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Actor / Actor

#1 Jang Minho

Jang Ho-geun ( Korean : 장호근 , born 11 September 1977), known professionally as Jang Minho , is a South Korean singer. [5] He competed in the TV Chosun audition show Mr. Trot , placing in the top sixth. [6] He is also a model, dancer, and TV presenter. [7] [8] South Korean singer (born 1977) In this

#2 Bob Geldof

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof KBE ( / ˈ ɡ ɛ l d ɒ f / ; [1] born 5 October 1951) is an Irish singer-songwriter, actor and political activist . He rose to prominence in the late 1970s as lead singer of the Irish rock band the Boomtown Rats , who achieved popularity as part of the punk rock movement.

#3 Danny Lockin

Daniel Joseph Lockin (July 13, 1943 – August 21, 1977) [1] was an American actor and dancer who appeared on stage, television, and film. He was best known for his portrayal of the character Barnaby Tucker in the 1969 film Hello, Dolly! . American actor and dancer Danny Lockin Born Daniel Joseph Lock

#4 Wyatt Oleff

Wyatt Jess Oleff [1] (born July 13, 2003) is an American actor, known for portraying the role of Stanley Uris in the 2017 supernatural horror film It and its 2019 sequel , as well as the role of Stanley Barber in the coming-of-age comedy-drama streaming television series I Am Not Okay With This , [2

#5 Steven R. McQueen

Steven Chadwick McQueen (born July 13, 1988), [1] known professionally as Steven R. McQueen , is an American actor, best known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert in The CW fantasy supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries from 2009 to 2015 and in 2017, and its spin-off Legacies in 2018. He also starred as

#6 Yuki Kubota

Yuki Kubota ( 久保田 悠来 , Kubota Yūki , born June 15, 1981, in Hiratsuka , Kanagawa Prefecture , Japan) is a Japanese actor and model whose work has included stage, television and film roles. He is best known as the character Takatora Kureshima / Kamen Rider Zangetsu / Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin in the

#7 Rhiannon Drake

Rhiannon Sarah Margaret Drake (born 13 July 1989) is a British musician, composer, producer and actress. She is best known for playing Sabrina in the original West End cast of Grim , and her role in the musical film And You Were Wonderful, On Stage . Rhiannon Drake Born Rhiannon Sarah Margaret Drake

#8 Jack Purvis (actor)

Jack Purvis (13 July 1937 – 21 November 1997) was a British film actor . Purvis had dwarfism, and at 4   feet 2   inches (1.27   m) [1] was mainly cast in roles requiring actors of short stature. He appeared in three of director Terry Gilliam 's early fantasy films, with significant roles in Time Ba

#9 Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley [lower-alpha 1] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), or simply Elvis , was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the " King of Rock and Roll ", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century . His energized interpretations of songs and sexually

#10 Awesome Kong

Kia Stevens (born September 4, 1977) [ citation needed ] is an American actress and retired professional wrestler . She is best known for her time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)/Impact Wrestling under the ring name Awesome Kong . She also worked with Ring of Honor (ROH), Shimmer Women Ath

#11 Chance the Rapper

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett (born April 16, 1993), known professionally as Chance the Rapper , is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Born and raised in Chicago , Bennett released his debut mixtape 10 Day in 2012. He began to gain mainstream recognition in 2013 after releasin

#12 Joe Bob Briggs

John Irving Bloom (born January 27, 1953), known by the stage name Joe Bob Briggs , is an American syndicated film critic , writer, actor, and comic performer. He is known for having hosted Joe Bob's Drive-in Theater on The Movie Channel from 1986 to 1996, the TNT television series MonsterVision fro

#13 David Suchet

Sir David Courtney Suchet [2] [3] CBE ( / ˈ s uː ʃ eɪ / SOO -shay ; born 2 May 1946) is an English actor known for his work on British stage and television. He portrayed Edward Teller in the television serial Oppenheimer (1980) and received the RTS and BPG awards for his performance as Augustus Melm

#14 Ilka Chase

Ilka Chase (April 8, 1905 – February 15, 1978) [1] was an American actress, radio host, and novelist. American actress and novelist Ilka Chase Chase in Now, Voyager (1942) Born ( 1905-04-08 ) April 8, 1905 New York City, U.S. Died February 15, 1978 (1978-02-15) (aged   72) Mexico City , Mexico Occup

#15 Dragomir Felba

Dragomir Felba ( Serbian Cyrillic : Драгомир Фелба ; 7 July 1921 – 13 July 2006) was a Serbian actor. He appeared in more than one hundred films from 1948 to 2000. [1] Serbian actor Dragomir Felba Born ( 1921-07-07 ) 7 July 1921 Skopje , Yugoslavia Died 13 July 2006 (2006-07-13) (aged   85) Belgrade

#16 Domenico Viglione Borghese

Domenico Viglione Borghese (13 July 1877 – 26 October 1957) was an Italian operatic baritone and actor. Italian operatic singer Domenico Viglione Borghese in film Il mulino del Po (1949) Born ( 1877-07-13 ) 13 July 1877 Mondovi Died 26 October 1957 (1957-10-26) (aged   80) Milan Nationality Italy Oc

#17 Reynaldo Gianecchini

Reynaldo Fernandes Cisotto Gianecchini Júnior ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [ʁejˈnawdu ˌʒɐneˈkini] ; born 12 November 1972) is a Brazilian actor and model. In this Portuguese name , "Júnior" is a generational suffix used for someone whose name is the same as their father, like "Jr." in English. Braz

#18 John Alexander (actor)

John Alexander (November 29, 1897 – July 13, 1982) was an American stage, film, and television actor. American actor This article needs additional citations for verification . ( October 2015 ) John Alexander Alexander in New Orleans (1947) Born ( 1897-11-29 ) November 29, 1897 Newport, Kentucky , U.

#19 Joan Sebastian

José Manuel Figueroa Figueroa [2] [3] (April 8, 1951 – July 13, 2015), known professionally as Joan Sebastian ( pronounced   [ɟʝoˈan seβasˈtjan] ), was a Mexican singer-songwriter. [4] [5] He composed more than 1,000 songs, including compositions for artists such as Bronco , Vicente Fernández , Luce

#20 Jimmy Fallon

James Thomas Fallon (born September 19, 1974) is an American comedian, television host, actor, and writer. He is known for his work in television as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and as the host of the late-night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , which he began hosting after

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Character / Character

#1 King Kong

King Kong is a fictional giant monster resembling an enormous gorilla , who has appeared in various media since 1933. He has been dubbed The Eighth Wonder of the World , a phrase commonly used within the franchise. His first appearance was in the novelization of the 1933 film King Kong from RKO Pict

#2 Pearl and Marina

Pearl and Marina are a pair of interconnected characters from the Splatoon video game series. They were first introduced in Splatoon 2 (2017) as members of a pop music act known as Off the Hook ( テンタクルズ , Tentakuruzu , "Tentacles" in Japanese) , [3] who perform a variety of songs which is utilized a

#3 Spawn (character)

Spawn is a fictional superhero / antihero appearing in a monthly comic book of the same name published by American company Image Comics , as well as in a number of films, television series, and video game adaptations set in the Image Universe . Created by Todd McFarlane , Spawn first appeared in Spa

#4 Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is a member of the fictional Addams Family . He was played by Jackie Coogan in the original television series , by Christopher Lloyd in the two feature films, by Nick Kroll in the 2019 and 2021 animated features, by Patrick Thomas in the direct-for-video film Addams Family Reunion , and

#5 Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper is a fictional character portrayed by Welsh actress Eve Myles in the BBC science-fiction television programme Torchwood , a spin-off of the long-running series Doctor Who . The lead female character, Gwen featured in every episode of the show's 2006–11 run, as well as two 2008 crossover

#6 Bloodshot (comics)

Bloodshot is a fictional superhero created in 1992 by Kevin VanHook , Don Perlin , and Bob Layton , appearing in books published by the American publisher Valiant Comics . The Bloodshot character has had different origins and incarnations, but he is consistently a character empowered by experimental

#7 Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams is a member of the fictional Addams family , created by American cartoonist Charles Addams . Fictional character Fictional character Pugsley Addams The Addams Family character Ken Weatherwax as Pugsley in The Addams Family television series First appearance The New Yorker (1938) Creat

#8 Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt is a fictional character in the Addams Family television and film series. He was developed specifically for the 1964 television series and is a regular supporting character in subsequent motion-picture, television and stage adaptations. Fictional character in the television series The Add

#9 Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker is an animated character that appeared in theatrical short films produced by the Walter Lantz Studio and distributed by Universal Studios [2] [3] between 1940 and 1972. [4] Fictional cartoon character bird This article is about the animated character. For other uses, see Woody Woodp

#10 Grandmama (The Addams Family)

Grandmama is a fictional character in the Addams Family television and film series. First appearing in the works of cartoonist Charles Addams , she is a supporting character in the series film, television, and stage adaptations. Fictional character in the Addams family fiction This article's lead se

#11 Lexa (The 100)

Lexa is a fictional character from the post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The 100 , portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey . The recurring character does not appear in the books on which the series is loosely based. The commander of the allied Grounder clans , Lexa is portrayed as a reason

#12 Jean-Luc Picard

Jean-Luc Picard is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise, most often seen as the captain of the starship USS   Enterprise   (NCC-1701-D) . Played by Patrick Stewart , Picard has appeared in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation ( TNG ) and two episodes of Star Trek: Deep Sp

#13 Kull of Atlantis

Kull of Atlantis or Kull the Conqueror is a fictional character created by writer Robert E. Howard . The character was more introspective than Howard's subsequent creation, Conan the Barbarian , whose first appearance was in a re-write of a rejected Kull story. [1] [2] Fictional character by Robert

#14 Nero Wolfe

Nero Wolfe is a brilliant, obese and eccentric fictional armchair detective created in 1934 by American mystery writer Rex Stout . Wolfe was born in Montenegro and keeps his past murky. He lives in a luxurious brownstone on West 35th Street in New York City, and he is loath to leave his home for bus

#15 Hellboy

Hellboy is a fictional character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola . The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 1993), and has since appeared in various eponymous miniseries , one-shots and intercompany crossovers . The character has been adapted into three live-action

#16 Beans (Looney Tunes)

Beans the Cat is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Cartoons series of cartoons from 1935–1936. [1] Beans was the third Warner Bros cartoon character star after Bosko and Buddy . He is voiced by Billy Bletcher and occasionally by Tommy Bond . He was created by director Friz Freleng .

#17 Finn Hudson

Finn Christopher Hudson is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee . The character was portrayed by Cory Monteith and first appeared on television when Glee premiered its pilot episode on Fox on May 19, 2009. Finn was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy , Brad Falchuk

#18 Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Friday Addams is a fictional character created by American cartoonist Charles Addams , the only daughter in The Addams Family . The character has also appeared in television, film, and in video games, in both the live-action and animated formats. Fictional character from The Addams Family

#19 SpongeBob SquarePants (character)

SpongeBob SquarePants is the title character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name . Voiced by Tom Kenny , he is characterized by his optimism and childlike attitude. SpongeBob is commonly seen hanging out with his friend Patrick Star , working at the Krusty Kra

#20 Baron Ambrosia

Baron Ambrosia was a character played by international explorer Justin Fornal from 2006 to 2013. The character was a self-proclaimed "quaffer of culinary consciousness" and traveled around New York City, mostly in The Bronx, documenting various ethnic cultures and their indigenous cuisines, represen

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Director / Director

#1 Dan Gordon (animator)

Daniel Campbell Gordon (July 13, 1902 – August 13, 1970) was an American storyboard artist and film director , best known for his work at both Famous Studios and Hanna-Barbera Productions . Gordon was one of Famous' first directors. He wrote and directed several Popeye the Sailor and Superman cartoo

#2 Nancy Savoca

Nancy Laura Savoca (born July 23, 1959) is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. American film producer Nancy Savoca Born Nancy Laura Savoca ( 1959-07-23 ) July 23, 1959 (age   63) New York City , U.S. Occupation Film director writer producer Years   active 1982–present Spouse Richa

#3 Luigi Capuano

Luigi Capuano (13 July 1904 [1] – 20 October 1979) was an Italian film director and screenwriter. Born in Naples , he directed 43 films between 1947 and 1971. Italian film director (1904–1979) Luigi Capuano Born 13 July 1904 Naples , Italy Died 20 October 1979 (1979-10-20) (aged   75) Occupation Fil

#4 Stelios Tatasopoulos

Stelios Tatasopoulos (1908 - 13 July 2000) was a Greek film director and producer. He contributed to over twenty films from 1932 to 1972 including the 1932 film Social Decay . [1] Greek film director and producer Stelios Tatasopoulos Born 1908 Constantinople , Ottoman Empire Died 13 July 2000 (2000-

#5 Oliver Harrison

Oliver Harrison is an English filmmaker, artist and animator. [1] His films have been shown at film festivals around the world including Cannes Film Festival , New York Film Festival , San Francisco Film Festival and the London Film Festival . His feature film The Fallen Word premiered at the BFI So

#6 Konstantin Fam

Konstantin Fam aka Costa Fam ( rus . Константи́н Фа́м , born 13 July 1972, Pervomayskiy, USSR ) is a Russian independent director, producer, screenwriter. His movie "Shoes" produced in the memory of the Holocaust victims [1] was the only Russian short movie applying for the Academy Awards in 2013. [

#7 Alejandro Gómez Monteverde

José Alejandro Gómez Monteverde (born 13 July 1977) is a Mexican film director. His first film, Bella took top prize at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival by winning the “People's Choice Award”. [1] Mexican film director (born 1977) In this Spanish name , the first or paternal surname is G

#8 Stephen Verona

Stephen Verona (September 11, 1940 – July 13, 2019) [1] was an American filmmaker, photographer and painter. [1] [2] [3] He was known for writing, producing and directing the 1974 film The Lords of Flatbush . [1] He was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 44th

#9 Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami ( Persian : عباس کیارستمی [ʔæbˌbɒːs kijɒːɾostæˈmi] ( listen ) ; 22 June 1940 – 4 July 2016) was an Iranian film director , screenwriter , poet , photographer , and film producer . [2] [3] [4] An active filmmaker from 1970, Kiarostami had been involved in the production of over forty

#10 Alexander Stefanovich

Alexander Borisovich Stefanovich ( Russian : Алекса́ндр Бори́сович Стефа́нович ; 13 December 1944 – 13 July 2021) was a Russian film director , producer , and screenwriter . Cavalier of Order of Friendship . Russian film director, producer, and screenwriter (1944–2021) Alexander Stefanovich Born ( 1

#11 Zdravko Velimirović

Zdravko Velimirović (11 October 1930 – 7 February 2005) was a Yugoslavian film director and screenwriter , University Professor, a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. [3] He directed 43 films between 1954 and 2005. Yugoslavian film director Zdravko Velimirović Born ( 1930-10-11 ) 11 October

#12 Gareth Edwards (director)

Gareth James Edwards (born 13 July 1975) is a British visual effects artist, screenwriter, film director, cinematographer, production designer, and film producer. He first gained widespread recognition for Monsters (2010), an independent film in which he served as writer, director, cinematographer,

#13 Joss Whedon

Joseph Hill Whedon ( / ˈ hw iː d ən / ; born June 23, 1964) is an American filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer. He is the founder of Mutant Enemy Productions , co-founder of Bellwether Pictures , and is best known as the creator of several television series: the supernatural drama Buffy the V

#14 Michael C. Chorlton

Michael C. Chorlton (27 December 1913 – 25 October 1951) was an English film editor and occasional director. He was born in Disley , Cheshire . He particularly worked with Powell and Pressburger , including editing The Silver Fleet and the motorcycle sequences for A Matter of Life and Death British

#15 Paul Soriano

Paul David Soriano [fn 1] ( Tagalog pronunciation:   [soɾˈjano] ; born October 17, 1981) is an American-born Filipino commercial and film director, producer. Filipino filmmaker, film director, and producer Paul Soriano Born Paul David Soriano [fn 1] ( 1981-10-17 ) October 17, 1981 (age   40) Los Ang

#16 Jack Bond (director)

Jack Bond (born 1939) is a British film producer and director. He is best known for his work for The South Bank Show and his creative partnership with the British writer, actor and director Jane Arden (1927–1982) between 1965 and 1979. [1] British film producer and director Jack Bond Born 1939 (age

#17 René Laloux

René Laloux ( French:   [lalu] ; July 1929 – 14 March 2004) was a French animator, screenwriter and film director. This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points . ( January 2022 ) René Laloux Born ( 1929-07-13 ) 13 July 1929 Paris , France Died 14 March 2004 (20

#18 Prakash Mehra

Prakash Mehra (13 July 1939 – 17 May 2009) was a legendary Indian film director and producer [1] known for his work in Hindi films . He was one of the pioneers of masala films , along with Nasir Hussain , and Manmohan Desai . [2] His collaborations with the actor Amitabh Bachchan resulted in several

#19 Steven Woodcock (film director)

Steven Woodcock (born 13 July 1961) is a British film director , writer, and producer. [1] He has made two movies set in north England, Between Two Women and The Jealous God . They are similar, being 1950s & 60s set, and resemble each other in how they were made but they are different in tone and na

#20 Stan Dragoti

Stanley John Dragoti (October 4, 1932 – July 13, 2018) was an American film director whose work includes the comedies Mr. Mom and Love at First Bite . [1] [2] American film director This article needs additional citations for verification . ( July 2018 ) Stan Dragoti Born Stanley John Dragoti ( 1932

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Movie / Movie

#1 Beyond the Dream

Beyond The Dream (幻愛) is a 2019 Hong Kong romantic drama film directed by Kiwi Chow and written by Felix Tsang, starring Cecilia Choi and Terrance Lau . The film is based on the award-winning short film Upstairs (2006), which was also directed by Chow. [2] Beyond The Dream enjoyed box office success

#2 A Midsummer Night's Dream (2017 film)

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a 2017 film adaptation of the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare . The film is a modern rendition that relocates the story from ancient Athens to present day Los Angeles. 2017 American film A Midsummer Night's Dream Directed by Casey Wilder Mott Writte

#3 Tortoise in Love

Tortoise in Love is a 2012 British romantic comedy film. The story follows a microbiologist turned stately home gardener who enlists the help of his village in an attempt to woo a Polish au pair he has fallen in love with. [3] First shown at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival , the film received its worl

#4 A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II is a 2020 American post-apocalyptic horror film and the sequel to the 2018 film A Quiet Place , following the family from the first film as they continue to navigate and survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind aliens with an acute sense of hearing. The film was w

#5 Late Bloomers (2011 film)

Late Bloomers ( French : Trois fois 20 ans ) is a 2011 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Julie Gavras and starring William Hurt and Isabella Rossellini . The film premiered on 18 February 2011 at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival . It was released theatrically in France on 13 July 201

#6 Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London is a 2004 American action comedy buddy film and the sequel to the 2003 film Agent Cody Banks . Directed by Kevin Allen and written by Don Rhymer , the film stars Frankie Muniz , Anthony Anderson , Hannah Spearritt and Keith David . The film takes place in Londo

#7 Shadow Man (2006 film)

Shadow Man is a 2006 American thriller film directed by Michael Keusch, and also written and produced by Steven Seagal , who also starred in the film. The film co-stars Eva Pope , Imelda Staunton and Garrick Hagon . The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on June 6, 2006. 2006 Am

#8 Nightbreed

Nightbreed is a 1990 American dark fantasy horror film written and directed by Clive Barker , based on his 1988 novella Cabal . It stars Craig Sheffer , Anne Bobby , David Cronenberg , Charles Haid , Hugh Quarshie , and Doug Bradley . The film follows an unstable mental patient named Aaron Boone who

#9 Jigsaw (2017 film)

Jigsaw is a 2017 American horror film directed by the Spierig Brothers and written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. It is the eighth installment in the Saw film series . The film stars Matt Passmore , Callum Keith Rennie , Clé Bennett , and Hannah Emily Anderson. The plot follows a group of pe

#10 Ne Zha (2019 film)

Ne Zha [7] [3] [11] [12] ( Chinese : 哪吒之魔童降世 [3] ; pinyin : Nézhā zhī Mótóng Jiàngshì ; lit. 'Birth of the demon child Nezha' ), also spelled Nezha , [13] [12] [14] is a 2019 Chinese 3D computer animation [3] fantasy adventure film [7] directed and written by Yu Yang, credited as Jiaozi. [14] Its an

#11 Siberia (2018 film)

Siberia is a 2018 thriller film directed by Matthew Ross and written by Scott B. Smith from a story by Stephen Hamel. It stars Keanu Reeves , Ana Ularu , Pasha D. Lychnikoff and Molly Ringwald . 2018 Canadian-American film by Matthew Ross Siberia Theatrical release poster Directed by Matthew Ross Wr

#12 Bad Girls (TV series)

Bad Girls is a British television drama series that was broadcast on ITV from 1 June 1999 until 20 December 2006. It was created by Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus of Shed Productions , who initiated the idea of developing a series primarily focusing on the inmates and staff of the fictional women'

#13 One Mad Kiss

One Mad Kiss is a 1930 American musical film directed by Marcel Silver and James Tinling and starring José Mojica , Mona Maris and Antonio Moreno . The film was not a commercial success and lost $263,000 on its release. [1] A separate Spanish-language version El precio de un beso was also released.

#14 Snehana Preethina

Snehana Preethina ( transl.   Friendship or Love ) is a 2007 Indian Kannada -language film directed by Shahuraj Shindhe, and is a remake of the 1997 Hindi film , Ishq . It stars Darshan , Aditya , Sindhu Tolani and Lakshmi Rai . [1] [2] [3] 2007 Indian film Snehana Preethina Directed by Shahuraj Shi

#15 Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is a 2005 American biographical sports drama film directed by Ron Howard , titled after the nickname of world heavyweight boxing champion James J. Braddock and inspired by his life story. The film was produced by Howard, Penny Marshall , and Brian Grazer . Damon Runyon is credited for

#16 Bear Witness, Take Action

Bear Witness, Take Action is a pair of American livestreams , the first one streamed on YouTube on June 13, 2020, as part of a YouTube Original programming supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in correspondence with the George Floyd protests . It gathers notable people of color in the United S

#17 For My Father

For My Father ( Hebrew : סוף שבוע בתל אביב , translit.   Sof Shavua B'Tel Aviv) is a 2008 Israeli drama film directed by Dror Zahavi . It was entered into the 30th Moscow International Film Festival . [1] 2008 film For My Father Directed by Dror Zahavi Written by Ido Dror Dror Zahavi Starring Shredi

#18 The Dead Pool

The Dead Pool is a 1988 American neo-noir vigilante action thriller film directed by Buddy Van Horn , written by Steve Sharon and starring Clint Eastwood as Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan . [4] It is the fifth and final film in the Dirty Harry film series and is set in San Francisco , California .

#19 Lie With Me (2021 TV series)

Lie With Me is a television drama series that premiered on Channel 5 on 12 July 2021 and on Network 10 on 3 November 2021. [1] [2] [3] Australian television drama series Lie With Me Genre Drama Created by Jason Herbison Written by Anthony Ellis Margaret Wilson Jason Herbison Directed by Scott Major

#20 Doctor Bari

Doctor Bari ( Bengali : ডাক্তার বাড়ি , lit.   ' The Doctor's House ' ) [1] is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film directed by Azizur Rahman and written by A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman . The film was released on 17 July 2007 in Bangladesh. It was produced by NTV Production House and distributed by G Series.

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Researcher / Researcher

#1 Wajih Fanous

Mohammed Wajih Sobhi Fanous (known as Wajih Fanous , Arabic : وجيه فانوس , romanized :   Wjyh Fanws ; 1948 – 13 July 2022), was a Lebanese literary critic, academic, and researcher. He wrote about twenty books, ranging from literary criticism , cultural heritage , Islamic civilization , and contempo

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Alan Ayckbourn

Sir Alan Ayckbourn CBE FRSA (born 12 April 1939) is a prolific British playwright and director. He has written and produced as of 2021, more than eighty full-length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, whe

#2 Saturday Rosenberg

Saturday Llewellyn Rosenberg born Llewellyn Saturday Jobbins , also known as Saturday Brander (13 July 1952 – 13 August 1998) was an Australian comedian, writer and actress. Australian comedian, writer and actress Saturday Rosenberg Born Llewellyn Saturday Jobbins (aka Brander) 13 July 1952 Melbourn

#3 Ian Hislop

Ian David Hislop (born 13 July 1960) is a British journalist, satirist, writer, broadcaster, and editor of the magazine Private Eye . He has appeared on many radio and television programmes and has been a team captain on the BBC quiz show Have I Got News for You since the programme's inception in 19

#4 Haralamb Lecca

Haralamb George Lecca ( Romanian pronunciation:   [haraˈlamb ˈdʒe̯ordʒe ˈleka] ; February 23   [ O.S. February 10 ]   1873 – March 9, 1920), also known as Haralamb Leca , Har. Lecca , [1] [2] or Haralambie Lecca , [3] [4] was a Romanian poet, playwright and translator. He belonged to an upper-class

#5 Carlton Cuse

Arthur Carlton Cuse [1] [2] (born March 22, 1959) is a screenwriter, producer, and director, best known for the American television series Lost , for which he made the Time list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010. [3] Cuse is known for his groundbreaking cross-genre storytelling

#6 Lenore Coffee

Lenore Jackson Coffee (1896 – 1984) was an American screenwriter , playwright , and novelist . American screenwriter, playwright, novelist Lenore J. Coffee Born ( 1896-07-13 ) July 13, 1896 San Francisco, California , U.S. Died July 2, 1984 (1984-07-02) (aged   87) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Calif

#7 Thor Freudenthal

Thor Freudenthal ( / ˈ t ɔːr / ; born 20 October 1972) is a German film director, screenwriter, animator and special effects artist best known for his work on Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters . German film director, screenwriter Thor Freudenthal Freudenthal in 2013 Born ( 1972

#8 Scott Smith (author)

Scott Bechtel Smith (born July 13, 1965) is an American author and screenwriter . He has written two novels, A Simple Plan (1993) and The Ruins (2006). Both were adapted into films - A Simple Plan (1998) and The Ruins (2008), respectively - based on Smith's own screenplays. He also wrote the screenp

#9 Josefina Niggli

Josefina Niggli (1910–1983; birth name was Josephine ) was a Mexican -born Anglo -American playwright and novelist . Writing about Mexican-American issues in the middle years of the century, before the rise of the Chicano movement , she was the first and, for a time, the only Mexican American writin

#10 Mirko Kovač (writer)

Mirko Kovač (26 December 1938 – 19 August 2013 [1] ) was a Yugoslav writer. In his rich career he wrote novels, short stories, essays, film scripts, TV and radio plays. Among his best known works are the novels Gubilište , Životopis Malvine Trifković , Vrata od utrobe , Grad u zrcalu , the short sto

#11 Sandro Continenza

Sandro Continenza (13 July 1920 – 21 November 1996) was an Italian screenwriter . [1] [2] He wrote for 142 films between 1949 and 1982. He was born in Rome , Italy. Italian screenwriter Sandro Continenza Born ( 1920-07-13 ) 13 July 1920 Rome , Italy Died 21 November 1996 (1996-11-21) (aged   76) Rom

#12 Giulio Scarnicci

Giulio Scarnicci (5 May 1913 – 13 July 1973) was an Italian screenwriter . He worked on more than thirty films, including the screenplay for the 1960 horror film My Friend, Dr. Jekyll . [1] Giulio Scarnicci Born 5 May 1913 Florence , Tuscany , Italy Died 13 July 1973 (1973-07-13) (aged   60) Rome ,

#13 David M. Rosenthal (director)

David Mitchell Rosenthal (born March 23, 1969 [1] [2] ) is an American screenwriter, film director, and producer. He has directed the films A Single Shot , How It Ends , Janie Jones , and The Perfect Guy , among others. American screenwriter, film director, and producer This biography of a living pe

#14 Harlan Thompson

Harlan Thompson (24 September 1890 – 29 October 1966) was an American theatre director , screenwriter , lyricist , film director , and film and television producer . He wrote the Broadway hit Little Jessie James (1923–24), and several other Broadway musicals. He moved to Hollywood, where he was in t

#15 Tim Minear

Timothy P. Minear ( / m aɪ ˈ n iː r / ; born October 29, 1963) is an American screenwriter and director. He has been nominated for four Emmy Awards (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017) for his role as an executive producer on American Horror Story and Feud . [1] American screenwriter and director Tim Minear Tim

#16 Laurent Ruquier

Laurent Hugues Emmanuel Ruquier ( French pronunciation:   ​ [loʁɑ̃ yɡ emanɥɛl ʁykje] ; born 24 February 1963) is a French television presenter, radio host and comedian. He is also a lyricist, writer, columnist and impresario; he has been co-owner and general manager of Théâtre Antoine-Simone Berriau

#17 David Milch

David Sanford Milch (born March 23, 1945) is an American writer and producer of television series. He has created several television shows, including NYPD Blue (co-created with Steven Bochco ) and Deadwood . [1] American TV writer and producer David Milch David Milch at the 64th Annual Peabody Award

#18 Milton Sperling

Milton Sperling (July 6, 1912 – August 26, 1988) was an American film producer and screenwriter for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. , where he had his own independent production unit, United States Pictures . American film producer This article needs additional citations for verification . ( Decem

#19 Philip Dunne (writer)

Philip Ives Dunne (February 11, 1908 – June 2, 1992) was a Hollywood screenwriter , film director and producer , who worked prolifically from 1932 until 1965. He spent the majority of his career at 20th Century Fox . He crafted well regarded romantic and historical dramas, usually adapted from anoth

#20 Bill Whittle

William Alfred Whittle (born April 7, 1959) [1] is an American conservative political commentator and YouTuber . He has made videos for PJ Media as the presenter of Afterburner and The Firewall , and as co-host of Right Angle with Stephen Green and Scott Ott , his former fellow co-hosts of Trifecta

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Writer / Writer

#1 Ellen Gray Massey

Ellen Gray Massey (November 14, 1921 – July 13, 2014) was an American writer and schoolteacher . Ellen Gray Massey Born ( 1921-11-14 ) November 14, 1921 Nevada , Missouri , U.S. Died July 13, 2014 (2014-07-13) (aged   92) Lebanon , Missouri, U.S. Notable awards Western Writers Spur Award 2014 Papa's

#2 Maria Hrinchenko

Maria Mykolayivna Hrinchenko ( Ukrainian : Марія Миколаївна Грінченко ; 13 July 1863 – 15 July 1928, in Bohodukhiv , Ukraine ) was a Ukrainian folklorist active at the turn of the 20th century. She played a significant role in the preservation and development of Ukrainian folklore. This article does

#3 Johann Baptiste Horvath

Johann Baptiste Horvath ( Hungarian : Keresztély János Horváth , 13 July 1732 in Kőszeg – 20 October 1799 in Buda ) [ citation needed ] was a Hungarian Jesuit Professor of Physics and Philosophy at the Catholic university for teaching theology and philosophy in Nagyszombat , Kingdom of Hungary (now

#4 Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys PRS ( / p iː p s / ; [1] 23 February 1633 – 26 May 1703) was an English diarist and naval administrator. He served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament and is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade. Pepys had no maritime experience, but he rose to be the C

#5 Frank C. Matthews

Frank C. Matthews (born July 13, 1972) is an African-American writer of urban fiction . His works are influenced by Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines . African-American writer of urban fiction (born 1972) For other people with the same name, see Frank Matthews (disambiguation) . This article's tone or

#6 Victor Sosnora

Victor Aleksandrovich Sosnora ( Russian : Виктор Александрович Соснора; 28 April 1936, Alupka – 13 July 2019, St. Petersburg ) was a Russian poet, writer and playwright. He is considered one of the most important representatives of the Leningrad/Petersburg school. [1] Russian writer (1936–2019)

#7 Manuel Azaña

Manuel Azaña Díaz ( Spanish pronunciation:   [maˈnwel aˈθaɲa] ; 10 January 1880 – 3 November 1940) was a Spanish politician who served as Prime Minister of the Second Spanish Republic (1931–1933 and 1936), organizer of the Popular Front in 1935 and the last President of the Republic (1936–1939). He

#8 E. C. Alft

Elmer Charles "Mike" Alft Jr. (July 13, 1925 - November 22, 2021) was an American historian and former mayor of Elgin , Illinois . Born in Chicago, Illinois , he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College in 1949 and received his master's degree from Syracuse University in 1950. He taught at Elg

#9 Sadashiv Vasantrao Gorakshkar

Sadashiv Vasantrao Gorakshkar (31 May 1933 [1] – 13 July 2019) was an Indian writer, [2] [3] [4] art critic, historian, museologist [5] and a director of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, erstwhile Prince of Wales Museum , Mumbai. He is credited with the restoration of Lakshmibai P

#10 Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon   FRIBA ( / ˈ f ɛ f əl / ; [5] born 19 June 1964) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

#11 Carolyn See

Carolyn See (born Caroline Laws ; [ citation needed ] January 13, 1934 – July 13, 2016) was a professor emerita of English at the University of California, Los Angeles , [3] and the author of ten books, including the memoir, Dreaming: Hard Luck and Good Times in America , an advice book on writing,

#12 Jiang Nan (novelist)

Yang Zhi ( Chinese : 杨治 ; born 1977), better known by the pen name Jiang Nan ( Chinese : 江南 ), is a Chinese fantasy writer and novelist. He is the CEO of Beijing Smart Dragon Cultural Development Co, Ltd. For the Taiwanese writer with pen name Chiang Nan, see Henry Liu . Jiang Nan Born Yang Zhi ( 19

#13 Laurence Gronlund

Laurence Gronlund ( Danish : Lauritz Andreas Grønlund , [1] 1844–1899) was a Danish-born American lawyer, writer, lecturer, and political activist. Gronlund is best remembered for his pioneering work in adapting the International Socialism of Karl Marx and Ferdinand Lassalle to the American idiom in

#14 Mohamed Zafzaf

Mohamed Zafzaf ( Arabic : محمد زفزاف ; 1945 – 13 July 2001) was one of the most famous Arabic-language novelists and poets in Morocco in the 20th century. [1] He played a pivotal role in the development of Moroccan literature in the second half of the 20th-century and came to be known as "the godfat

#15 Giovanni Aloi

Giovanni Aloi (born 1976) is an author and curator specializing in the representation of nature in modern and contemporary art. He teaches art history and visual culture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago . [1] He is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual

#16 Rasmus Rasmussen (writer)

Rasmus Rasmussen (August 13, 1871   – October 5, 1962), also known as Regin í Líð and Rasmus á Háskúlanum , was a Faroese folk high school teacher, writer, and independence activist. Rasmus Rasmussen Born ( 1871-07-13 ) July 13, 1871 Miðvágur Died October 5, 1962 (1962-10-05) (aged   91) Tórshavn Oc

#17 David Roediger

David R. Roediger (born July 13, 1952) is the Foundation Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History at the University of Kansas , where he has been since the fall of 2014. [1] Previously, he was an American Kendrick C. Babcock Professor of History at the University of Illinois at Urbana

#18 Charles de La Rounat

Charles de La Rounat , [1] real name Aimé-Nicolas-Charles Rouvenat , (16 April 1818 – 25 December 1884 [2] ) was a 19th-century French writer, playwright , journalist and theatre director. Charles de La Rounat Charles de La Rounat Born Aimé-Nicolas-Charles Rouvenat 16 April 1818 Paris Died 25 Decemb

#19 David Paton Balfour

David Paton Balfour (12 July 1841 – 13 July 1894) was a New Zealand sheepfarmer, station manager, roading supervisor and diarist. He was born in Monikie , Forfarshire , Scotland on 12 July 1841. [1] New Zealand sheep farmer, station manager, roading supervisor and diarist This article relies largely

#20 Jerry Wald

Jerome Irving Wald (September 16, 1911 – July 13, 1962) was an American screenwriter and a producer of films and radio programs . [1] [2] American screenwriter and producer (1911–1962) Jerry Wald Jerry Wald (facing away from camera) during rehearsals for the 1958 Academy Awards, with John Wayne , Ma

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