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Actor / Actor

#1 Choi Min-hwan

Choi Min-hwan ( Korean :   최민환 ; Japanese :チェ•ミンファン; born 11 November 1992), [1] also known by his mononym Minhwan , is a South Korean singer, musician, drummer and actor. He is a member of rock band F.T. Island , in which he serves as the drummer and backing vocalist. He is the youngest member of t

#2 Heinz Klevenow Jr.

Heinz Klevenow Jr. (28 August 1940 – 4 March 2021) was a German actor and theatre director. [1] German actor (1940–2021) This article needs additional citations for verification . ( April 2021 ) Heinz Klevenow Heinz Klevenow in 2010 Born ( 1940-08-28 ) 28 August 1940 Prague, Bohemia and Moravia , Ge

#3 Sai Sai Kham Leng

Sai Sai Kham Leng ( Burmese : စိုင်းစိုင်းခမ်းလှိုင် ; pronounced   [sáiɰ̃ sáiɰ̃ kʰáɰ̃ l̥àiɰ̃] ; also Sai Sai Kham Hlaing ; born 10 April 1979) is a Burmese singer-songwriter, model, novelist, and actor of ethnic Shan descent. [2] He is considered one of the most commercially successful male singer

#4 Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter (born July 23, 1970) is an American actress. [1] She played Cordelia Chase in the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–1999) and its spin-off series Angel (1999–2004). She also starred as Kyra in Charmed (2004), Kendall Casablancas in Veronica Mars (2005–2006),

#5 María José Goyanes

María José Goyanes Muñoz (born 8 December 1948) is a Spanish actress. Spanish actress For the American actress, see Maria Manuela Goyanes . In this Spanish name , the first or paternal surname is Goyanes and the second or maternal family name is Muñoz . María José Goyanes María José Goyanes in 2019

#6 Sonny Shroyer

Otis Burt "Sonny" Shroyer Jr. (born August 28, 1935) is an American actor and singer who has appeared in various television and movie roles. He is known for his role as Deputy Sheriff Enos Strate in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard . He also starred in the short-lived spin-off series Enos

#7 Raul Cortez

Raul Christiano Machado Cortez (28 August 1932 – 18 July 2006) was a Brazilian stage, television, and film actor, director and producer. Cortez died of pancreatic cancer in 2006, aged 73. In this Portuguese name , the first or maternal family name is Machado and the second or paternal family name is

#8 Philippe Léotard

Philippe Léotard (his full name was Ange Philippe Paul André Léotard-Tomasi ; 28 August 1940 – 25 August 2001) was a French actor, poet and singer. French actor, poet and singer (1940–2001) Philippe Léotard Philippe Léotard, 1980s Born Ange Philippe Paul André Léotard-Tomasi ( 1940-08-28 ) 28 August

#9 Hannah Chaplin

Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Chaplin ( née Hill ; 6 August 1865 – 28 August 1928 [1] [2] ), also known by the stage name Lily Harley , was an English actress, singer and dancer who performed in British music halls from the age of 16. Chaplin was the mother of Charlie Chaplin and his two half-brothers,

#10 Awesome Kong

Kia Stevens (born September 4, 1977) [ citation needed ] is an American actress and retired professional wrestler . She is best known for her time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)/Impact Wrestling under the ring name Awesome Kong . She also worked with Ring of Honor (ROH), Shimmer Women Ath

#11 Briggs (rapper)

Adam Briggs (born 28 August 1986), who performs as Briggs and self-describes as Senator Briggs (although not currently a member of the Australian Senate ), is an Indigenous Australian rapper , record label owner, comedy writer, actor, and author. Briggs became well known as a "solo rapper", signing

#12 Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber ( / b iː b ər / BEE -bər ; born March 1, 1994) [1] [2] is a Canadian singer. Bieber is widely recognized for his genre-melding musicianship and has played an influential role in modern-day popular music . [3] He was discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun and signed

#13 Douglas Wakefield

Douglas Wakefield (28 August 1899   – 14 April 1951) was a British music hall performer and film actor . He is often credited as Duggie Wakefield . He appeared in two films with sister-in-law Gracie Fields , playing her brother in the 1933 comedy This Week of Grace . In 1940 he starred in an espiona

#14 Rupert Grint

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint [2] ( / ɡ r ɪ n t / ; born 24 August 1988) is an English actor. He rose to fame for his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series . He was cast as Weasley at age eleven, having previously acted only in school plays and his local theatre group. Since then, he co

#15 Edu Manzano

Eduardo Manzano [fn 1] ( Tagalog pronunciation:   [manˈsanɔ] ; born September 14, 1955) is a Filipino-American actor, comedian, politician, United States Air Force veteran and television host. He was previously the host of game shows The Weakest Link , Pilipinas, Game KNB? , 1 vs. 100 and Asar Talo

#16 Anant Mahadevan

Anant Mahadevan (born 28 August 1950), also credited as Ananth Narayan Mahadevan , [1] [2] is an Indian screenwriter , actor , and film director of Malayalam , Hindi , Marathi , Tamil films and television shows . [3] Having been an integral part of the Indian television serials and Hindi films since

#17 Gladden James

Gladden James (February 26, 1888 – August 28, 1948) was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 180 films between 1911 and 1946. He was born in Zanesville, Ohio and died in Hollywood, California , from leukemia . American actor Gladden James James in 1919 Born ( 1888-02-26 ) February 26, 18

#18 Webster Campbell

Webster Campbell (January 25, 1893 – August 28, 1972) was an American silent film actor, director, and screenwriter. He began screenwriting in 1913 and became an actor in 1915. He became primarily a director in 1921. By 1936, he retired and wrote short stories. American actor Webster Campbell Campbe

#19 Lina Morgan

María de los Ángeles López Segovia OAXS MML (20 March 1937 – 19 August 2015), better known as Lina Morgan , was a Spanish film, theatre and television actress and showgirl. [1] [2] Spanish film, theatre and television actress In this Spanish name , the first or paternal surname is López and the seco

#20 Chad Lowe

Charles Davis Lowe II (born January 15, 1968) [2] is an American actor and director. He is the younger brother of actor Rob Lowe . He won an Emmy Award for his supporting role in Life Goes On as a young man living with HIV . He has had recurring roles on ER , Melrose Place , and Now and Again . Lowe

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Character / Character

#1 Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . [1] Debuting in the Bronze Age of Comic Books , the character was initially intended to be a surprise; an apparent monster who unexpectedly turns out to be a great hero. As such, Bill is the first b

#2 Kim Burgess

Kimberly " Kim " Burgess is a fictional character from the American police procedural Chicago P.D. , played by Marina Squerciati . She made her first appearance in the pilot episode "Stepping Stone", which was broadcast on NBC on January 8, 2014. Burgess is a patrol officer of the Chicago Police Dep

#3 Tessa Noël

Tessa Noël is a fictional character in the television series Highlander: The Series , portrayed by Belgian actor Alexandra Vandernoot . A professional artist and sculptor , Tessa is the lover and confidant of the series protagonist Duncan MacLeod , played by Adrian Paul , an immortal swordsman born

#4 The Dogfather

The Dogfather was a series of 17 cartoons produced by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises and released between 1974 and 1976. [1] It is the final theatrical cartoon series made by DePatie–Freleng. For the album, see Tha Doggfather . Fictional character The Dogfather Portrayed by Bob Holt In-universe informa

#5 Professor Challenger

George Edward Challenger is a fictional character in a series of fantasy and science fiction stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . Unlike Conan Doyle's self-controlled, analytical character, Sherlock Holmes , Professor Challenger is an aggressive , hot-tempered, dominating figure. For the British pilo

#6 Oscar François de Jarjayes

Oscar François de Jarjayes ( オスカル・フランソワ・ド・ジャルジェ , Osukaru Furansowa do Jaruje ) is a fictional character created by Japanese manga artist Riyoko Ikeda . She is a major character in the 1972 manga series The Rose of Versailles , and its various adaptations and spin-offs. Fictional Japanese manga char

#7 Woggle-Bug

The Mr. Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug, Thoroughly Educated is a character in the Oz books by L. Frank Baum . [1] He first appears in the book The Marvelous Land of Oz in 1904 . He goes by the name H. M. Woggle-Bug, T.E. ( Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated ). In later books, the hyphen was somet

#8 T'Challa (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

T'Challa is a fictional character portrayed by Chadwick Boseman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) media franchise —based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name —commonly known by his appointed title [2] of Black Panther . He is depicted as the king of the fictional African nation of Wa

#9 Bernice Waverley

Bernice Waverley is a fictional character from the Australian drama series City Homicide , played by Noni Hazlehurst . She made her first screen appearance in the pilot episode "In The Hands Of Giants Pt 1", which was broadcast on 28 August 2007. Fictional character Bernice Waverley City Homicide ch

#10 Black Panther (character)

Black Panther is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics . The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist-coplotter Jack Kirby . The character first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 ( cover-dated July 1966) in the Silver Age of Comic Books . B

#11 Lord John Grey (character)

Lord John William Grey is a fictional character created by Diana Gabaldon . He is a recurring secondary character in Gabaldon's Outlander series of novels, and the main character of the Lord John series of historical mystery novels and novellas. Secretly homosexual "in a time when that particular pr

#12 Hellboy

Hellboy is a fictional character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola . The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 1993), and has since appeared in various eponymous miniseries , one-shots and intercompany crossovers . The character has been adapted into three live-action

#13 FN Meka

FN Meka is a fictional rapper / avatar originally developed by Brandon Le in 2019 as part of the company Factory New, with Anthony Martini joining the project in early 2020 as co-founder. Self-described as a "virtual rapper", the project had claimed that the music and lyrics were generated by an AI

#14 Zingbot

Zingbot 9000 (formerly Zingbot 3000 ), colloquially known as Zingbot , is a robot visitor that is featured on the American version of the television show Big Brother , [1] which airs on CBS . The robot has appeared on every season since the show's twelfth season in 2010, excluding the show's spin-of

#15 Basil Brush

Basil Brush is a fictional red fox , best known for his appearances on daytime British children's television. He is primarily portrayed by a glove puppet, but has also been depicted in animated cartoon shorts and comic strips. The character has featured on children's television from the 1960s to the

#16 Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker is a fictional character created by American author Jay Asher . She is the subject of his 2007 young adult fiction mystery novel Thirteen Reasons Why , which was adopted by the media company Netflix as 13 Reasons Why . Hannah is introduced as a sophomore at the fictional Liberty High Sc

#17 Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver is a fictional character and the overarching protagonist of the American live-action television franchise Power Rangers . He is best known as being the original Green Ranger and the first evil Ranger who fought and nearly defeated the original Power Rangers while under the control of Ri

#18 Colette Sheward

Colette Sheward is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City , played by actress Louise Delamere . She first appeared in the series sixteen episode "Fait Accompli", broadcast on 3 December 2013. Colette serves as the Director of Nursing Services at Holby City. Delamere was approach

#19 Colonel Kurtz

Colonel Walter Kurtz , portrayed by Marlon Brando , is a fictional character and the main antagonist of Francis Ford Coppola 's 1979 film Apocalypse Now . Colonel Kurtz is based on the character of a nineteenth-century ivory trader, also called Kurtz , from the 1899 novella Heart of Darkness by Jose

#20 Gemma Wilde

Gemma Wilde is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City , played by actress Ty Glaser . She first appeared in the fifteenth series episode "Push the Button (Part 2)", broadcast on 22 January 2013. Gemma was introduced as an F1 doctor, but she eventually progressed to an F2 during

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Director / Director

#1 Gary Sherman (director)

Gary Sherman (born 28 August 1945), is an American film director , screenwriter , and producer from Chicago , Illinois . He is best known for his prolific work in the horror film genre , directing films such as Death Line , Dead & Buried , and Poltergeist III . American film director Gary Sherman Bo

#2 Joan Rivers

Joan Alexandra Molinsky [1] (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014), known professionally as Joan Rivers , was an American comedian, actress, producer, writer and television host. She was noted for her blunt, often controversial comedic persona—heavily self-deprecating and acerbic, especially towards cel

#3 Andrew Haigh

Andrew Haigh ( / h eɪ ɡ / ; [2] born 7 March 1973 [3] ) is a British filmmaker. English filmmaker Andrew Haigh Haigh in 2011 Born ( 1973-03-07 ) 7 March 1973 (age   49) [1] Harrogate , West Riding of Yorkshire , England Occupation Director , screenwriter , producer Years   active 1996–present Notabl

#4 Park Jung-hoon (cinematographer)

Park Jung-hoon ( Korean :   박정훈 ; Hanja :   朴正勳 , born June 21, 1982) is a South Korean cinematographer and film director . [1] Park gained international recognition with the action thriller The Villainess , which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, with four awards as Director of Photogr

#5 Alberto Cavallone

Alberto Cavallone (28 August 1938 – 12 November 1997) was an Italian film director and screenwriter. He was born in Milan , Italy . [1] Cavallone's films are anti-conventional and often contain a mixture of graphic violence, surrealism and eroticism. [1] Alberto Cavallone Alberto Cavallone in 1965 B

#6 R. J. Cutler

R. J. Cutler (born 1962 [1] ) is an American filmmaker, documentarian, television producer and theater director. American film director R. J. Cutler R. J. Cutler at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival . Born 1962 (age   59 – 60) [1] United States Occupation Filmmaker , television producer , documentarian

#7 David Attwood (film director)

David Attwood (born 28 August 1952 in Sheffield , South Yorkshire ) is an English filmmaker . [1]

#8 António-Pedro Vasconcelos

António-Pedro Saraiva de Barros e Vasconcelos GCIH (born 10 March 1939 in Leiria ) is a Portuguese film director . Portuguese film director António-Pedro Vasconcelos Born António-Pedro Saraiva de Barros e Vasconcelos ( 1939-03-10 ) 10 March 1939 (age   83) Leiria , Portugal Citizenship Portuguese Oc

#9 David S. Cass Sr.

David S. Cass Sr. (March 21, 1942 – August 28, 2020) was a film director and stuntman. [1] [2] He directed Hard Time: The Premonition , Avenging Angel , Desolation Canyon , and Thicker than Water . American film director (1942–2020) Cass began his film career as an extra . He alternated between acti

#10 Maurice Elvey

Maurice Elvey (11 November 1887 – 28 August 1967) was one of the most prolific film directors in British history. [1] He directed nearly 200 films between 1913 and 1957. During the silent film era he directed as many as twenty films per year. [2] He also produced more than fifty films - his own as w

#11 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967), known also as MSG , is the head of the Indian social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. Prior to a 2017 rape conviction, [1] he was a religious leader, actor, singer, writer, songwriter, director, and composer. He was also convicted of being

#12 S.J. Main Muñoz

Summer-Joy "SJ" Main Muñoz (born August 28, 1978) is an American filmmaker primarily known for directing television and award-winning short films [1] often of the Western genre or featuring Latino themes. [2] American filmmaker SJ Main Muñoz Born Summer Joy Main (Muñoz) ( 1978-08-28 ) 28 August 1978

#13 Dale Resteghini

Dale Anthony Resteghini (born August 28, 1968), better known as Rage , is a music video and film director and record producer . Rage has helmed hundreds of videos for well-known acts from the global superstars to the emerging acts to the niche branded. A visually prolific and explosively versatile d

#14 Enzo Trapani

Enzo Trapani (1922–1989) was an Italian screenwriter , set designer , TV show producer/director and film director . [1] Enzo Trapani Born 28 August 1922 Rome , Lazio , Italy Died 14 November 1989 Rome, Lazio, Italy Occupation Director, Writer Years   active 1948-1989

#15 Alekos Sakellarios

Alekos Sakellarios ( Greek : Αλέκος Σακελλάριος , 13 November 1913 in Athens – 28 August 1991 in Athens) was a Greek writer and a director. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source . ( July 2020 ) Greek writer and director Alekos Sakellarios Αλέκος Σακελλάριος Born 13 November 1913

#16 Vagif Mustafayev

Vagif Mustafayev (born August 8, 1953) is an Azerbaijani film director , producer and screenwriter . Since 2006 he has been the president of the Space TV and Radio Company. Vagif Mustafayev Born ( 1953-08-28 ) August 28, 1953 (age   69) Baku , Azerbaijani SSR , USSR Occupation Film director, produce

#17 Bruno Dumont

Bruno Dumont ( French:   [dymɔ̃] ; born 14 March 1958) is a French film director and screenwriter . To date, he has directed ten feature films, all of which border somewhere between realistic drama and the avant-garde. His films have won several awards at the Cannes Film Festival . Two of Dumont's f

#18 Dilip Ghosh (film director)

Dilip Ghosh is an Indian film director and producer. He received Special Mention along with Siddharth Kak , Naresh Saxena and Raj Gopal Rao in the 1990 National Film Award for his 1990 documentary Children of the Silver Screen (Hindi: Aadhi Haqueeqat Aadha Fasana). After making advertising and docum

#19 Robert Abbott (director)

Robert Abbott (born August 28, 1964) is an American film director and TV producer, known for his work in sports journalism and documentary films. Abbott has worked for CNN and ESPN, before starting Hey Abbott! Entertainment in January 2009. Abbott's most recent work is the 2018 documentary titled Po

#20 Shana Feste

Shana Feste (born August 28, 1975) is an American film director and screenwriter . She has directed and written The Greatest , Country Strong , and Endless Love , and also has writing credits for You're Not You . She also teaches at the American Film Institute . [1] American film director and screen

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Movie / Movie

#1 Satyagraha (film)

Satyagraha is a 2013 Indian Hindi -language political drama film directed by Prakash Jha starring Amitabh Bachchan , Ajay Devgn , Kareena Kapoor , Arjun Rampal , Amrita Rao , Manoj Bajpayee , and Vipin Sharma in the lead roles. [6] [7] [8] The first look of the film was released on 10 September 2012

#2 Videocracy (film)

Videocracy is a 2009 documentary film directed by Swedish-Italian Erik Gandini about Italian television and its impact on Italian culture and politics , and about Silvio Berlusconi 's powerful position on all of these. Gandini coined the phrase "The Evilness of Banality" to describe the cultural phe

#3 Early Edition

Early Edition is an American fantasy comedy-drama television series that aired on CBS from September 28, 1996, to May 27, 2000. Set in Chicago, Illinois, it follows the adventures of a man who mysteriously receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published, and who use

#4 Husband and Wife (1916 film)

Husband and Wife is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by Barry O'Neil and starring Ethel Clayton , Holbrook Blinn and Madge Evans . [1] 1916 silent film Husband and Wife Directed by Barry O'Neil Written by Charles Kenyon (play) Gardner Hunting Produced by William A. Brady Starring Ethel Cla

#5 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash

Chu Chu and the Philly Flash is a 1981 American comedy film starring Alan Arkin , Carol Burnett , Jack Warden , Ruth Buzzi , Adam Arkin and Danny Aiello . [3] It was directed by David Lowell Rich and produced by Jay Weston , with the screenplay being written by Arkin's wife, Barbara Dana. Arkin play

#6 The Art of Happiness (film)

The Art of Happiness ( Italian : L'arte della felicità ) is a 2013 Italian animated drama film written and directed by Alessandro Rak , at his directorial debut. It opened the International Critics' Week at the 70th Venice International Film Festival . [1] 2013 Italian film The Art of Happiness Film

#7 Marked Men (1940 film)

Marked Men is a 1940 American film directed by Sam Newfield (using the pseudonym "Sherman Scott") for Producers Releasing Corporation . [1] 1940 film Marked Men Directed by Sam Newfield Written by Harold Greene (story) George Bricker (screenplay) Produced by Sigmund Neufeld Cinematography Jack Green

#8 The Man from Snowy River (1920 film)

The Man from Snowy River is a 1920 film made in Australia. The film was silent and filmed in black and white, and was based on the Banjo Paterson poem of the same name . [3] It is considered a lost film . 1920 film The Man from Snowy River Original advertisement Directed by Beaumont Smith John K Wel

#9 This Mechanical Age

This Mechanical Age is a 1954 American short documentary film about the early days of aviation , produced by Robert Youngson . In 1955, it won an Oscar for Best Short Subject (One-Reel) at the 27th Academy Awards . [1] 1954 film This Mechanical Age Directed by Robert Youngson Produced by Robert Youn

#10 I Am Woman (film)

I Am Woman is a 2019 Australian biographical film about singer Helen Reddy , directed and produced by Unjoo Moon , from a screenplay by Emma Jensen. Tilda Cobham-Hervey stars as Reddy alongside Evan Peters , as her manager husband Jeff Wald, and Danielle Macdonald as rock writer Lilian Roxon . 2019

#11 The Prisoner

The Prisoner is a 1967 British television series about an unnamed British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village , where his captors designate him as Number Six and try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. [2] Patrick McGoohan played the lead

#12 Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu (transl. Fist sized Heart ) is an Indian Telugu -language romantic drama television series airing on Star Maa from Monday - Saturday at 7:00 PM since 7 December 2020. It is also available on Disney+ Hotstar . The main plot of the serial was taken from Bengali language series Mohor

#13 New Orleans (1947 film)

New Orleans is a 1947 American musical romance film starring Arturo de Córdova and Dorothy Patrick , and directed by Arthur Lubin . [1] Though it features a rather conventional plot, the film is noteworthy both for casting jazz legends Billie Holiday as a singing maid romantically involved with band

#14 Life Itself (2014 film)

Life Itself is a 2014 American biographical documentary film about Chicago film critic Roger Ebert , directed by Steve James and produced by Zak Piper, James and Garrett Basch . The film is based on Ebert's 2011 memoir of the same name. [3] It premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and was an

#15 Submarine (1928 film)

Submarine is a 1928 silent drama film directed by Frank Capra . It was produced by Harry Cohn for Columbia Pictures , and released with a synchronized music score and sound effects. This was Capra's first attempt to make an "A-picture". 1928 film Submarine Directed by Frank Capra Written by Norman S

#16 K.G.F (film series)

K.G.F is an Indian Kannada -language period action film series based on the Kolar Gold Fields created by Prashanth Neel and produced by Hombale Films starring Yash . [4] Set in the late 1970s and early 1980s the series follows Raja Krishnappa Bairya / Rocky ( Yash ), a Mumbai-based high ranking hitm

#17 Zanjeer (1998 film)

Zanjeer: The Chain is a 1998 Bollywood action film directed by Shibu Mitra [1] starring Aditya Pancholi , Pratibha Sinha and Shakti Kapoor in the lead role. [2] [3] 1998 Indian film Zanjeer: The Chain Directed by Shibu Mitra Written by Z. Onkar Produced by Yusuf Butt Starring Aditya Pancholi Sakshi

#18 Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy is a 1955 American horror comedy film directed by Charles Lamont and starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello . It is the 28th and final Abbott and Costello film produced by Universal-International . 1955 film by Charles Lamont This article needs additional

#19 Udaari

Udaari (title from Punjabi : اڈاری ; lit: To fly ) is an Urdu and Punjabi language social Pakistani television series that was created and co-produced by Momina Duraid with Kashf Foundation for Hum TV . It focused on the social and economic marginalisation of citizens in Pakistani rural society alon

#20 Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna ( lit.   ' General Luna ' ) is a 2015 Filipino historical biopic film depicting General Antonio Luna 's leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine–American War . Directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, the film received critical acc

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Thomas D. Rice

Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice (May 20, 1808 – September 19, 1860) was an American performer and playwright who performed in blackface and used African American vernacular speech, song and dance to become one of the most popular minstrel show entertainers of his time. He is considered the "father of

#2 Jhaverchand Meghani

Jhaverchand or Zaverchand Kalidas Meghani ( ( 1896-08-28 ) 28 August 1896 – ( 1947-03-09 ) 9 March 1947 ) was an Indian poet, writer, social reformer and freedom fighter. He is a well-known name in the field of Gujarati literature . He was born in Chotila where the Government College has been rename

#3 Robert Youngson

Robert Youngson (November 27, 1917 – April 8, 1974) was a film producer, director, and screenwriter, specializing in reviving antique silent films. [1] [2] American film producer Robert Youngson Born ( 1917-11-27 ) November 27, 1917 Brooklyn , New York, U.S. Died April 8, 1974 (1974-04-08) (aged   5

#4 A. A. Milne

Alan Alexander Milne ( / m ɪ l n / ; 18 January 1882 – 31 January 1956) was an English author popular for his books about the teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh and children's poetry. Milne was primarily a playwright before the huge success of Winnie-the-Pooh overshadowed all his previous work. Milne served

#5 Prince Gomolvilas

Prince Gomolvilas (born August 28, 1972) is a Thai American playwright . He has written many plays which have been produced in the United States and won several distinctive awards , including a PEN Center USA West Literary Award for Drama. Thai American playwright (born 1972) Prince Gomolvilas Born

#6 Bonnie and Terry Turner

Bonnie and Terry Turner are an American husband-and-wife team of screenwriters and producers. They are best known for creating the sitcoms 3rd Rock from the Sun and That '70s Show . Husband-and-wife writing team Bonnie and Terry Turner Born Bonnie Turner : ( 1940-08-28 ) August 28, 1940 (age   81) T

#7 Robert Lewin (screenwriter)

Robert Lewin (May 9, 1920 – August 28, 2004) [2] was an American screenwriter and television producer . He was nominated for an Academy Award for The Bold and the Brave , and Emmy nominated for the television series The Paper Chase and Baretta . American screenwriter and television producer Robert L

#8 Dick McBride (poet)

Richard William McBride (May 8, 1928 – August 28, 2012) was an American beat poet , playwright and novelist. He worked at City Lights Booksellers & Publishers from 1954 to 1969. American poet Dick McBride Born ( 1928-05-08 ) May 8, 1928 Washington, Indiana , United States Died August 28, 2012 (2012-

#9 Konstantin Simonov

Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov , born Kirill Mikhailovich Simonov ( Russian: Константин Михайлович Симонов , 28 November   [ O.S. 15 November ]   1915 – 28 August 1979), was a Soviet author, war poet , playwright and wartime correspondent , arguably most famous for his 1941 poem "Wait for Me" . Kon

#10 Ricardo Muñoz Suay

Ricardo Muñoz Suay (28 August 1917 – 2 August 1997) was a Spanish film director , producer and screenwriter . He was one of the editors of the film magazine Objetivo which was published from 1953 to 1956. [1] He was a member of the Communist Party . [1] Spanish film director Ricardo Muñoz Suay Born

#11 Dorothy Rockfort

Dorothy Rockfort (born Mildred Dorothy Rochfort ) was a screenwriter who worked in Hollywood during the silent era. She primarily worked on short Westerns and serials. She was married to fellow screenwriter William Pigott , who later got involved in real estate after leaving the business. [1] Americ

#12 Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly (born August 28, 1951) is an American novelist and screenwriter within the genres of fantasy , science fiction , mystery , and historical fiction . She is the author of the bestselling Benjamin January mystery series featuring a free man of color , a musician and physician, in New Orl

#13 Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas ( UK : / ˈ dj uː m ɑː , d ʊ ˈ m ɑː / , US : / d uː ˈ m ɑː / ; French:   [alɛksɑ̃dʁ dymɑ] ; born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie ( [dymɑ davi də la pajət(ə)ʁi] ), 24 July 1802 – 5 December 1870), [1] [2] also known as Alexandre Dumas père (where père is French for 'father', to distinguis

#14 Lucas Hnath

Lucas Hnath ( / ˈ n eɪ θ / NAYTH [1] [2] ) is an American playwright . He won the 2016 Obie Award for excellence in playwriting for his plays Red Speedo and The Christians . He also won a Whiting Award . American playwright Lucas Hnath Hnath in 2017 Born Orlando, Florida Occupation Playwright Educat

#15 Andrei Platonov

Andrei Platonov ( Russian : Андре́й Плато́нов , IPA:   [ɐnˈdrʲej pɫɐˈtonəf] ; 28 August   [ O.S. 16 August ]   1899 [1] – 5 January 1951) was the pen name of Andrei Platonovich Klimentov ( Russian : Андре́й Плато́нович Климе́нтов ), a Soviet Russian writer, philosopher, playwright, and poet. Althoug

#16 Robertson Davies

William Robertson Davies CC OOnt FRSL FRSC (28 August 1913 – 2 December 1995) was a Canadian novelist, playwright, critic, journalist, and professor. He was one of Canada's best known and most popular authors and one of its most distinguished " men of letters ", a term Davies gladly accepted for him

#17 Jan Stewer

Albert John Coles (also known as Jan Stewer ; 14 March 1876 – 18 August 1965) was an English author. English author "A. J. Coles" redirects here. For the American baseball player, see A. J. Cole . This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformative and vulnerable to link rot . ( August 2022 ) This

#18 Simon Gray

Simon James Holliday Gray CBE FRSL (21 October 1936 – 7 August 2008) [1] was an English playwright and memoirist who also had a career as a university lecturer in English literature at Queen Mary, University of London , for 20 years. [2] [3] While teaching at Queen Mary, Gray began his writing caree

#19 Mike McMahan

Mike McMahan is an American comedy writer and television producer. He is the creator of the animated comedies Solar Opposites (with Justin Roiland ) and Star Trek: Lower Decks . American screenwriter Not to be confused with Mike McMahon . Mike McMahan Mike McMahan at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con Nat

#20 Lamar Trotti

Lamar Jefferson Trotti (October 18, 1900 – August 28, 1952) was an American screenwriter, producer, and motion picture executive. American film producer Lamar Trotti Born Lamar Jefferson Trotti ( 1900-10-18 ) October 18, 1900 Atlanta , US Died August 28, 1952 (1952-08-28) (aged   51) Oceanside, Cali

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#1 Percival Lancaster

Percival Lancaster (24 February 1880   – 25 October 1937) was a British civil engineer and a writer of boy's adventure fiction, whose progress was derailed by the First World War. Although his full name was William Arthur Percy Lancaster, he generally used the form Percival Lancaster. Scottish write

#2 Charles-Hyacinthe Hugo

Charles-Hyacinthe Hugo (20 September 1667 in Saint-Mihiel , Meuse , France   – 2 August 1739), also called Louis-Charles Hugo , was a Lorrain Premonstratensian author. Charles-Hyacinthe Hugo For other people named Charles Hugo, see Charles Hugo (disambiguation) .

#3 Randall Kenan

Randall Kenan (March 12, 1963 – August 28, 2020) [1] was an American author. Born in Brooklyn, New York , at six weeks old Kenan moved to Duplin County, North Carolina , a small rural community, where he lived with his grandparents in a town named Wallace . Many of Kenan's novels are set around the

#4 Frederick Knott

Frederick Major Paull Knott (28 August 1916 – 17 December 2002) was an English playwright and screenwriter known for his complex crime-related plots. Although he was a reluctant writer and completed only a small number of plays in his career, two have become well-known: the London-based stage thrill

#5 Sylvie Desrosiers

Sylvie Desrosiers (born August 28, 1954) is a Canadian writer living in Quebec . [1] Canadian writer living in Quebec She was born in Montreal and received a BA in visual arts from the Université de Montréal . [1] Desrosiers contributed to the Quebec humour magazine Croc . [2] In 1987, she published

#6 Francis Ebejer

Francis Ebejer (28 August 1925, Dingli — 10 June 1993, St Julian's ) was a Maltese dramatist and novelist. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( February 2017 ) Monument of Francis Ebejer in Dingli Francis Ebejer was the father of the Maltese painter Damian Ebejer [1]

#7 Fermín Abella y Blave

Fermín Abella y Blave (1832–1888) was a Spanish jurist, writer, editor and civil servant. Fermín Abella y Blave Born ( 1832-07-07 ) July 7, 1832 Pedrola , Zaragoza , Spain Died ( 1888-04-09 ) April 9, 1888 Madrid , Spain Resting place Cementerio de San Isidro, Madrid , Spain Occupation Jurist , Writ

#8 Joseph Alsop

Joseph Wright Alsop V (October 10, 1910 – August 28, 1989) was an American journalist and syndicated newspaper columnist from the 1930s through the 1970s. He was an influential journalist and top insider in Washington from 1945 to the late 1960s, often in conjunction with his brother Stewart Alsop .

#9 Alexandru Mironov

Alexandru Mironov (born 27 January 1942) is a Romanian science-fiction writer, journalist, and left-wing politician. A former member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Counsel for President Ion Iliescu , Mironov was Minister for Youth and Sport in 1993-1996. Since 2008, he is a member of the m

#10 Nicholas Freeston

Nicholas Freeston (28 August 1907 – 6 February 1978) was an English poet who spent most of his working life as a weaver in cotton mills near his home in Clayton-le-Moors , Lancashire . He published five books of poetry, occasionally writing in Lancashire dialect , and won fifteen awards including a

#11 Jerry Rubin

Jerry Clyde Rubin (July 14, 1938 – November 28, 1994) was an American social activist, anti-war leader, and counterculture icon during the 1960s and 1970s. During the 1980s, he became a successful businessman. He is known for being one of the co-founders of the Youth International Party (YIP), whose

#12 Edward N. Peterson

Edward N. Peterson (1925–2005) was an American historian and professor at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls from 1954 until his death in 2005. He earned his Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1953. His specialty was German history, particularly the World War II period

#13 Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon   FRIBA ( / ˈ f ɛ f əl / ; [5] born 19 June 1964) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

#14 Ali Podrimja

Ali Podrimja (28 August 1942 – 21 July 2012) was an Albanian poet. He was born in Gjakova , at the time part of Italian -controlled Albania under Italy (present day Kosovo). Albanian poet This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how

#15 Karl Knortz

Karl Knortz (28 August 1841 Garbenheim , Rhenish Prussia – 27 July 1918 North Tarrytown, New York ) was a German-American author. Karl Knortz (photo before 1911) in the weekend magazine Rhein und Düssel from August 26, 1911

#16 José Bergamín

José Bergamín Gutiérrez ( Madrid , 1895 – Hondarribia , 28 August 1983) was a Spanish writer, essayist, poet, and playwright. His father served as president of the canton of Málaga ; his mother was a Catholic . Bergamín was influenced by both politics and religion and attempted to reconcile Communis

#17 Turner Cassity

Allen Turner Cassity (January 12, 1929 in Jackson, Mississippi – July 26, 2009 in Atlanta ) [1] was an American poet , playwright , and short story writer . American poet

#18 Richard Morris (author)

Richard Ward Morris (1939 – August 28, 2003) was an American author, editor, and poet. Richard Ward Morris American poet For other people named Richard Morris, see Richard Morris (disambiguation) . Richard Morris received his MS in physics from the University of New Mexico and his PhD in physics fro

#19 Mikhail Stasyulevich

Mikhail Matveyevich Stasyulevich (Михаи́л Матве́евич Стасюле́вич, August 28, 1826, Saint Petersburg , Russia – January 23, 1911, Saint Petersburg, Russia) was a Russian writer , scholar, historian, journalist, editor and publisher. Mikhail Stasyulevich Born Mikhail Matveevich Stasyulevich ( 1826-08-

#20 Walter Liedtke

Walter Arthur Liedtke, Jr. (August 28, 1945 – February 3, 2015) [1] was an American art historian , writer and Curator of Dutch and Flemish Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art . [2] He was known as one of the world's leading scholars of Dutch and Flemish paintings. [1] He died in the 2015 Me

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