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Actor / Actor

#1 Sian Brooke

Sian Brooke (born Sian Elizabeth Phillips ; born 1980) [2] is a British actress. Her television work includes Cape Wrath (2007), Sherlock (2017), Doctor Foster (2017), Good Omens (2019), Guilt (2019), and Trying (2020–). British actress Sian Brooke Born Sian Elizabeth Phillips 1980 (age   41 – 42) L

#2 Susan Brown (American actress)

Susan Brown (May 4, 1932 – August 31, 2018) was an American television and film actress and interior designer. She was best known for her roles on daytime soap operas, particularly General Hospital ; in 1979, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her role on the show. [1] American actress N

#3 Jonathan Freeman (actor)

Jonathan Freeman (born February 5, 1950) is an American actor and puppeteer. He is known for puppeteering and voicing Tito Swing in Shining Time Station and for voicing Jafar in Disney 's Aladdin franchise , as well as the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the 2011 Aladdin musical . American actor and pu

#4 W. H. Denny

W. H. Denny (22 October 1853 – 31 August 1915) was an English singer and actor in comic operas, operettas and musical theatre. He is best remembered for his portrayal of baritone roles in the Savoy operas . English singer and actor Denny in 1892

#5 Jaime P. Gomez

Jaime P. Gomez (born August 31, 1965) [1] is an American film and television actor. Born in Los Angeles, California . [1] He is perhaps best known for playing Nash Bridges 's youthful partner Inspector Evan Cortez on 100 episodes of the American police procedural television series Nash Bridges . [2]

#6 Jacques Goldberg

Jacques Goldberg (16 January 1861 – 26 September 1934) was a German musician, actor and theatre director . [1] German musician, actor and theatre director

#7 Padma Lakshmi

Padma Parvati Lakshmi ( Tamil pronunciation:   [ˈpəd̪mə ˈləkɕmi] ; born September 1, 1970) [1] is an Indian-born American author, activist, model, and television host. She has hosted the cooking competition program Top Chef on Bravo continuously since season 2 (2006). For her work, she received a Pr

#8 Jang Ki-yong

Jang Ki-yong ( Korean :   장기용 ; born August 7, 1992) is a South Korean actor and model . Initially beginning a career in the modelling industry, Jang debuted as an actor through a guest appearance on It's Okay, That's Love (2014), followed roles in various television series'. He was cast in Come and

#9 Hannah Chaplin

Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Chaplin ( née Hill ; 6 August 1865 – 28 August 1928 [1] [2] ), also known by the stage name Lily Harley , was an English actress, singer and dancer who performed in British music halls from the age of 16. Chaplin was the mother of Charlie Chaplin and his two half-brothers,

#10 Nicolas van Beveren

Nicolas Van Beveren (born August 31, 1982) [1] is a French actor and film director best known for starring as Jon in the 2016 science fiction film Virtual Revolution . [2] French actor and film director Nicolas van Beveren Nicolas Van Beveren in 2017 Born Nicolas Van Beveren ( 1982-08-31 ) August 31

#11 Mike Erwin

Mike Erwin (born August 31, 1978) sometimes credited as Michael Erwin , is an American actor who is best known for playing Colin Hart from 2002 to 2006 in the WB television series Everwood . American actor This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2021 )

#12 Rina Akiyama

Rina Akiyama ( Japanese : 秋山 莉奈 , Hepburn : Akiyama Rina , born September 26, 1985 [1] ) is a Japanese actress, gravure idol , and tarento from Tokyo . Her most notable appearances are in two Kamen Rider series, namely Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Den-O . She also has a cameo appearance in Meta

#13 Mick Lally

Michael Lally (10 November 1945 – 31 August 2010) [2] [3] was an Irish stage, film and television actor. He departed from a teaching career for acting during the 1970s. [3] Though best known in Ireland for his role as Miley Byrne in the television soap Glenroe , [4] Lally's stage career spanned seve

#14 Zhou Jieqiong

Zhou Jieqiong ( Chinese : 周洁琼 ; Korean :   주결경 ; born December 16, 1998), known professionally as Jieqiong or Kyulkyung (in Korean), is a Chinese singer and actress based in China and South Korea and signed under Pledis Entertainment . [2] After finishing sixth in survival show Produce 101 , she bec

#15 Violent J

Joseph Francis Bruce (born April 28, 1972), [1] [ unreliable source? ] known by his stage name Violent J , is an American rapper, record producer, professional wrestler , and part of the hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse . He is a co-founder of the record label Psychopathic Records , with fellow ICP ra

#16 Audrina Patridge

Audrina Cathleen Patridge (born May 9, 1985) is an American television personality, model and actress. In 2006, she rose to prominence after being cast in the reality television series The Hills , which chronicled the personal and professional lives of Patridge and friends Lauren Conrad , Heidi Mont

#17 Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay Williams ( クリスタル・ケイ・ウィリアムズ , Kurisutaru Kei Wiriamuzu , born February 26, 1986) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, actress and radio host. Japanese singer, songwriter, actress and radio host This article needs to be updated . ( December 2021 ) Crystal Kay Crystal Kay at a radio station in

#18 Sori (singer)

Kim So-ri (born July 21, 1990), professionally known by the mononym Sori , is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a former member of the duo CocoSori and the project girl group Real Girls Project. South Korean singer born 1990 For other uses, see Sori . In this Korean name , the family name is

#19 Jung Kyung-ho (actor, born 1983)

Jung Kyung-ho (born August 31, 1983) is a South Korean actor. He became well known for his supporting roles in I'm Sorry, I Love You (2004) and Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), and his leading roles in Smile, You (2009) and Heartless City (2013). He has since had leading roles in Beating Again (201

#20 Robert Ginnaven

Robert "Bob" Ginnaven (January 1, 1937 – February 17, 2008) was an American film and television actor . American actor Robert Ginnaven Born Robert Addison Ginnaven, Jr. January 1, 1937 Memphis, Tennessee , U.S.A. Died February 17, 2008 (aged 71) Little Rock, Arkansas , U.S.A. Other   names Bob Ginna

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Character / Character

#1 Bart Simpson

Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson [1] is a fictional character and one of the two main protagonists , alongside his father Homer , in the American animated television series The Simpsons and part of the Simpson family . [2] He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright and first appeared on television in The Trace

#2 Paul Gambi

Paul Gambi is a fictional tailor appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics . His name is an homage to real life fan Paul Gambaccini . Paul Gambi first appeared in The Flash #141 and was created by John Broome . This article was nominated for deletion . The discussion was closed on 31

#3 Bimbo (Fleischer Studios)

Bimbo is a tubby, black and white cartoon pup created by Fleischer Studios . He is most well known for his role in the Betty Boop cartoon series, where he featured as Betty's main love interest. [2] A precursor design of Bimbo, originally named Fitz, first appeared in the Out of the Inkwell series.

#4 Morph (TV series)

Morph is a British series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character, who is a small plasticine man, who speaks an unintelligible language and lives on a tabletop, his bedroom being a small wooden box. This fictional character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart

#5 Håkan Bråkan

Håkan Andersson , nicknamed Håkan Bråkan , is the younger brother of Sune Andersson, the main character in the Swedish Sune series , a series of books. Sune finds Håkan very annoying, having given him the nickname "Håkan Bråkan" which roughly translates to Håkan the Troublemaker. This article has mu

#6 Apollo Creed

Apollo Creed is a fictional character from the Rocky films , played by Carl Weathers . He serves as the main antagonist in Rocky and Rocky II and also appears in Rocky III and Rocky IV . He is a tough but agile boxer who is, when the series begins, the undisputed heavyweight world champion. The char

#7 Gidney & Cloyd

Gidney and Cloyd are fictional characters originally appearing in the American animated television program Rocky and His Friends (now known, along with The Bullwinkle Show , as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show or simply Rocky and Bullwinkle ). Their names were adapted from the names "Sidney" and "Floyd

#8 Hellboy

Hellboy is a fictional character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola . The character first appeared in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 1993), and has since appeared in various eponymous miniseries , one-shots and intercompany crossovers . The character has been adapted into three live-action

#9 Creeper (Minecraft)

Creepers are fictional creatures from the sandbox video game Minecraft . They are hostile mobs (short for mobile non-player characters) that can be encountered in the game world at any given time or location where such mobs spawn. Instead of traditionally attacking the player, they creep up on the p

#10 Hop Harrigan

Hop Harrigan (also known as The Guardian Angel and Black Lamp ) is a fictional character published by All-American Publications . He appeared in American comic books , radio serials and film serials . He was created by Jon Blummer, and was a popular hero originally through the 1940s, during the even

#11 The Tramp

The Tramp ( Charlot in several languages), also known as the Little Tramp , was English actor Charlie Chaplin 's most memorable on-screen character and an icon in world cinema during the era of silent film . The Tramp is also the title of a silent film starring Chaplin, which Chaplin wrote and direc

#12 Dale Smith (The Bill)

Dale "Smithy" Smith is a fictional character from the British television police procedural The Bill , played by Alex Walkinshaw . He first appeared in the fifteenth series episode "Cowardice", broadcast on 20 July 1999. Dale was introduced as a police constable, before later being promoted to sergea

#13 Henery Hawk

Henery Hawk is a cartoon character from the American Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series, who appeared in thirteen cartoons. His first appearance was The Squawkin' Hawk , [10] directed by Chuck Jones and produced by Leon Schlesinger . Henery's second appearance was Walky Talky Hawky which also f

#14 Lucas the Spider

Lucas the Spider is an animated character created by animator Joshua Slice, named after and voiced by his nephew. Lucas is based on a jumping spider and has starred in multiple short YouTube videos between 2017 and 2019. The first Lucas the Spider video was uploaded on November 5, 2017. [1] [2] Luca

#15 Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon is a superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics , commonly in association with the superhero Batman . The character was created by television producer William Dozier , editor Julius Schwartz , writer Gardner Fox , and artist Carmine Infantino . Dozier, the p

#16 Nora Batty

Nora Batty (née Renshaw ) is a fictional character in the world's longest-running sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine . Nora became a national icon, recognised by her wrinkled stockings, pinny and distinctive style of hair curlers . She appeared in 245 of the 295 episodes. [1] Fictional character from L

#17 Jack Ryan (character)

John Patrick Ryan, Sr. KCVO (Hon.) is a fictional character created by author Tom Clancy and featured in his Ryanverse novels, which have consistently topped the New York Times bestseller list over 30 years. [1] Since Clancy's death in 2013, four other authors have continued the franchise and its ot

#18 Tom Strong

Tom Strong is a comic book created by writer Alan Moore and artist Chris Sprouse , initially published bi-monthly by America's Best Comics , an imprint of DC Comics ' Wildstorm division. Tom Strong, the title character, is a "science hero", with a wife, Dhalua, and a daughter, Tesla, both with enhan

#19 Prospero

Prospero ( / ˈ p r ɒ s p ər oʊ / PROS -pər-o ) is a fictional character and the protagonist of William Shakespeare 's play The Tempest . Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan , whose usurping brother, Antonio, had put him (with his three-year-old daughter, Miranda ) to sea on a "rotten carcass" of

#20 Popeye

Popeye the Sailor Man is a fictional cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar . [43] [44] [45] [46] The character first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929, and Popeye became the strip's title in later years. The character has also appeared in

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Director / Director

#1 Enrique Telémaco Susini

Enrique Telémaco Susini (January 31, 1891 – July 4, 1972) was an Argentine entrepreneur and media pioneer. Argentine film director and media pioneer Portrait of Enrique Telémaco Susini by photographer Annemarie Heinrich In 1920, Susini led the effort for the first radio broadcast in Argentina, and s

#2 Kate and Laura Mulleavy

Katherine "Kate" Mulleavy (born February 11, 1979) and Laura Mulleavy (born August 31, 1980) are American fashion designers and filmmakers who founded the fashion label Rodarte in 2005. In addition to their work in fashion, the sisters have also ventured into film, writing and directing their first

#3 Filip Tegstedt

Filip Tegstedt (born August 31, 1978) is a Swedish film director, best known for the Swedish language horror film Marianne (2011) which premiered at the 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival . Swedish film director (born 1978) Filip Tegstedt Born ( 1978-08-31 ) August 31, 1978 (age   43) Östersu

#4 Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder (born 24 May 1973) is an Indian filmmaker. After working as an editor on 21 films starting with Champion (2000), Kunder made his screenwriting and directorial debut with Jaan-E-Mann (2006). He is married to choreographer and film director Farah Khan whom he met while working on her 20

#5 George Kuchar

George Kuchar (August 31, 1942 – September 6, 2011) [1] was an American underground film director and video artist , known for his "low-fi" aesthetic. [2] George Kuchar George Kuchar on the set of Orphans Of The Cosmos (2008) Born ( 1942-08-31 ) August 31, 1942 New York, New York , U.S. Died Septemb

#6 Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Wolfgang Kohlhaase (13 March 1931 – 5 October 2022) was a German screenwriter, film director, and writer. He was considered "one of the most important screenwriters in German film history", [1] and was one of the GDR 's most well-known and prolific film screenwriters. [2] Kohlhaase was awarded the H

#7 Leon Hirszman

Leon Hirszman (22 November 1937 – 15 September 1987) was a Brazilian film director, producer and screenwriter, and one of the main figures of Cinema Novo . He is best known for directing the 1981 film They Don't Wear Black Tie which won the Special Jury Prize at the 38th Venice International Film Fe

#8 Pa. Ranjith

Pa. Ranjith is an Indian filmmaker [1] who works in Tamil films [2] He made his directorial debut with the 2012 romantic comedy Attakathi , before earning unanimously positive reviews for his second film, the political drama Madras (2014). In 2016, he wrote and directed the gangster-drama Kabali and

#9 Hugh Harman

Hugh Harman (August 31, 1903 – November 25, 1982) was an American animator. He was known for creating the Warner Bros. Cartoons and MGM Cartoons [1] and his collaboration with Rudolf Ising during the golden age of American animation . American animator (1903–1982) Hugh Harman Born ( 1903-08-31 ) Aug

#10 Steve Bannon

Stephen Kevin Bannon (born November 27, 1953) is an American media executive, political strategist , and former investment banker . He served as the White House 's chief strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump's term . [3] [4] He is a fo

#11 Alanis Obomsawin

Alanis Obomsawin , CC GOQ (born August 31, 1932) is an Abenaki American Canadian filmmaker, singer, artist, and activist primarily known for her documentary films. [1] Born in New Hampshire , United States and raised primarily in Quebec , Canada, she has written and directed many National Film Board

#12 Bapu (director)

Sattiraju Lakshminarayana (15 December 1933 – 31 August 2014), known professionally as Bapu , was an Indian film director, painter, illustrator, cartoonist, screenwriter, music artist, and designer known for his works in Telugu and Hindi cinema. [1] In 2013, he was awarded the Padma Shri , for his c

#13 Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette ( French:   [ʒak ʁivɛt] ; 1 March 1928 – 29 January 2016) was a French film director and film critic most commonly associated with the French New Wave and the film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma . He made twenty-nine films, including L'amour fou (1969), Out 1 (1971), Celine and Julie Go

#14 Rob Zombie

Robert Bartleh Cummings [7] [8] (born January 12, 1965), [9] known professionally as Rob Zombie , is an American singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and voice actor. He is a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie , releasing four studio albums with the band. He is the older brother of Spide

#15 Alastair Swinnerton

Alastair Swinnerton is a UK author and writer/producer known mostly for his involvement with Lego Bionicle , which he co-created with Bob Thompson and Martin Andersen of Lego and Christian Faber of Danish advertising agency Advance. However, he has been writing and creating animation since the late

#16 Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin binti Ahmad (7 January 1958 – 25 July 2009) was a Malaysian film director, writer and scriptwriter . She was the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur . Her television commercials and films are well known in Malaysia for being humorous and touching. [ citation needed ] Her w

#17 Destiny Ekaragha

Destiny Ekaragha is a British film director. She is only the third British black woman, following Ngozi Onwurah and Amma Asante , to have directed a feature-length film that was given cinema distribution in the UK. [1] British film director

#18 Robert Wise

Robert Earl Wise (September 10, 1914 – September 14, 2005) was an American film director, producer, and editor. He won the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture for his musical films West Side Story (1961) and The Sound of Music (1965). He was also nominated for Best Film Editing for Cit

#19 Osamu Kaneda

Osamu Kaneda ( Japanese : 金田 治 , born August 31, 1949) is a director, action director and a stuntman. He is the president and CEO of Japan Action Enterprise , and a graduate of Tokyo Designer Gakuin College . Osamu Kaneda Born ( 1949-08-31 ) August 31, 1949 (age   72) Japan Occupation Film director

#20 Todd Wilson (director)

Todd Chadwick Wilson (August 31, 1963 — September 4, 2005) was a film director who made several gay films. Wilson's two feature films highlight gay male Asian - White relationships. American film director According to colleague Jack Curtis Dubowsky , "Todd believed much of queer cinema suffered from

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Movie / Movie

#1 Fantasy Island (2021 TV series)

Fantasy Island (stylized as FANTASY ISLⱯND [1] ) is an American fantasy drama television series created by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain for Fox . It is a sequel to and maintains continuity with the original 1977 series . The series premiered on August 10, 2021, with a preview special, Welcome to t

#2 Early Edition

Early Edition is an American fantasy comedy-drama television series that aired on CBS from September 28, 1996, to May 27, 2000. Set in Chicago, Illinois, it follows the adventures of a man who mysteriously receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published, and who use

#3 Women's Murder Club (TV series)

Women's Murder Club is an American police procedural and legal drama that aired on ABC from October 12, 2007, to May 13, 2008. The series is set in San Francisco, California , and is based on the series of novels by the same name written by James Patterson . Series creators Elizabeth Craft and Sarah

#4 Shadow Man (2006 film)

Shadow Man is a 2006 American thriller film directed by Michael Keusch, and also written and produced by Steven Seagal , who also starred in the film. The film co-stars Eva Pope , Imelda Staunton and Garrick Hagon . The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on June 6, 2006. 2006 Am

#5 Lailaa O Lailaa

Lailaa O Lailaa is a 2015 Indian Malayalam -language action spy thriller film directed by Joshiy . It stars Mohanlal and Amala Paul alongside a supporting cast of Sathyaraj , Joy Mathew , Sreerag Nambiar, Rahul Dev and Kainaat Arora . Bollywood screenwriter Suresh Nair debuted in Malayalam as writer

#6 Airplane!

Airplane! (alternatively titled Flying High! ) [5] is a 1980 American parody film written and directed by the brothers David and Jerry Zucker , and Jim Abrahams in their directorial debuts, [6] and produced by Jon Davison . It stars Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty and features Leslie Nielsen , Robert

#7 The Kingmaker (film)

The Kingmaker is a 2019 documentary film written and directed by Lauren Greenfield , featuring the political career of Imelda Marcos [6] with a focus on the Marcos family 's efforts to rehabilitate the family's image and to return to political power, [7] [8] including her plans to see her son, Bongb

#8 What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? is a 1966 comedy DeLuxe Color film written by William Peter Blatty and directed by Blake Edwards for the Mirisch Company in Panavision . It stars James Coburn and Dick Shawn . Filming was at Lake Sherwood Ranch in Thousand Oaks, 40 miles (64   km) northwest of Holl

#9 An American Dream (film)

An American Dream (also known as See You in Hell, Darling ) is a 1966 Technicolor drama film directed by Robert Gist and starring Stuart Whitman and Janet Leigh . [1] [2] It was adapted from the 1965 Norman Mailer novel of the same name . The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Song for "A Ti

#10 Das Boot (TV series)

Das Boot is a German television series produced for Sky One [1] [2] and a sequel to Das Boot (1981). Like the film, the series is based on Lothar-Günther Buchheim 's 1973 book Das Boot , but with additions from Buchheim's 1995 sequel Die Festung . [3] [2] As the original film's plot ends in December

#11 Scrubs (TV series)

Scrubs (stylized as [scrubs] ) is an American sitcom created by Bill Lawrence that aired from October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010, on NBC and later ABC . The series follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital, which is a teaching hospital . The title is a play on surgical sc

#12 Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna ( lit.   ' General Luna ' ) is a 2015 Filipino historical biopic film depicting General Antonio Luna 's leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine–American War . Directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, the film received critical acc

#13 Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko ( French pronunciation:   ​ [kɔd ljɔko] ) is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by the MoonScoop Group that premiered on France 3 . The series centers on a group of teenagers who travel to the virtual world of Lyoko to battle agains

#14 Night Moves (2013 film)

Night Moves is a 2013 American drama thriller film directed by Kelly Reichardt and written by Reichardt and Jonathan Raymond , starring Jesse Eisenberg , Dakota Fanning , Peter Sarsgaard , Alia Shawkat , and James LeGros . The film follows three radical environmentalists who plot to blow up a dam. I

#15 Screen One

Screen One was a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and distributed by BBC Worldwide , that transmitted on BBC1 between 1989 and 1998. [1] A total of six series were broadcast, incorporating sixty individual films, several of which were broadcast as stand-alone specials.

#16 Hitler: The Last Ten Days

Hitler: The Last Ten Days is a 1973 biographical drama film depicting the days leading up to Adolf Hitler 's suicide . The film stars Alec Guinness and Simon Ward , and features an introduction presented by Alistair Cooke ; the original music score was composed by Mischa Spoliansky . The film is bas

#17 Sutherland's Law

Sutherland's Law is a television series made by BBC Scotland between 1973 and 1976. [1] Television series For the dynamic viscosity formula, see Viscosity . Sutherland's Law Created by Lindsay Galloway Starring Iain Cuthbertson Country of origin United Kingdom No. of series 5 No. of episodes 46 Prod

#18 Not for Publication (1927 film)

Not for Publication is a 1927 American silent film directed by and starring Ralph Ince . [1] 1927 film by Ralph Ince Not for Publication Directed by Ralph Ince Written by Ewart Adamson Produced by Ralph Ince Cinematography Allen G. Siegler Production company Ralph Ince Productions Distributed by FBO

#19 Women: Stories of Passion

Women: Stories of Passion is an American anthology drama series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime from August 31, 1996 until April 4, 1999. and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas. American television series This article does not cite any sources . ( June 2007 )

#20 Arka Sıradakiler

Arka Sıradakiler ( Turkish pronunciation:   [aɾˈka sɯɾadacileɾ] ( listen ) ) is the title of a Turkish teen drama series, produced by Birol Guven and directed by Hamdi Alkan. Meaning "those at the back row," name of the series alludes to a group of forsaken students whose experiences comprise the ma

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Screenwriter / Screenwriter

#1 Jim Ryan (writer)

James Ryan (born April 21, 1936 died August 31, 2022) is an American screenwriter in the DePatie–Freleng Enterprises , also the Filmation studios [1] and Hanna–Barbera . As Jim Ryan he wrote the screen story from the 1987 ITC Entertainment Group film The Brave Little Toaster . American screenwriter

#2 Thomas D. Rice

Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice (May 20, 1808 – September 19, 1860) was an American performer and playwright who performed in blackface and used African American vernacular speech, song and dance to become one of the most popular minstrel show entertainers of his time. He is considered the "father of

#3 Dore Schary

Isadore "Dore" Schary (August 31, 1905 – July 7, 1980) was an American playwright, director, and producer for the stage and a prolific screenwriter and producer of motion pictures. He directed just one feature film , Act One , the film biography of his friend, playwright and theater director Moss Ha

#4 Tarek Ehlail

Tarek Ehlail (born 31 August 1981 in Homburg , Germany) is a German film director, screenwriter and film producer. Tarek Ehlial Tarek Ehlial in 2018 Born ( 1981-08-31 ) 31 August 1981 (age   40) Homburg , Germany Occupation Film director , film producer , screenwriter

#5 Galina Shergova

Galina Mikhailovna Shergova ( Russian: Галина Михайловна Ше́ргова ; 31 August 1923 – 11 May 2017) [1] [2] was a Soviet and Russian writer who participated in the creation of more than 200 films and TV movies. In 1978, she was the winner of the USSR State Prize . Soviet-Russian writer Galina Shergova

#6 Norbert Kückelmann

Norbert Kückelmann (1 May 1930 - 31 August 2017) was a German film director, screenwriter and lawyer. He was born in Munich , During the 1950s he studied law and worked part-time as a film critic. After graduation, he worked as a lawyer in Munich and Mainz . In 1965 he founded together with Alexande

#7 Normand Chaurette

Normand Chaurette OC (July 9, 1954 – August 31, 2022) [1] was a Canadian playwright, [2] best known as one of the first prominent writers of LGBT -themed plays in Quebec and Canada. [3] Canadian playwright (1954–2022) Normand Chaurette Born July 9, 1954 Montreal , Quebec , Canada Died August 31, 202

#8 Lucy Hamilton Hooper

Lucy Hamilton Hooper ( née , Jones ; January 20, 1835 – August 31, 1893) was an American poet, journalist, editor, playwright, and translator. Soon after her marriage in 1854, a commercial crisis ruined her husband's business and she was compelled to start writing professionally. She contributed reg

#9 William Saroyan

William Saroyan [2] ( / s ə ˈ r ɔɪ ə n / ; August 31, 1908 – May 18, 1981) was an Armenian-American novelist, playwright, and short story writer. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1940, and in 1943 won the Academy Award for Best Story for the film The Human Comedy . When the studio reje

#10 Jonathan Nolan

Jonathan Nolan (born 6 June 1976) [1] is a British-American screenwriter, television producer, director and author. He is the creator of the CBS science fiction series Person of Interest (2011–2016) and co-creator of the HBO science fiction western series Westworld (2016–present). British-American s

#11 Stephen Geller

Stephen D. Geller (born August 31, 1940 in Los Angeles, California [1] ) is an American screenwriter and novelist. He wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut 's novel Slaughterhouse-Five , [2] [3] and has worked in the film industry in Hollywood and Europe. Geller directed his

#12 Rob McKittrick

Rob McKittrick (born August 31, 1973) is an American filmmaker who directed the 2005 independent film Waiting... starring Ryan Reynolds . [1] He also wrote the sequel to the film, Still Waiting... (2009). American film director Rob McKittrick Born ( 1973-08-31 ) August 31, 1973 (age   49) Bradenton,

#13 Hitoshi Matsumoto

Hitoshi Matsumoto ( 松本 人志 , Matsumoto Hitoshi , born September 8, 1963) , commonly known as Matchan ( 松ちゃん (まっちゃん) ) , is a Japanese film director and one of Japan's most popular comedians and TV hosts. He is one half of the comedy duo Downtown alongside Masatoshi Hamada . Like Hamada, Matsumoto was

#14 Stephan G. Stephansson

Stephan G. Stephansson (October 3, 1853 – August 10, 1927) was a Western Icelander , poet, and farmer. His given name was Stefán Guðmundur Guðmundsson . Stephan G. Stephansson Born Stefán Guðmundur Guðmundsson ( 1853-10-03 ) 3 October 1853 Skagafjörður , Iceland Died 10 September 1927 (1927-09-10) (

#15 Geoff Johns

Geoffrey Johns (born January 25, 1973) is an American comic book writer , screenwriter and film and television producer. Johns's work on the DC Comics characters Green Lantern , Aquaman , Flash and Superman , has drawn critical acclaim. [2] American comic book writer Geoff Johns Johns at the August

#16 Harry Clork

Harry Clork (born Harry Prince , and sometimes credited as Harry Clarke ) was an American screenwriter and playwright who wrote over three dozen films between 1935 and 1955. American screenwriter (1888-1978) Harry Clork Born Harry W. Prince August 31, 1888 Galveston, Texas, USA Died June 18, 1978 (a

#17 George Weller

George Anthony Weller (July 13, 1907 – December 19, 2002) was an American novelist , playwright , and journalist for The New York Times and Chicago Daily News . He won a 1943 Pulitzer Prize as a Daily News war correspondent . American novelist, playwright, and journalist (1907–2002) This article is

#18 Joe Menendez

Joe Menendez (born June 23, 1969) is an American film and television director , [1] who has moved between the film and TV medium his entire career. American film and television director (born 1969) This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . (

#19 Egon Günther

Egon Günther (30 March 1927 – 31 August 2017) [1] was a German film director and writer. German film director and screenwriter Egon Günther Egon Günther in 1988 Born ( 1927-03-30 ) 30 March 1927 Schneeberg , Saxony , Germany Died 31 August 2017 (2017-08-31) (aged   90) Potsdam , Germany Occupation F

#20 Elvania Namukwaya Zirimu

Elvania Namukwaya Zirimu (31 August 1938 – 31 October 1979) [2] was a Ugandan poet and dramatist. She formed the Ngoma Players, with the policy of writing and producing Ugandan plays, and was actively concerned with the National Theatre. [3] She belonged to the early generation of English-language U

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Writer / Writer

#1 Robley Wilson

Robley Wilson (June 15, 1930 – August 7, 2018) was an American poet , writer, and editor. Educated at Bowdoin College, B.A., 1957; Indiana University, graduate study, 1960; University of Iowa, M.F.A., 1968. Married Charlotte Lehon, August 20, 1955 (divorced, 1990); married fiction writer Susan Hubba

#2 Anna Bartlett Warner

Anna Bartlett Warner (August 31, 1827 – January 22, 1915) was an American writer, the author of several books, and of poems set to music as hymns and religious songs for children. Anna Bartlett Warner Born ( 1827-08-31 ) August 31, 1827 Long Island, New York Died January 22, 1915 (1915-01-22) (aged

#3 Sarah Britten

Sarah Jane Britten (born 31 August 1974) is a South African writer, blogger, lipstick artist and communication strategist. [6] Sarah Britten Britten in 2012 Born Sarah Jane Britten [1] [2] ( 1974-08-31 ) 31 August 1974 (age   47) [3] [4] Johannesburg , South Africa [5] Occupation Writer, artist, com

#4 Nadya Zhexembayeva

Nadya Zhexembayeva ( Russian: Надя Жексембаева ) is an author, educator and business owner . She has written four and contributed to six books about business, strategy, reinvention and sustainability. [1] In 2009, Dr. Zhexembayeva co-authored the concept of "embedded sustainability", [2] [3] in 2015

#5 Gémino Abad

Gémino Henson Abad (born February 5, 1939) is a literary critic from Cebu , Philippines . [1] He is a National Artist for Literature of the Philippines. His family moved to Manila when his father, Antonio Abad , was offered professorships at Far Eastern University and the University of the Philippin

#6 Alexander Kinloch Forbes

Alexander Kinloch Forbes (7 July 1821 – 31 August 1865) was a colonial administrator in British India . Colonial administrator in British India Alexander Kinloch Forbes Portrait and signature of Alexander Kinloch Forbes Born ( 1821-07-07 ) July 7, 1821 London , England Died August 31, 1865 (1865-08-

#7 Michel Heller

Michel Heller (Михаил Яковлевич Геллер, 1922–1997) was a Russian historian. Mikhail Y. Geller (August 31, 1922, Mogilev, Belorussian SSR, January 3, 1997, Paris, France) - historian, journalist, writer, critic and dissident. Author of several books that explore different aspects of Russian history a

#8 Sita Ram Goel

Sita Ram Goel (16 October 1921 – 3 December 2003) was an Indian historian, religious and political activist, writer, and publisher in the late twentieth century. He had Marxist leanings during the 1940s, [1] but later became an outspoken anti-communist and also wrote extensively on the damage to Ind

#9 Aarudhra

Aarudhra (born Bhagavatula Sadasiva Sankara Sastry ; 31 August 1925 – 4 June 1998) was an Indian author , poet , lyricist , translator, publisher, dramatist, playwright, and an expert in Telugu literature . [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Aarudhra is the nephew of Telugu poet Sri Sri and is also known for his w

#10 Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer

Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer (born 31 August 1936) is an Austrian novelist and poet, one of the leading women prose writers in German. Her mainly fictional works present the horrors of Fascism, especially the repression of minorities. [1] [2] Austrian writer Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer photographed in

#11 Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Hon   FRIBA ( / ˈ f ɛ f əl / ; [5] born 19 June 1964) is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. He previously served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

#12 James S. Robinson

James Sidney Robinson (October 14, 1827 – January 14, 1892) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio and a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War . He served two terms in Congress from 1881 to 1885. American politician James Sidney Robinson Member of the U.S. House of Representatives fro

#13 Christoph Friedrich Bretzner

Christoph Friedrich Bretzner (10 December 1748 – 31 August 1807) was a Leipzig merchant famous for writing the libretto to a singspiel entitled Belmont und Constanze, oder Die Entführung aus dem Serail , produced in Berlin and adapted in 1782 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gottlieb Stephanie as Die

#14 Robert Richardson Sears

Robert Richardson Sears ( / s ɪər z / ; August 31, 1908 [1] – May 22, 1989 [2] ) was an American psychologist who specialized in child psychology and the psychology of personality. He was the head of the psychology department at Stanford and later dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences there,

#15 David Vincent Hooper

David Vincent Hooper (31 August 1915 – 3 May 1998), born in Reigate , was a British chess player and writer. As an amateur, he tied for fifth place in the 1949 British Championship at Felixstowe . He was the British correspondence chess champion in 1944 and the London Chess Champion in 1948. He play

#16 Frank Cameron Jackson

Frank Cameron Jackson AO FASSA FAHA FBA (born 31 August 1943) is an Australian analytic philosopher and Emeritus Professor in the School of Philosophy (Research School of Social Sciences) at Australian National University (ANU) where he had spent most of the latter part of his career. His primary re

#17 Robert Underwood Johnson

Robert Underwood Johnson (January 12, 1853 – October 14, 1937) was an American writer , poet , and diplomat . American writer, poet & diplomat This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards . ( June 2021 ) Robert Underwood Johnson United States Ambassador to Italy

#18 Kasimir Edschmid

Kasimir Edschmid , born Eduard Hermann Wilhelm Schmid, (5 October 1890 in Darmstadt – 31 August 1966 in Vulpera (Switzerland)) was a German expressionist writer. His work was part of the literature event in the art competition at the 1928 Summer Olympics . [1] Together with Carl Gunschmann he was on

#19 Kenneth Cmiel

Kenneth J. Cmiel (August 31, 1954 - February 4, 2006) was an American academic and historian specializing in the history of human rights at the University of Iowa . He was a professor of history there, as well as the director of the university's Center for Human Rights. [1] American historian (1954–

#20 Nick Taussig

Nick Taussig ( / ˈ t aʊ s ɪ k / ; [1] born 26 March 1973) is a British author and film producer. In his writing he is known for exploring themes of personal freedom, identity, truth and moral transgression in works such as Love and Mayhem (2005), Don Don (2007), Gorilla Guerrilla (2008) and The Dist

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