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Actor / Actor

#1 Craig Kelly (actor)

Craig Kelly (born 31 October 1970) is an English actor and voice-over narrator. He is best known for his roles as Vince Tyler in the Channel 4 television series Queer as Folk , as Luke Strong in Coronation Street , and as Harold Bride in James Cameron 's Academy Award winning film Titanic (1997). Br

#2 Sian Brooke

Sian Brooke (born Sian Elizabeth Phillips ; born 1980) [2] is a British actress. Her television work includes Cape Wrath (2007), Sherlock (2017), Doctor Foster (2017), Good Omens (2019), Guilt (2019), and Trying (2020–). British actress Sian Brooke Born Sian Elizabeth Phillips 1980 (age   41 – 42) L

#3 Pairoj Jaisingha

Pairoj Jaisingha ( Thai : ไพโรจน์ ใจสิงห์ ) (15 September 1943 – 22 February 2021) was a Thai actor. Thai actor (1943–2021) Pairoj Jaisingha ไพโรจน์ ใจสิงห์ Born 15 September 1943 Uttaradit Province , Thailand Died 22 February 2021 (2021-02-22) (aged   77) Bangkok , Thailand Nationality Thai Occupat

#4 Judith Barrie

Judith Barrie (born Catherine Brown ; March 1907 – January 9, 1991) was an American actress and model who appeared in four films between 1930 and 1932, retiring after her brief marriage to producer Edward Halperin. Not to be confused with Judith Barry . Judith Barrie Barrie in Party Girl Born Cather

#5 Philippe Léotard

Philippe Léotard (his full name was Ange Philippe Paul André Léotard-Tomasi ; 28 August 1940 – 25 August 2001) was a French actor, poet and singer. French actor, poet and singer (1940–2001) Philippe Léotard Philippe Léotard, 1980s Born Ange Philippe Paul André Léotard-Tomasi ( 1940-08-28 ) 28 August

#6 Ichikawa Raizō VIII

Ichikawa Raizō VIII ( 八代目 市川 雷蔵 , Hachidaime Ichikawa Raizō , August 29, 1931 – July 17, 1969) was a Japanese film and kabuki actor . His birth name was Akio Kamezaki ( 亀崎 章雄 , Kamezaki Akio ) , [1] and his name was legally changed several times, first to Yoshio Takeuchi ( 武内 嘉男 , Takeuchi Yoshio )

#7 Damayanthi Fonseka

Wanniarachchige Damayanthi Priyalatha Fonseka (born 25 August 1960 as දමයන්ති ෆොන්සේකා ) [Sinhala]), popularly as Damayanthi Fonseka , is an actress in Sri Lankan cinema , theater and television as well as a director and producer. [1] Sri Lankan actress Damayanthi Fonseka දමයන්ති ෆොන්සේකා Born Wanni

#8 Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin ( Chinese : 楊丞琳 ; born 4 June 1984) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and television host. Taiwanese actress and singer This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points . ( September 2021 ) In this Chinese name , the family name is Yang . Rainie

#9 Julian Kostov

Julian Kostov ( Bulgarian : Юлиaн Костов ; born 25 August 1989) is a Bulgarian actor, filmmaker, talent manager, and former professional swimmer based between London and Los Angeles . [1] He starred in the film Another Mother's Son (2017). On television, he is known for his recurring roles in the Sk

#10 Estelle Taylor

Ida Estelle Taylor (May 20, 1894 [note 1] – April 15, 1958) was an American actress, singer, model, and animal rights activist . [5] With "dark-brown, almost black hair and brown eyes," she was regarded as one of the most beautiful silent film stars of the 1920s. [6] American actress, singer, and an

#11 Sarah Manners

Sarah Manners (born 25 August 1975) is an English actress, known for her roles as Joanna Helm in the BBC soap opera Doctors and Bex Reynolds in Casualty . English actress Sarah Manners Manners at the 2011 Inside Soap Awards Born Sarah Manners ( 1975-08-25 ) 25 August 1975 (age   47) Birmingham , Eng

#12 Jodi Gordon

Jodi Lee Gordon (previously Anasta ; [1] born 1 February 1985) is an Australian actress and model. From 2005 to 2010 she portrayed Martha MacKenzie in Home and Away . Gordon won the Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent in 2006. Gordon competed in the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars

#13 Marie Delaporte

Marie Delaporte (27 September 1838 – 1910) was a French actress who played for many years in Paris and Saint Petersburg. She was known for her modesty, grace and decency. French actress Marie Delaporte Marie Delaporte dite Minette, 2 January 1870 Born ( 1838-09-27 ) 27 September 1838 Paris , France

#14 Mel Ferrer

Melchor Gastón Ferrer [1] [2] (August 25, 1917 – June 2, 2008) was an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He achieved prominence on Broadway before scoring notable film hits with Scaramouche , Lili and Knights of the Round Table . He starred opposite his wife, actress Audrey Hepburn

#15 Kim Cloete

Kim Cloete (born 25 August 1979), is a South African actress, television presenter, singer, dancer, MC and businesswoman. [1] She is best known for the roles in the television serials Binnelanders , Isidingo , and Wild at Heart . [2] South African actress and presenter Kim Cloete Born Kim Cloete ( 1

#16 Valeriy Priyomykhov

Valeriy Mikhaylovich Priyomykhov ( Russian : Валерий Михайлович Приёмыхов ; 1943 – 2000) was a Soviet and Russian actor, film director, screenwriter and author. [1] In this name that follows Eastern Slavic naming conventions , the patronymic is Mikhaylovich and the family name is Priyomykhov . Valer

#17 William Hoskins (actor)

William Hoskins (17 February 1816 – 28 September 1886) was a Shakespearean actor from England whose later career was mostly in Australia and New Zealand, reputedly "one of the best actors who has ever trod our stage". [1]

#18 Noé Murayama

Noé Murayama (July 4, 1930 – August 25, 1997) was a Mexican actor, who starred in numerous Mexican films. [1] Mexican actor This article needs additional citations for verification . ( January 2013 ) Noé Murayama Born July 4, 1930 Ciudad del Maíz , San Luis Potosí , Mexico Died August 25, 1997 (age

#19 Enzo Garinei

Enzo Garinei (4 May 1926 – 25 August 2022) was an Italian film actor. He appeared in nearly 80 films since 1949. He was also a professional voice artist , best remembered as the Italian voice of Sherman Hemsley in the American sitcom The Jeffersons . [1] He was the brother of playwright Pietro Garin

#20 Josh Flitter

Joshua Alexander Flitter (born August 25, 1994) is an American actor. He is known for playing Corky in Nancy Drew , [1] Eddie in The Greatest Game Ever Played , [2] and voiced Rudy Kangaroo in the 2008 animated film Horton Hears a Who! [3] and Budderball in the Air Buddies movies. [4] American actor

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Character / Character

#1 Mr. Dooley

Mr. Dooley (or Martin J. Dooley ) is a fictional Irish immigrant bartender created by American journalist and humorist Finley Peter Dunne . Dooley was the subject of many Dunne columns between 1893 and 1915, and again in 1924 and 1926. Dunne's essays contain the bartender's commentary on various top

#2 Breathless Mahoney

Breathless Mahoney is a fictional character in the American comic strip Dick Tracy , created by Chester Gould . [1] [2] She first appeared in the strip on May 11, 1945, [3] and was apparently killed on August 26, 1946. [4] Femme fatale character in the American comic strip Dick Tracy Comics characte

#3 Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a superheroine who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson , and artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie , Kamala is Marvel's first Muslim character and South Asian American personality w

#4 Buddy (Looney Tunes)

Buddy is an animated cartoon character in the Looney Tunes series by Leon Schlesinger Productions . He was the second star of the series, after Bosko . Warner Bros. theatrical cartoon character Fictional character Buddy Leon Schlesinger Productions character The opening card from November 1933 until

#5 Feedback (Dark Horse Comics)

Feedback is a fictional character , a superhero created and originally portrayed by actor Matthew Atherton on the reality television series Who Wants to Be a Superhero? . As a result of winning the show, his character was made the subject of a Dark Horse Comics comic book written by Stan Lee . He al

#6 Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. The character is the central antagonist of the original trilogy and, as Anakin Skywalker , is one of the main protagonists throughout the prequel trilogy . Star Wars creator George Lucas has collectively referred to the first six episo

#7 Tick (character)

The Tick is a fictional superhero created by cartoonist Ben Edlund [1] in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for the New England Comics chain of Boston -area comic book stores. The character is a parody of American comic book superheroes. "The Tick" redirects here. For other uses, see Tick (disambiguation)

#8 Black Panther (character)

Black Panther is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist-coplotter Jack Kirby . The character first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 ( cover-dated July 1966) in the Silver Age of Comic Books . B

#9 The Miniature Killer

Natalie Davis (a.k.a. " The Miniature Serial Killer ") is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation , portrayed by Jessica Collins . Fictional serial killer This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn h

#10 Jackal (The Day of the Jackal)

The Jackal is a fictional character, the villain of the novel The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth . He is an assassin who is contracted by the OAS French terrorist group of the early 1960s, to kill Charles de Gaulle , the President of France . The book was published on 7 June 1971, in the yea

#11 Bizarro

Bizarro ( / b ɪ ˈ z ɑːr oʊ / ) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics . The character was created by writer Otto Binder and artist George Papp as a "mirror image" of Superman and first appeared in Superboy #68 (1958). [1] Comic book supervillain This article is ab

#12 Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma ( リラックマ , Rirakkuma ) is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company San-X and created by Aki Kondo . After the character's launch in 2003, Rilakkuma has been featured on stationery and merchandise created by San-X, as well as several collaboration cafes. Along with picture book

#13 Red (animated character)

Red is an American animated character, created by Tex Avery , who appears in several MGM short films and Tom and Jerry films. She is a fictional nightclub singer and dancer who is usually making all men in the room crazy, especially a Wolf character who — in vain — tries to seduce and chase her. Red

#14 Bloodscream

Bloodscream (originally Bloodsport ) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . The character is usually depicted as an enemy of Wolverine . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( April 2020 ) Comics character Bloodscream Bloodscream from W

#15 Baron Ambrosia

Baron Ambrosia was a character played by international explorer Justin Fornal from 2006 to 2013. The character was a self-proclaimed "quaffer of culinary consciousness" and traveled around New York City, mostly in The Bronx, documenting various ethnic cultures and their indigenous cuisines, represen

#16 Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne and Cassandra Wu-San ) is a superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics , commonly in association with the superhero Batman . Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott , Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman #567 (July 1999).

#17 Claudia Leigh

Claudia Leigh is a fictional character from the Australian television drama City Homicide , played by Tasma Walton . Shortly after the actress relocated to Melbourne, she was approached by producer MaryAnne Carroll to appear in the series. Carroll asked Walton whether she would be interested in a re

#18 Leela (Doctor Who)

Leela is a fictional character played by Louise Jameson in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who . She was a companion of the Fourth Doctor and a regular in the programme from 1977 to 1978. Writer Chris Boucher named her after the Palestinian hijacker Leila Khaled . [

#19 Henrik Hanssen

Henrik Hanssen is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City , played by actor Guy Henry . He made his first appearance in the thirteenth series episode "Shifts", broadcast on 19 October 2010. Hanssen is initially a consultant general surgeon and the joint Director of Surgery of Hol

#20 Belldandy

Belldandy ( ベルダンディー , Berudandī; transliterated : Verðandi ( Old Norse ), meaning "Norn of the Present" ) is a fictional character in the popular anime and manga series Oh My Goddess! . She was created by Kōsuke Fujishima as one of three Goddesses who come to Earth to reside with Keiichi Morisato ,

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Director / Director

#1 Prasanna Jayakody

Prasanna Jayakody (In Sinhalese: ප්‍රසන්න ජයකොඩි) is a Sri Lankan film director and screenwriter, internationally recognized for his cinematic accomplishments in contemporary Sri Lankan cinema . [2] His movies primarily explore the human state of mind. They are fusions of human emotions, senses and

#2 Marshall Brickman

Marshall Brickman (born August 25, 1939) is an American screenwriter and director, best known for his collaborations with Woody Allen . He is the co-recipient of the 1977 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Annie Hall . He is also known for playing the banjo with Eric Weissberg in the 196

#3 Malaka Dewapriya

Malaka Dewapriya ( Sinhala : මාලක දේවප්‍රිය , IPA:   [maːləkə deːʋaprijə] [1] is a Sri Lankan film maker, visual artist, Sinhala Radio Play writer , short film and video director. [2] [5] Malaka Dewapriya Born Grardhiwasam Lindamulage Malaka Dewapriya Colombo Nationality Sri Lankan Other   names Mal

#4 Justin Roiland

Mark Justin Roiland (born February 21, 1980) [2] is an American voice actor, animator, writer, producer, and director. He is best known as the co-creator of Adult Swim 's Rick and Morty and its subsequent franchise . He voices the show's title characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith . Roiland is the

#5 Willie Milan

Wilfredo dela Cruz (August 25, 1947 – November 8, 2015), better known as Willie Milan , was a Filipino film director and screenwriter . He was best known for his work in the action genre. Filipino film director and screenwriter This article needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2019 )

#6 Tolga Örnek

Tolga Örnek (born 25 August 1972) is a Turkish film director, writer and producer who, in recognition of his 2005 documentary, Gallipoli , was awarded an honorary medal in the general division of the Order of Australia . [1] [1] He studied at the Robert College and later at the Istanbul Technical Un

#7 Peter Salmon (filmmaker)

Peter Salmon (born 9 February 1976) is a New Zealand based film and television writer/director. For other uses, see Peter Salmon . This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2008 ) Production still from Peter Salmon's shortfilm, 'Playing Possum'. Starr

#8 Georgiy Daneliya

Georgiy Nikolayevich Daneliya ( Georgian : გიორგი ნიკოლოზის ძე დანელია ; Russian : Георгий Николаевич Данелия ; 25 August 1930 – 4 April 2019), also known as Giya Daneliya ( Georgian : გია დანელია ), was a Soviet and Russian film director and screenwriter. [1] He was named a People's Artist of the U

#9 Randa Chahal Sabag

Randa Chahal Sabbagh ( Arabic : رندا شهال صباغ) was a Lebanese film director, producer and screenwriter. Chahal was born December 11, 1953 in Tripoli , Lebanon to an Iraqi mother and a Lebanese father. [1] She died of cancer August 25, 2008 in Paris , France (at age 54). [2]

#10 Léon Poirier

Léon Poirier (25 August 1884 – 27 June 1968) was a French film director, screenwriter and film producer best known for his silent films from 1913 onwards. He directed some 25 films between 1913 and 1949 .His most famous film today is Verdun: Visions of History , a drama-documentary depicting the Wor

#11 Gustavo Alatriste

Gustavo Miguel Alatriste (25 August 1922 – 22 July 2006) [1] was a Mexican actor, director, and producer of films. Gustavo Alatriste Born Gustavo Rafael Alatriste Rodriguez ( 1922-08-25 ) 25 August 1922 Mexico City , Mexico Died 22 July 2006 (2006-07-22) (aged   83) Houston , Texas , U.S. Spouse(s)

#12 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967), known also as MSG , is the head of the Indian social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. Prior to a 2017 rape conviction, [1] he was a religious leader, actor, singer, writer, songwriter, director, and composer. He was also convicted of being

#13 Alexandre Ryder

Alexandre Ryder (1891–1966) was a Polish -born French film director best known for his crime drama films of the 1920s and 1930s. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2019 ) Alexandre Ryder Born 13 August 1891 Będzin , Poland Died 25 August 1966 Saint-Germain-en-Laye , Fra

#14 McHenry Brothers

The McHenry Brothers are Edward Alexander McHenry (born August 25, 1983) and Rory Patrick McHenry (born 14 July 1987), known professionally as the McHenry Brothers, are British film directors and screenwriters.

#15 Rob Zombie

Robert Bartleh Cummings [7] [8] (born January 12, 1965), [9] known professionally as Rob Zombie , is an American singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and voice actor. He is a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie , releasing four studio albums with the band. He is the older brother of Spide

#16 Mateusz Kudła

Mateusz Kudła ( Polish pronunciation:   [maˈtɛ.uʂ ˈkudwa] ; born September 16, 1991) is a Polish film producer , director, TV reporter , and YouTuber . Mateusz Kudła Pronunciation Polish pronunciation:   [maˈtɛ.uʂ ˈkudwa] Born ( 1991-09-16 ) September 16, 1991 (age   30) Chicago, U.S. Citizenship US

#17 Joe Wright

Joseph Wright (born 25 August 1972) is a British film director residing in Somerset, England . His motion pictures include the literary adaptations Pride & Prejudice (2005), Anna Karenina (2012), and Cyrano (2021), the romantic war drama Atonement (2007), the action thriller Hanna (2011), Peter Pan

#18 Rollin S. Sturgeon

Rollin Summers Sturgeon (August 25, 1877 – May 10, 1961) was an American film director of silent films [1] active from 1910 to 1924. He directed 101 films during this period. American film director Rollin Summers Sturgeon From a 1920 magazine Born ( 1877-08-25 ) August 25, 1877 Rock Island , ( Illin

#19 Oleg Sentsov

Oleg Gennadyevich Sentsov ( Ukrainian : Олег Геннадійович Сенцов , romanized :   Oleh Hennadiiovych Sentsov ; [1] [2] Russian : Олег Генадиевич Сенцов , romanized :   Oleg Gennadyevich Sentsov ; born 13 July 1976) is a Ukrainian filmmaker, writer, and activist [3] from Crimea . Sentsov has directed

#20 Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur (born 25 August 1969) is an Indian filmmaker, producer, film archivist and restorer. [2] [3] He is best known for his films Celluloid Man , The Immortals and CzechMate: In Search of Jiří Menzel . [4] Shivendra Singh Dungarpur Born ( 1969-08-25 ) 25 August 1969 (age   53) Pa

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Movie / Movie

#1 Early Edition

Early Edition is an American fantasy comedy-drama television series that aired on CBS from September 28, 1996, to May 27, 2000. Set in Chicago, Illinois, it follows the adventures of a man who mysteriously receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published, and who use

#2 The Blackcoat's Daughter

The Blackcoat's Daughter (also known as February ) [2] is a 2015 supernatural psychological horror film written and directed by Osgood Perkins . The film stars Emma Roberts , Kiernan Shipka , Lucy Boynton , Lauren Holly , and James Remar . 2015 film by Oz Perkins The Blackcoat's Daughter Theatrical

#3 I Am the Law (1938 film)

I Am the Law (1938) is a crime drama directed by Alexander Hall and starring Edward G. Robinson . 1938 film by Alexander Hall I Am the Law 1938 Theatrical Poster Directed by Alexander Hall Written by Jo Swerling Starring Edward G. Robinson Cinematography Henry Freulich Edited by Viola Lawrence Music

#4 Life (American TV series)

Life is an American crime drama television series created by Rand Ravich that aired for two seasons on NBC . It was produced by Universal Media Studios under the supervision of executive producers Rand Ravich, Far Shariat , David Semel , and Daniel Sackheim . Semel also directed the pilot . American

#5 Clay (1965 film)

Clay is a 1965 Australian drama film directed by Giorgio Mangiamele . The film was nominated for the Golden Palm award at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival , [2] but it lost to The Knack ...and How to Get It . 1965 film Clay Directed by Giorgio Mangiamele Written by Giorgio Mangiamele Produced by Giorgi

#6 The Collector (Canadian TV series)

The Collector is a Canadian supernatural drama television series about a man attempting to help save people who have bargained their souls with the Devil . The series is set in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada, where it was also filmed. CHUM cancelled the program after three seasons. Canadian t

#7 Material Girls

Material Girls is a 2006 American teen comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge , loosely based on Jane Austen 's 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility , updating the setting to modern Los Angeles. Starring Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff , the film is co-produced by Patriot Pictures and Maverick Films . 2006

#8 The Informers (2008 film)

The Informers is a 2009 American drama film written by Bret Easton Ellis and Nicholas Jarecki and directed by Gregor Jordan . The film is based on Ellis's 1994 collection of short stories of the same name . The film, which is set amidst the decadence of the early 1980s, depicts an assortment of soci

#9 Merry-Go-Round (1923 film)

Merry-Go-Round is a 1923 American feature film directed by Erich von Stroheim (uncredited) and Rupert Julian , starring Norman Kerry and Mary Philbin , and released by Universal Pictures . [1] [2] A copy of the film is held in a collection [2] and it has been released on DVD. 1923 film Merry-Go-Roun

#10 Scrubs (TV series)

Scrubs (stylized as [scrubs] ) is an American sitcom created by Bill Lawrence that aired from October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010, on NBC and later ABC . The series follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital, which is a teaching hospital . The title is a play on surgical sc

#11 Justiça

Justiça (English title: Above Justice ) is a 2016 Brazilian miniseries created by Manuela Dias and that was aired by Rede Globo from 22 August to 23 September 2016 at 11   pm. [1] It was written by Manuela Dias, co-written by Mariana Mesquita, Lucas Paraizo and Roberto Vitorino, and it was directed

#12 Kamalatho Naa Prayanam

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam is a 2014 Indian Telugu-language film directed by Narasimha Nandi marking his third film after the award-winning 2008 film 1940 Lo Oka Gramam . This film produced by Isanaka Sunil Reddy and Siddharth Bogulu on Livitha Universal Films features Sivaji and Archana in the lead rol

#13 Thirtysomething

Thirtysomething is an American drama television series created by Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz for United Artists Television (under MGM/UA Television) and aired on ABC from September 29, 1987, to May 28, 1991. [1] It focuses on a group of baby boomers in their thirties who live in Philadelph

#14 For the People (2002 TV series)

For the People is an American legal drama series that aired on Lifetime from July 21, 2002 until February 16, 2003. This article is about the 2002 Lifetime television series. For other uses, see For the People . For the People Genre Legal drama Created by Catherine LePard Starring Lea Thompson A Mar

#15 Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is the 2006 animated sequel to the 1985 Robotech television series . It was released on DVD on February 6, 2007. This article is about 2006 animated film. For the 2008 book sharing this title produced by Palladium Books , see Shadow Chronicles RPG . 2006 American film

#16 Back to Home

Back to Home ( Chinese : 月村歡迎你 ; pinyin : Yuè cūn huān yíng nǐ , Also Called - Welcome To Moon Village ) is a 2019 Taiwanese television series created and produced by SETTV . It stars Hsieh Kunda, Cosmos Lin, Wu Nien-hsuan , Li Jia-yu and Yang Kuei-mei as the main cast. Filming began on 20 January 2

#17 The Woman of My Dreams (1944 film)

The Woman of My Dreams ( German : Die Frau meiner Träume ) is a 1944 German musical comedy film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Marika Rökk , Wolfgang Lukschy and Walter Müller . [1] 1944 film The Woman of My Dreams (1944 film) German Die Frau meiner Träume Directed by Georg Jacoby Written by

#18 The Water Hole

The Water Hole is a 1928 American silent Western film directed by F. Richard Jones starring Jack Holt , Nancy Carroll , and John Boles It was based on a novel by Zane Grey and released by Paramount Pictures . The film had sequences filmed in Technicolor , and it was shot during July in Death Valley,

#19 Suicide Killers

Suicide Killers is a documentary film exploring the motivations of a suicide bomber. It includes rare and never-before-seen interviews with family members of terrorists, widows of suicide bombers and surviving terrorists whose suicide attacks failed. Also included is footage of a suicide bomber as h

#20 The End of Evangelion

The End of Evangelion [lower-alpha 1] is a 1997 Japanese anime film written by Hideaki Anno , directed by Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki , and animated by Gainax and Production I.G . It serves as a parallel ending to the television series Neon Genesis Evangelion , which aired from 1995–1996 and ended wit

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 K. P. Appan

Karthikayil Padmanabhan Appan (25 August 1936 – 15 December 2008), better known as K. P. Appan , was a renowned literary critic in Malayalam . Born in Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerala , Appan worked as a Professor of Malayalam literature at SN College, Kollam, Kerala. This article needs additional citat

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Sasidharan Arattuvazhi

Sasidharan Arattuvazhi (25 August 1955 – 21 January 2001) was an Indian playwright and screenwriter . Within a career spanning more than two decades, he wrote 20 screenplays and 12 plays. [1] Indian playwright and screenwriter Sasidharan Arattuvazhi Born ( 1955-08-25 ) 25 August 1955 Arattuvazhi, St

#2 Farnoosh Moshiri

Farnoosh Moshiri is an Iranian-born novelist, playwright, and librettist . She teaches creative writing and literature at University of Houston–Downtown . Moshiri has published five books of fiction: At the Wall of the Almighty (Interlink, 1999), The Bathhouse (Black Heron Press, 2001, Beacon Press

#3 Lion Feuchtwanger

Lion Feuchtwanger ( German: [ˈliːɔn ˈfɔʏçtˌvaŋɐ] ( listen ) ; 7 July 1884 – 21 December 1958) was a Bavarian Jewish novelist and playwright. A prominent figure in the literary world of Weimar Germany , he influenced contemporaries including playwright Bertolt Brecht . This article includes a list of

#4 Laura Wade

Laura Wade is an English playwright. English playwright Laura Wade Born ( 1977-10-16 ) 16 October 1977 (age   44) Bedford , Bedfordshire , England Occupation Playwright Alma   mater Bristol University Partner Samuel West Children 2

#5 Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray

Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray (12 June 1760 – 25 August 1797) was a French novelist, playwright, journalist, politician, and diplomat. [1] French writer and diplomat This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove t

#6 Nikolaj Arcel

Nikolaj Arcel (born 25 August 1972) is a Danish filmmaker and screenwriter . He is best known for his 2012 film A Royal Affair which won two prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards , as well as the 2017 American film The

#7 Gordon Bottomley

Gordon Bottomley (20 February 1874   – 25 August 1948) was an English poet, known particularly for his verse dramas . He was partly disabled by tubercular illness. His main influences were the later Victorian Romantic poets , the Pre-Raphaelites and William Morris . English poet Gordon Bottomley Gor

#8 Christine McGlade

Christine McGlade (born August 25, 1963) is a Canadian digital designer, strategist, and executive, lecturer, and former television producer and children's television host. Digital media designer and strategist and former children's television host and actor Christine McGlade Born Christine Moya McG

#9 T. S. Cook

Thomas Steven "T. S." Cook (August 25, 1947 – January 5, 2013) was an American screenwriter and producer , who wrote The China Syndrome ( 1979 ) with Mike Gray and James Bridges , which garnered him Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. [1] American screenwriter T. S. Cook Born Thomas St

#10 Marti Noxon

Martha Mills Noxon (born August 25, 1964) is an American television and film writer, director, and producer. She is best known for her work as a screenwriter and executive producer on the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). She was also executive producer, writer, and cre

#11 Rod Serling

Rodman Edward Serling (December 25, 1924 – June 28, 1975) was an American screenwriter, playwright, television producer, and narrator/on-screen host, best known for his live television dramas of the 1950s and his anthology television series The Twilight Zone . Serling was active in politics, both on

#12 Talbot Jennings

Talbot Lanham Jennings (August 25, 1894 – May 30, 1985) was an American playwright and screenwriter. [1] He received two Academy Award nominations for co-writing the screenplays for Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) and Anna and the King of Siam (1946). American dramatist Talbot Jennings Born Talbot Lanha

#13 Carol Bolt

Carol Bolt (August 25, 1941 – November 28, 2000) [1] was a Canadian playwright. She was a founding member and, for several years, president of the Playwrights Union of Canada. Canadian playwright Carol Bolt Born ( 1941-08-25 ) August 25, 1941 Winnipeg , Manitoba Died November 28, 2000 (2000-11-28) (

#14 Niven Busch

Niven Busch (April 26, 1903 – August 25, 1991) was an American novelist and screenwriter of movies such as the acclaimed The Postman Always Rings Twice . His novels included Duel in the Sun (1944) and California Street (1959). He was married to actress Teresa Wright for ten years beginning in 1942.

#15 Shahid Nadeem

Shahid Mahmood Nadeem ( Urdu : شاہد ندیم ; born 1947) is a Pakistani journalist, playwright, screenwriter, theater and television director, and a human rights activist. [1] Pakistani writer and director Not to be confused with Nadeem Shahid . Shahid Nadeem شاہد ندیم Born Shahid Mahmood Nadeem 1947 (

#16 Nick Sagan

Nicholas Julian Zapata Sagan (born September 16, 1970) is an American novelist and screenwriter . He is the author of the science fiction novels Idlewild , Edenborn , and Everfree , and has also written scripts for episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager . He is the son of

#17 Fatih Akin

Fatih Akin (Turkish: Fatih Akın , born 25 August 1973) is a German film director, screenwriter and producer of Turkish descent. [1] [2] He has won numerous awards for his films, including the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for his film Head-On (2004), Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Fest

#18 Ratnakar Chaini

Ratnakar Chaini (25 Aug 1945 – 18 April 2020) [1] was an Indian writer and academician. He was known for his works in Odia. Born in Cuttack , he served as the president of "Sanskar Bharti", and as president of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj in 2010. [2] [3] Some of his notable writings are Santha Kabi Achy

#19 Aleksandr I. Kuprin

Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin ( Russian: Александр Иванович Куприн ; 7 September   [ O.S. 26 August ]   1870   – 25 August 1938) was a Russian writer best known for his novels The Duel (1905) [2] and Yama: The Pit (1915), as well as Moloch (1896), Olesya (1898), " Captain Ribnikov " (1906), "Emerald" (

#20 Joseph Stefano

Joseph William Stefano (May 5, 1922 – August 25, 2006) was an American screenwriter , known for adapting Robert Bloch 's novel as the script for Alfred Hitchcock 's film Psycho , and for being the producer and co-writer of the original The Outer Limits television series. [1] [2] American screenwrite

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Writer / Writer

#1 Danny Bilson

Daniel Bilson (born July 26, 1956) is an American writer, director, and producer of movies, television, video games, and comic books. Together with his frequent collaborator, Paul De Meo , he is best known as the writer for the film The Rocketeer (1991) and creator, writer, producer and director for

#2 Edwin H. Simmons

Edwin Howard Simmons (August 25, 1921 – May 5, 2007) was a United States Marine Corps brigadier general . He was a career officer who served in combat during three wars — including landing at Inchon and fighting at the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War . He was renowned as the official Marine Corps

#3 August Stramm

August Stramm (29 July 1874 – 1 September 1915) was a German war poet and playwright who is considered the first of the expressionists . Stramm's radically experimental verse and his major influence on all subsequent German poetry has caused him to be compared to Ezra Pound , Guillaume Apollinaire ,

#4 Hajime Taguchi

Hajime Taguchi ( 田口一 , Taguchi Hajime ) } (born 1975) is a Japanese novelist who is best known for his work Nakaimo - My Sister is Among Them! . In 2007, his novel Majo Rumika no Akai Ito won the Honorable Mention at the F Bunko J light novel rookie award. [1] Japanese novelist The topic of this art

#5 Jennifer duBois

Jennifer duBois (born August 25, 1983) is an American novelist. duBois is a recipient of a Whiting Award [1] and has been named a "5 Under 35" honoree by the National Book Foundation. [2] American novelist Jennifer duBois Jennifer duBois in 2019 Born ( 1983-08-25 ) August 25, 1983 (age   38) Northam

#6 Giambattista Varesco

Father Giambattista Varesco ( Trento , 26 November 1735 – Salzburg , 25 August 1805) was a chaplain, musician, poet and (most famously) librettist to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . His given name variously appears as Giambattista , Gianbattista , Giovanni Battista and Girolamo Giovanni Battista . He is s

#7 Kavi Pradeep

Kavi Pradeep (born Ramchandra Narayanji Dwivedi ; 6 February 1915 – 11 December 1998), [1] was an Indian poet and songwriter who is best known for his patriotic song " Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo " written as a tribute to the soldiers who had died defending the country during the Sino-Indian War . Indian

#8 George Alderton

George Edwin Alderton (25 August 1854 – 7 March 1942) was a New Zealand newspaper proprietor and editor, orchardist, land agent. He was born in New Malden , Surrey , England on 25 August 1854. [1] New Zealand businessman He unsuccessfully contested the 1899 election in the Marsden electorate. [2] [3

#9 Taslima Nasrin

Taslima Nasrin [lower-alpha 1] (born 25 August 1962) is a Bangladeshi-Swedish writer, physician, feminist, secular humanist, and activist. She is known for her writing on women's oppression and criticism of religion. Some of her books are banned in Bangladesh . [2] [3] [4] She has also been blacklis

#10 Leendert Ginjaar

Leendert Ginjaar (28 May 1928 – 17 September 2003) was a Dutch politician of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and chemist. [1] Dutch politician Leendert Ginjaar Leendert Ginjaar in 1977 Parliamentary leader in the Senate In office 11 March 1997   – 14 September 1999 Preceded by Fri

#11 Harry Diamond (photographer)

Harry Diamond (25 August 1924 – 3 December 2009) was a photographer known for his photographs of artists, jazz musicians, and the East End of London . He was born and worked in London. British photographer This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards . The specific problem

#12 Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Louis Jackson Jr. (born March 11, 1965) is an American politician. He served as the U.S. representative from Illinois's 2nd congressional district from 1995 until his resignation in 2012. A member of the Democratic Party , he is the son of activist and former presidential candidate Jesse Jacks

#13 André Leroi-Gourhan

André Leroi-Gourhan ( / l ə ˈ r w ɑː ɡ uː ˈ r ɑː n / ; French:   [ləʁwa guʁɑ̃] ; 25 August 1911 – 19 February 1986) was a French archaeologist , paleontologist , paleoanthropologist , and anthropologist with an interest in technology and aesthetics and a penchant for philosophical reflection . This

#14 Khan Shein Kunwar

Shawkat Ali Khan pen-name Khan Shein Kunwar , is a short story writer from Kolkata , India, who has written hundreds of short stories on different current topics regularly published in various newspapers and magazines throughout the country. His first book, Faaslon Ka Safar , consisting of 37 short

#15 Afanasy Fet

Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet ( Russian : Афана́сий Афана́сьевич Фет , IPA:   [ɐfɐˈnasʲɪj ɐfɐˈnasʲjɪvʲɪtɕ ˈfʲɛt] ( listen ) ), later known as Shenshin ( Russian : Шенши́н , IPA:   [ʂɨnˈʂɨn] ( listen ) ; 5 December   [ O.S. 23 November ]   1820 – 3 December   [ O.S. 21 November ]   1892 ), was a renowned

#16 Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker is an English-born Australian children's picture book author and artist, known for her collage illustrations and her concern for the natural environment. Her books have won many awards. This article is about the children's book author and artist. For the historian, see Jeannine Baker .

#17 Michael Oren

Michael Bornstein Oren ( Hebrew : מיכאל אורן; born Michael Scott Bornstein ; May 20, 1955) is an American-born Israeli historian, author, politician, former ambassador to the United States (2009 – 2013), former member of the Knesset for the Kulanu party and a former Deputy Minister in the Prime Mini

#18 Carl Barks

Carl Barks (March 27, 1901 – August 25, 2000) was an American cartoonist , author, and painter. He is best known for his work in Disney comic books , as the writer and artist of the first Donald Duck stories and as the creator of Scrooge McDuck . He worked anonymously until late in his career; fans

#19 Edwin Forbes Glenn

Edwin Forbes Glenn (January 10, 1857 – August 5, 1926) was a United States Army officer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He served in World War I among other capacities. United States Army general Edwin Glenn Major general Glenn as commander of the 83rd division, Langres , June 1918 Born (

#20 Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Coade Hewett AM (21 May 1923 – 25 August 2002) was a playwright, poet and author, and a romantic feminist icon. In writing and in her life, Hewett was an experimenter. As her circumstances and beliefs changed, she progressed through different literary styles: modernism , socialist realism ,

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