Entertainment (United States), M6 (France), Amy International (UK), and Tele München (Germany

#3 We Don't Live Here Anymore (2018 film)

We Don't Live Here Anymore is a 2018 Nigerian film directed by Tope Oshin and produced by Olumide Makanjuola , Bose Oshin and Tope Oshin. The drama is based on the story of two LGBT high school students Chidi Egwuonwu (Temidayo Akinboro) and Tolu Bajulaye (Francis Sule). [1] The boys are in love wit

#4 Early Edition

Early Edition is an American fantasy comedy-drama television series that aired on CBS from September 28, 1996, to May 27, 2000. Set in Chicago, Illinois, it follows the adventures of a man who mysteriously receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published, and who use

#5 Retreat (film)

Retreat is a 2011 British horror - thriller film and the directorial debut of former film editor Carl Tibbets. The film stars Cillian Murphy , Jamie Bell , and Thandiwe Newton as three people isolated from the rest of the world on a remote island. Two of them are told they are survivors of a fatal a

#6 Bus Stop (2012 film)

Bus Stop is a 2012 Indian Telugu -language romantic drama film directed by Maruthi , starring Prince Cecil and Sri Divya . The film was produced was by Bellamkonda Suresh and J.B. produced the music. The movie was planned for release on 9 November 2012, [3] but was released on 11 November 2012 due t

#7 Life Back Then

Life Back Then ( アントキノイノチ , Antoki no Inochi ) is a Japanese film from 2011 directed by Takahisa Zeze . [2] It is based on the novel of the same name by Masashi Sada . [3] 2011 Japanese film Life Back Then film poster Directed by Takahisa Zeze Written by Masashi Sada (novel) Distributed by Shochiku

#8 Chicken Party

Chicken Party is a 2003 short film directed by Tate Taylor . 2003 American short film Chicken Party Directed by Tate Taylor Written by Tate Taylor Produced by Brunson Green Will Roberts Steven Rogers Tate Taylor Cinematography Al Satterwhite Edited by David Kirchner Music by Peter Adams Tony Morales

#9 The Earth Dies Screaming

The Earth Dies Screaming is a 1964 [1] British science fiction horror film directed by Terence Fisher , written by Harry Spalding , and starring Willard Parker , Virginia Field and Dennis Price . [2] [3] 1964 film The Earth Dies Screaming Theatrical release poster Directed by Terence Fisher Written

#10 Screen One

Screen One was a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and distributed by BBC Worldwide , that transmitted on BBC1 between 1989 and 1998. [1] A total of six series were broadcast, incorporating sixty individual films, several of which were broadcast as stand-alone specials.

#11 Love Day - Pyaar Ka Din

Love Day - Pyaar Ka Din is an Indian comedy drama film based on friendship, which was written and directed by Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary. The movie features Ajaz khan, Sahil Anand , Harsh Nagar and Shalu Singh in the lead roles. This film was released on 14 October 2016. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

#12 Why Not Me? (film)

Why Not Me? ( French : Pourquoi pas moi   ? ) is a 1999 French comedy film written and directed by Stéphane Giusti . It is about a group of gay French friends living in Barcelona who decide to have a dinner party and come out to their parents. [1] 1999 French film Why Not Me? Directed by Stéphane Gi

#13 Ozzy (film)

Ozzy is a 2016 Spanish-Canadian computer-animated comedy film. The film stars Guillermo Romero , José Mota , Fernando Tejero, and Michelle Jenner . 2016 Spanish film Ozzy Directed by Alberto Rodríguez Nacho La Casa Screenplay by Juan Ramón Ruiz de Somavía Story by Juan Ramón Ruiz de Somavía Produced

#14 Camp X-Ray (film)

Camp X-Ray is a 2014 American independent drama film based on the detention facility Camp X-Ray at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp . The film is the directorial debut of Peter Sattler who also wrote the screenplay. It stars Kristen Stewart and Peyman Moaadi with John Carroll Lynch , Lane Garrison

#15 Watership Down (film)

Watership Down is a 1978 British animated adventure - drama film, written, produced and directed by Martin Rosen and based on the 1972 novel by Richard Adams . [4] It was financed by a consortium of British financial institutions and was distributed by Cinema International Corporation in the United

#16 Gandhigiri (film)

Gandhigiri ( Hindi : गांधीगीरी) is a 2016 Indian Hindi-Language film directed by Sanoj Mishra and produced by Pratap Singh Yadav. 2016 Bollywood film directed by Sanoj Mishra Gandhigiri Directed by Sanoj Mishra Written by Kumar Manjul Produced by Pratap Singh Yadav Manoj B. Bhatt Starring Om Puri Sa

#17 SOS Pacific

SOS Pacific is a 1959 British adventure drama film directed by Guy Green and starring Richard Attenborough , Pier Angeli , John Gregson , Eva Bartok and Eddie Constantine . [1] [2] The film was shot in black and white, but later underwent colourisation . This article needs additional citations for v

#18 Bros: After the Screaming Stops

Bros: After the Screaming Stops is a 2018 documentary film about the English pop band Bros consisting of twins Matt and Luke Goss . It was directed by Joe Pearlman and David Soutar and produced by Leo Pearlman . The film documents the Bros's preparation for their reunion shows at London's O2 Arena i

#19 Godfather (2007 film)

Godfather is a Pakistani Urdu film directed by Hriday Shetty released across theaters in Pakistan on 14 October 2007. This film has a cast including both Pakistani and Indian actors. It showed Vinod Khanna for the first time on the Pakistani cinema screen. [1] [2] [3] Further cast included Meera , A

#20 In Good Company (2004 film)

In Good Company is a 2004 American romantic comedy drama film , written and directed by Paul Weitz , and starring Dennis Quaid , Topher Grace , and Scarlett Johansson . [3] 2004 film by Paul Weitz This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points . ( August 2019 ) I

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 Dmitry Pisarev

Dmitry Ivanovich Pisarev [nb 1] ( 14 October   [ O.S. 2 October ]   1840 – 16 July   [ O.S. 4 July ]   1868 ) was a Russian literary critic and philosopher who was a central figure of Russian nihilism . He is noted as a forerunner of Nietzschean philosophy [2] and for the impact his advocacy of libe

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Robert C. Cooper

Robert C. Cooper is a Canadian writer and producer best known for his work in the Stargate franchise . He was formerly an executive producer of Stargate SG-1 , Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe . He also co-created both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe with Brad Wright . Cooper has writ

#2 Ahmed Shawqi

Ahmed Shawqi (also written Chawki ; Arabic : أحمد شوقي , ALA-LC : Aḥmad Shawqī , Egyptian Arabic pronunciation:   [ˈʔæħmæd ˈʃæwʔi] ; Adyghe : Ахьмэд-Щэукъи ; 1868–1932), nicknamed the Prince of Poets ( Arabic : أمير الشعراء Amīr al-Shu‘arā’ ), was an Arabic poet laureate , to the Arabic literary tra

#3 Antonio Campos (director)

Antonio Campos (born August 24, 1983) [1] is an American filmmaker known for the films Afterschool (2008), Simon Killer (2012), Christine (2016), The Devil All the Time (2020) and The Staircase (2022). American film producer, screenwriter and film director For the Portuguese ethnographer, see Antóni

#4 Owen Davis

Owen Gould Davis (January 29, 1874 – October 14, 1956) was an American dramatist known for writing more than 200 plays and having most produced. In 1919, he became the first elected president of the Dramatists Guild of America . He received the 1923 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Icebound , [

#5 Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein (February 3, 1874   – July 27, 1946) was an American novelist, poet, playwright, and art collector. Born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , in the Allegheny West neighborhood and raised in Oakland, California , Stein moved to Paris in 1903, and made France her home for the remainder of he

#6 Claude Fredericks

Claude Fredericks (October 14, 1923 – January 11, 2013) was an American poet , playwright , printer , writer, and teacher. He was a professor of literature at Bennington College in Vermont for more than 30 years, from 1961 to 1992. American poet and playwright Claude Fredericks Born October 14, 1923

#7 Kim Soon-ok (screenwriter)

Kim Soon-ok (born May 25, 1971) is a South Korean television screenwriter . [4] Kim is best known for writing the television dramas Temptation of Wife (2008-2009), Jang Bo-ri is Here! (2014), My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol (2015-16), and The Penthouse: War in Life (2020-21), all of which are criticized fo

#8 George Fitzmaurice (writer)

George Fitzmaurice (28 January 1877 – 12 May 1963) was an Irish dramatist and short story writer, some of whose plays were broadcast on Radio Éireann . George Fitzmaurice Fitzmaurice tombstone, Mount Jerome Cemetery Born 28 January 1877 Bedford House, Listowel , County Kerry , Ireland Died 12 May 19

#9 Lu Yang

Lu Yang ( Chinese : 路阳 ; born 1979) is a Chinese film director and screenwriter best known for his works My Spectacular Theatre , Brotherhood of Blades and Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield . Chinese film director and screenwriter (born 1979) For the Chinese footballer, see Lu Yang

#10 Craig Brewer

Craig Brewer (born December 6, 1971) is an American filmmaker. His 2005 movie Hustle & Flow won the Audience Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and achieved commercial success, along with an Academy Award for Best Original Song , " It's Hard out Here for a Pimp ". He is also known for directin

#11 Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano ( Italian:   [roˈbɛrto saˈvjaːno] ; born September 22, 1979) is an Italian writer, essayist, and screenwriter. In his writings, including articles and his book Gomorrah , he uses literature and investigative reporting to tell of the economic reality of the territory and business of o

#12 Leslie Edgley

Leslie John Edgley (October 14, 1912 [7] – August 9, 2002) [8] was a mystery fiction writer, radio dramatist screenwriter and playwright. Among the works for which he became known are the scripts for many episodes of Perry Mason . [7] American novelist Leslie Edgley Born Leslie John Edgley ( 1912-10

#13 Jay Richard Kennedy

Jay Richard Kennedy (July 23, 1911 - October 14, 1991) was an author, screenwriter, composer, publisher, FBI spy, record executive, and Harry Belafonte 's business manager. [2] In his 60s, he worked for Frank Sinatra . In his 70s, he left entertainment and started a psychotherapy clinic called the C

#14 Damon Lindelof

Damon Laurence Lindelof (born April 24, 1973) is an American screenwriter, comic book writer, and producer. Among his accolades, he received three Primetime Emmy Awards , from twelve nominations. In 2010, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world . [2] American scre

#15 David Rambo

David Rambo (born May 28, 1955) is an American writer, playwright, actor and producer. Outside of work in the entertainment field, he is a distinguished guest speaker at Hampshire College and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts , the latter awarding him with an honorary doctorate at

#16 Peter S. Beagle

Peter Soyer Beagle (born April 20, 1939) is an American novelist and screenwriter, especially of fantasy fiction. [1] His best-known work is The Last Unicorn (1968), a fantasy novel he wrote in his twenties, which Locus subscribers voted the number five "All-Time Best Fantasy Novel" in 1987. [2] Dur

#17 Lakshyadhar Choudhury

Lakhyadhar Choudhury (1915–2000) was an actor, playwright, film-director, humanist, prose-writer, orator, cabinet-minister in the state of Assam , state legislator, teacher, 'freedom fighter', president of the Asam Sahitya Sabha and the Asom Natya Sanmelan. Programmer Lakshyadhar Choudhury Lakhyadha

#18 Andrei Bely

Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev ( Russian : Бори́с Никола́евич Буга́ев , IPA:   [bɐˈrʲis nʲɪkɐˈlajɪvʲɪtɕ bʊˈɡajɪf] ( listen ) ), better known by the pen name Andrei Bely or Biely ( Russian : Андре́й Бе́лый , IPA:   [ɐnˈdrʲej ˈbʲelɨj] ( listen ) ; 26 October   [ O.S. 14 October ]   1880 – 8 January 1934), w

#19 Arash Amel

Arash Amel ( Persian : آرش عامل ) (born 1976) is a Welsh-Iranian screenwriter and film producer. British-Iranian screenwriter and film producer (born 1976) Arash Amel Amel in 2016 Born 1976 (age   45 – 46) Aberystwyth , Wales Occupation Screenwriter , producer Relatives Ali Amel (brother)

#20 Péter Nádas

Péter Nádas (born 14 October 1942) is a Hungarian writer, playwright, and essayist. The native form of this personal name is Nádas Péter .   This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. Péter Nádas Born ( 1942-10-14 ) October 14, 1942 (age   80) Budapest , Hungary Occupation wri

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Writer / Writer

#1 George Prothero

Sir George Walter Prothero KBE FBA (14 October 1848 – 10 July 1922) was an English historian, writer, and academic who served as president of the Royal Historical Society from 1901 to 1905. British historian (1848–1922) For the Welsh cricketer and clergyman, see George Prothero (cricketer) . Sir Geo

#2 Italo Calvino

Italo Calvino ( / k æ l ˈ v iː n oʊ / , [1] [2] also US : / k ɑː l ˈ -/ , [3] Italian:   [ˈiːtalo kalˈviːno] ; [4] 15 October 1923   – 19 September 1985) was an Italian writer and journalist. His best known works include the Our Ancestors trilogy (1952–1959), the Cosmicomics collection of short stor

#3 George Dance (dramatist)

Sir George Dance (14 October 1857 – 22 October 1932) was an English lyricist and librettist in the 1890s and an important theatrical manager at the beginning of the 20th century. English librettist, lyricist and theatrical manager (1857–1932) George Dance, c. 1900 Dance wrote several hit musicals ,

#4 Gerald Reece

Sir Gerald Reece KCMG CBE DL (10 January 1897 – 14 October 1985) was a British writer and colonial administrator. He served as Governor of the British Somaliland Protectorate from 1948 until February 1954. Sir Gerald Reece KCMG, CBE, DL Governor and Commander-in-Chief of British Somaliland In office

#5 Yi Seou

Yi Seou (1 March 1633 – 14 October 1709), also spelled as Lee Seo-Woo , was a Korea scholar-official of the Joseon period. An early silhak writer, he was a member of the Southerners political faction . In this Korean name , the family name is Yi . Yi Seou Yi Seou Korean name Hangul 이서우 Hanja 李瑞雨 Rev

#6 Charles Abraham Elton

Sir Charles Abraham Elton, 6th Baronet (31 October 1778 – 1 June 1853) [1] was an English officer in the British Army and an author. Charles Abraham Elton 6th Baronet In office 1842–1853 Personal details Born 31 October 1778 Bristol Died 1 June 1853 Bath Spouse(s) Sarah Smith Military service Rank l

#7 Manuel Azaña

Manuel Azaña Díaz ( Spanish pronunciation:   [maˈnwel aˈθaɲa] ; 10 January 1880 – 3 November 1940) was a Spanish politician who served as Prime Minister of the Second Spanish Republic (1931–1933 and 1936), organizer of the Popular Front in 1935 and the last President of the Republic (1936–1939). He

#8 Erich Kahler

Erich von Kahler (October 14, 1885   – June 28, 1970) was a mid-twentieth-century European-American literary scholar, essayist, and teacher known for works such as The Tower and the Abyss: An Inquiry into the Transformation of Man (1957). This article is about the Czech-American literary scholar and

#9 Bella and Samuel Spewack

Bella (25 March 1899 – 27 April 1990) and Samuel Spewack (16 September 1899 – 14 October 1971) were a husband-and-wife writing team. Samuel Spewack Born 16 September 1899 Ukraine Died 14 October 1971 (1971-10-14) (aged   72) Alma   mater Columbia College Spouse(s) Bella Cohen (1922–1971, his death)

#10 Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon   FRIBA ( / ˈ f ɛ f əl / ; [5] born 19 June 1964) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

#11 James S. Robinson

James Sidney Robinson (October 14, 1827 – January 14, 1892) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio and a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War . He served two terms in Congress from 1881 to 1885. American politician James Sidney Robinson Member of the U.S. House of Representatives fro

#12 Anne Warner (novelist)

Anne Richmond Warner French ( October 14, 1869 – February 3, 1913 ) was an American popular humorous author, best known for her local color stories about the character Susan Clegg. Anne Warner Born October 14, 1869   Saint Paul   Died February 3, 1913   (aged 43) Dorset   Occupation Writer   Anne Wa

#13 Leopold Prowe

Leopold Friedrich Prowe (14 October 1821 – 26 September 1887) was a German historian and gymnasium instructor, born as the son of a town councillor of Thorn in West Prussia (now in Poland ), the town where in 1473 the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born. Prowe compiled a comprehensive German lan

#14 Walter R. Brooks

Walter Rollin Brooks (January 9, 1886 – August 17, 1958) was an American writer known for his children's books about Freddy the Pig and the other anthropomorphic animal inhabitants of the Bean Farm in upstate New York , and also for his short stories about Mister Ed the talking horse, made into a te

#15 Vernon Lee

Vernon Lee was the pseudonym of the British writer Violet Paget (14 October 1856 – 13 February 1935). She is remembered today primarily for her supernatural fiction and her work on aesthetics. An early follower of Walter Pater , she wrote over a dozen volumes of essays on art, music, and travel. Bri

#16 Patrick Allen (music educator)

Patrick Allen (born 17 October 1955) is the English author of Singing Matters (Heinemann publishers), which won the Times Educational Supplement Schoolbook Award in 1999. [1] He also won The Guardian Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School in 2004 [2] [3] and the NUT Teacher Award for "i

#17 Robert Underwood Johnson

Robert Underwood Johnson (January 12, 1853 – October 14, 1937) was an American writer , poet , and diplomat . American writer, poet & diplomat This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards . ( June 2021 ) Robert Underwood Johnson United States Ambassador to Italy

#18 Sivasankari

Sivasankari (born 14 October 1942) is an Indian author and activist who writes in Tamil . She is one of the four Tamil writers asked by the United States Library of Congress to record their voice as part of the South Asian article on Sivashankari. Indian writer For the TV series, see Sivasankari (20

#19 Marcus Lauesen

Marcus Lauesen (born 22 November 1907 in Løjt Kirkeby , Aabenraa ; died 14 October 1975 in Copenhagen [1] ) was a Danish writer from the Region of Southern Denmark town of Løjt Kirkeby, a suburb of Aabenraa. He debuted with Guds Gøglere in 1928 and had a breakthrough in 1931 with And Now We Await a

#20 Jacques Chenevière

Jacques-Louis-Edmond Chenevière [1] (17 April 1886, Paris – 22 April 1976, Bellevue GE, Switzerland ), commonly known as Jacques Chenevière, was a Swiss poet , librettist and novelist from a Patrician family in Geneva . For more than sixty years, he also served as a humanitarian official in top-posi

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