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King Flower (Chinese: 金大花的華麗冒險) is a 2013 Taiwanese comedy romance television series. It was produced by SETTV and started filming on November 26, 2012. It stars James Wen and Nikki Xie (謝欣穎).[1] It was first aired on January 6, 2013 on TTV.[2]

King Flower
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Also known asSubstitute Princess
GenreRomance, Comedy
Created byChen Xin Guo (陳興國)
Written byChen Hong Jie (陳虹潔)
Luo Xi Ni(羅茜妮)
Yang Bi Feng (楊碧鳳)
Directed byZhang Zhe Shu (張哲書)
Hu Yi Juan (胡意涓)
StarringJames Wen
Nikki Xie
Chris Wu
Opening theme"因為有你在" (Because You're There) by Dream Girls
Ending theme"像女孩的女人" (A Girl Like A Woman) by S.H.E
Country of originTaiwan
Original languagesMandarin
No. of series1
No. of episodes21
Production locationTaiwan
Running time90 minutes
Production companySETTV
Original networkTTV
SET Metro
Picture formatSDTV (480i)
Original release6 January (2013-01-06) 
2 June 2013 (2013-06-02)
Preceded byMiss Rose
Followed byLove Around


The ugly Jin Da Hua has buck-teeth and a large mole on her face which causes her to be teased and ridiculed all her life. She daydreams that if she could only be as beautiful as Du Liang Yan- Ouyang Tai's fiancé, Da Hua's best friend, Lin Guan Jun, might fall in love with her. Due to a hiking accident, Liang Yan falls off a cliff while on a trip with her fiancé. Just because Da Hua has a slight resemblance, she is given a chance to change her life as she undergoes plastic surgery and takes up Du Liang Yan's name and identity.


Main cast

Ouyang Tai, The GM of Shen Da Realty, He was engaged to Du Liang Yan who was severely injured during an accident, He found Jin Da Hua to replace his fiancé temporarily, As time goes he found out his fiancé died..And at that hard time Jin Da Hua was willing to comfort him and stay by his side which made him fall in love with Da Hua.

Jin Da Hua, a 28-year-old female is the daughter of a provision shop owner. She is enthusiastic and cheerful girl since she was young but because of malocclusion and a mole on an awkward part of her forehead, she was always bullied by the other kids. Da Hua hopes that one day she would be able to give her first kiss and also her 'first time' to her childhood crush, Lin Guan Jun. After coincidentally meeting Du Liang Yan and her fiancé, Ouyang Tai, in her family opened convenient store, she was thinking if she one day becomes as beautiful as Du Liang Yan. Would Guan Jun accept her love for him? After owing a debt of 2 million from illegal money lenders, Jin Da Hua had no choice but to undergo plastic surgery and take up Du Liang Yan's name to impersonate Ouyang Tai's fiancé.

Du Liang Yan, a 28-year-old lady is the manager of the design department in Shen Da Corporation. Liang Yan is beautiful, intelligent, kind, quiet and is also good at playing the piano. She is engaged to Ouyang Tai and is very much in love with each other. Since she was young, Liang Yan was the apple to her father's eye and always tries to live up to her father's expectations. Liang Yan tries not to do anything dangerous or risky because she doesn't want her father to worry about her. But she has always wanted to try something thrilling so Liang Yan begged Ouyang to go hiking knowing that he loved to hike. However, Liang Yan fell when she was halfway up the mountain during the hike. She was rushed to the hospital immediately.

After losing his parents when he was just a child, Lin Guan Jun was adopted and raised by Jin Da Hua's mother. Having growing up together with Da Hua, Guan Jun always bickered with Da Hua but he protects and looks after Da Hua like his own younger sister. Although knowing that Da Hua has feelings for him, he tries to avoid the topic because of Da Hua's looks, but he is also unable to hide his love for her. Working as a delivery man, Guan Jun likes to gamble during his free time and after creating trouble, he always runs back to the Jin's family convenient store to hide. But if he's faced with serious trouble, he would not hesitate to protect his loved ones from getting hurt.

Extended cast


The series did not release an original soundtrack. However, songs are used in the series. In particular, the series had five songs from different artists, released in their respective albums. The opening theme song used is "Yin Wei You Ni Zai" or "Because You're There" by Dream Girls, while the ending theme song used is by S.H.E entitled "像女孩的女人" or "A Girl Like A Woman".

Track listing

1."Because You're There" (因為有你在)Tian Le (天樂)KATRINA. NOORBERGEN、NICHOLAS F. CARBONE、ANTHONY J. NATOLIDream Girls - Girl's Talk album 
2."The Innocent Women" (像女孩的女人)Wang Zhen Shen (王振聲)Guo Wen Zong (郭文宗)S.H.E - Blossomy album 
3."Memorable Day" (紀念日)Chen Xin Yang (陳信延)Real (R) of F.I.RAaron Yan - The Moment album 
4."Why Bother" (何苦)Albert Leung James Wen - James Wen debut album 
5."Repair Me" (還我)Xu Min Ling (徐旻鈴)Liu Yin (劉寅)S.H.E - Blossomy album 


CountryNetworkTimeslotEpisode premiere
TaiwanTTVSundays, 10PMJanuary 6, 2013
SETTVSaturdays, 10PMJanuary 12, 2013
ETTVSundays, 7:30PMJanuary 13, 2013
SingaporeStarhub TVSaturdays, 8PMApril 6, 2013

Episode ratings

Since its first broadcast, King Flower topped the ranks with the total average of 1.57. Its drama competitors were CTV's Borrow Your Love, CTS's K Song Lover, and FTV's The Queen of SOP. The viewers survey was conducted by AGB Nielsen.[3]

Date of BroadcastEpisodeAverage RatingsRankBehind-the-scenes
average ratings
2013/01/06011.2910.671.78[note 1]
2013/01/13021.4610.881.74[note 1]
2013/01/20031.8411.082.43[note 1]
2013/01/27041.5410.991.95[note 1]
February 10, 2013 broadcast was suspended due to the special broadcast episode of "蛇來運轉迎新春".
Total average 1.57 - -


  1. Maximum instantaneous viewing.


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