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Miss Rose (Chinese: 螺絲小姐要出嫁; pinyin: Luo Si Xiao Jie Yao Chu Jia) is 2012 Taiwanese romantic comedy television series starring Megan Lai, Roy Chiu as the main leads, with Paul Hsu, Tia Lee, Chunya Chao and Puff Guo in supporting roles. The original title literally translates as "Miss Screws to get married" which is in reference to Megan Lai's character name which pronunciation sounds the same as "screw" in Mandarin and Roy Chiu's character "Gao Cheng Kuan" referring his workers as "screws", mentioned in episode 1. Filming began on June 9, 2012 and finished on December 6, 2012. First episode began airing on July 22, 2012 and finished on December 30, 2012 with 23 episodes total.[1][2] The drama was filmed while it aired.

Miss Rose
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Also known asMiss Screws To get Married, 螺丝小姐要出嫁
GenreRomance, Comedy
Created bySanlih E-Television
Written byLai Yi Lin 賴意林
Lin Yi Jun 林宜君
Bì Cuì Si 碧翠絲
Directed byChen Xi Sheng 陳希聖
Zhang Xiu Cheng 張修誠
Danny Dun鄧安寧
StarringMegan Lai
Roy Chiu
Paul Hsu 許騰方
Tia Lee
Chunya Chao 趙駿亞
Puff Guo
Opening theme"Sneezing (fast version)" by Yen-j
Ending theme"One In A Thousand" by Della Ding
Country of originTaiwan
Original languageMandarin
No. of series1
No. of episodes23
Executive producerChen Xi Sheng 陳希聖
ProducersLi Liguo 李立國
Chen Yijun 陳一俊
Cai Pei Ying 蔡姵纓
Production locationTaiwan
Running time90 minutes
Production companySanlih E-Television
Original networkTTV
Picture formatSDTV
First shown inRepublic of China (Taiwan)
Original release22 July (2012-07-22) 
30 December 2012 (2012-12-30)
Preceded byLove Forward 向前走向愛走
Followed byKing Flower


When a hardworking office lady is told by a fortune teller that she will never get married, she makes a bet with the fortune teller that she will prove her reading wrong or else she will give her $1 million. She meets a heartless, stern and cold CEO of a company who has no compassion for his employees who will eventually become her new boss. At first both can't stand each other but after working closely with each other they learn to trust each other and love blossoms between the two. But it won't be easy for their love to survive when he has a fiancée who won't let go and she has a former boyfriend who wants her back.

Plot summary

Luo Si Yi is the hardest working person in her company. On a whim, she goes to see a fortune teller who tells her she will never get married. Furious of the reading she has just received she makes a wager with the fortune teller by saying she will get married within a year and if she can't she will pay the fortune teller $1,000,000.00 dollars. Si Yi goes on many blind dates where she is insulted by guys who are not up to standards that tell her she is old and past her age for marriage and to have children.

Gao Cheng Kuan is a corporate raider and heartless CEO who sees his employees as screws. Any screws that are rusted should be thrown out and any that are loose needs to be screwed on tightly. He himself is also in a difficult position since he has betrothed to his bosses spoiled daughter who he does not love and always having to prove his worth to his boss and his daughter.

When Si Yi is sent by her lazy boss to get a cake for the head of their company birthday party she meets Cheng Kuan when she accidentally splatters a cake and ruins his expensive suit. Not having the proper attire to a corporate takeover meeting he is helming it causes him to not show up to the meeting and lose his chance at taking over a company. This causes conflict between him and his future father-in-law which result in Cheng Kuan being sent to run the light company that Si Yi works for in order to prove himself again. Si Yi and Cheng Kuan have a further misunderstanding of each other when she goes to work on the weekend to catch up and he shows up in casual clothes to scope out the company. She mistakes him for a burglar, stalker, and pervert, but later finds out that he is her new boss.

Seeing how everyone at the lighting company is lacking and lazy, Cheng Kuan soon learns to trust only Si Yi, the hardest working person in the company. She becomes his assistant at the company and romance between the two starts to blossom when they go on a business trip together, but his fiancée is not happy with Cheng Kuan loving another woman even though she doesn't love him because she doesn't like her things being taken from her. Cheng Kuan soon has to make the decision of giving up as future CEO of a huge corporation, something he has worked hard for all his life to be with the woman he loves or staying in a loveless relationship to keep what he has worked hard for.[3]


Main cast

She's an hardworking Office Lady at Guang Qiang LED Corp (a lighting company) who wakes up early to give all of her superiors wake up calls, picks up the flowers from the florist each morning for display at the office and buys the cake and party favors whenever there is a celebration needed in the office. A fortune teller tells her she will never get married, not being able to accept her fortune reading she challenges the fortune teller, by waging a bet that she can get married within a year. One day the parent company of the company she works for, sends over their top exec Gao Cheng Kuan to restructure and run the company because the CEO is not happy with the declining profits. She becomes Cheng Kuan's assistant at the office. At first she hated him thinking he is a pervert because of an earlier misunderstanding.
He is the top exec at Yi Ren Group. He is a cold, ruthless, impatient and arrogant businessman. His boss Jiang Chu Lian is extremely impress with him and betroths his daughter Vivian to him so he can be the future CEO of his company. His future father-in-law sends him to Guang Qiang LED Corp in order to restructure and turn the company into an profitable company. He refuses at first and threatens to resign deeming it as an embarrassment to his career if he works as Guang Qiang LED Corp, but Jiang Chu Lian reminds him that he will be taking over his company one day and should take the position to further prove himself.
Gao Cheng Kuan's driver and trusted personal assistant. He is Cheng Kuan voice of reason and right hand man when making decisions. He has a crush on Zhong Xiao Ke and does not know at first that she is already engaged to someone else.
Luo Si Yi happy go lucky carefree friend and Ah Ze's fiancee, She owns and operates a coffee and tea shop. She tries to get Si Yi to be more relaxed in order for her to be able to land a husband within a year. She thought she was in an loving, devoted and secure relationship with her fiancee Ah Ze, only to find out in the worst way that he was secretly having an affair outside.
Luo Si Yi's ex-boyfriend who broke her heart publicly when she found out he had a fiancee on the side and that the two would be leaving for the U.S. to get married. They cross paths again when Guang Qiang LED Corp and a rival company is trying to recruit him. She is asked by her bosses to attend an event he will be at to present a proposal to bid for his interest in joining their company.
Gao Cheng Kuan's fiancee and Jiang Chu Lian's daughter. She is the typical spoil rich girl who thinks she is above all. She and Gao Cheng Kuan are in a loveless for business purposes only relationship, they only stay together for the sake of her father. He to be CEO of the company and her to be a future high society wife.

Supporting cast

He is President of Guang Qiang LED Corp. He is a lazy boss who does not care about the profits of his company. He plays hooky all day and lives off of investors money. He is not happy when Gao Cheng Kuan is sent to restructure his company and tells all of his employees not to help Cheng Kuan.
General Manager of Guang Qiang LED Corp and Luo Si Yi's Supervisor. Like Wu Jian Shu, he is also a lazy boss. Originally the Deputy Chief of Guang Qiang LED Corp, he is demoted to General Manager position when Gao Cheng Kuan arrives to work at the company.
Works at Guang Qiang LED Corp. She uses her flirty and sexy appearance to get on the bosses good side.
Kang You Wei's secretary. She is a worrywart, she'll cry at the slight hearing of problems at Guang Qiang LED Corp. She looks up to Si Yi and tries to help her whenever it is possible.
Luo Si Yi and Luo Si Qi's loving father. Zeng Mei Nu's husband. He owns and runs a dry cleaning business. His younger daughter married sooner than his older daughter. his biggest desire is for his older daughter Si Yi to get married, but being a caring father he does not push her as he only wants her to be happy.
Luo Si Yi and Luo Si Qi's loving but gossipy mother. She is always telling Si Yi to not overwork herself and look for an husband instead.
Luo Yun Biao's and Zeng Mei Nu's younger daughter. Luo Si Yi's younger sister. Tang Mu's wife. She got married before her older sister. She and her husband are in a loving marriage and tend to be affectionate with each other in public without caring what others think.
Luo Si Qi's loving and affectionate husband. Luo Yun Biao's and Zeng Mei Nu's son-in-law. Luo Si Yi's brother-in-law. He dated Luo Si Qi when they were in High School and got married right after graduating from school.
CEO of Yi Ren Group. Vivian's father. He deeply cares about and spoils his only child Vivian. He is extremely impress with Gao Cheng Kuan's ways of business dealing and wants him to be the future CEO of his company and Son-in-law.
The fortune teller who gave a reading to Luo Si Yi and told her she will never get married. If she loses Si Yi bet she will have to pole dance at Si Yi's wedding.
Zhong Xiao Ke fiancee. He acts like a loving and devoted boyfriend but secretly he was having an affair with Song Ting Ai.
Gao Cheng Kuan's mother. She cares about her son. She thought Vivian would be the greatest daughter-in-law to have.


Gao Cheng Kuan goes on her news talk show thinking it will highlight all his business accomplishments but instead he is surprise attacked by the host questioning his ethic on how he runs a business.
Chairman of a company Gao Cheng Kuan was in the process of an hostile takeover but because Luo Si Yi ruins his suit at a bakery (the first time they meet), he does not make it to the takeover meeting in time to sign the takeover documents.
Works at Guang Qiang LED Corp. One of Kang You Wei's assistants.
Guang Qiang LED Corp largest shareholder and Chairman.
Luo Si Yi's blind date who turns out to be extremely rude and a slob.
Magazine editor who was going to chronicle Gao Cheng Kuan's and Vivian's wedding.
Chairman of a rival company who gives bribe money to Wu Jian Shu and Kang You Wei to make sure Gao Cheng Kuan fails at making Guang Qiang LED Corp a profitable company.
Tang Yi Chun's secret fiancee who he breaks up with Luo Si Yi for.


No official soundtrack album was released for "Miss Rose". The opening theme song is "Sneezing (fast version) 打噴嚏(發燒快版)" by Yen-j and the closing theme song is "One In A Thousand 好難得" by Della Ding.



Songs from the soundtrack are taken from the following artiste self albums:


Filming locations

"Miss Rose" was filmed entirely in various cities and counties throughout Taiwan.



New Taipei

Yilan County

Taoyuan County

Pingtung County


"Miss Rose" first original airing began on Taiwanese Sanlih channel TTV on July 22, 2012 every Sunday night at 10:00 PM, final episode was aired on December 30, 2012 with 23 episodes total. Each episode running time is 90 minutes with commercials included.

ChannelCountry/LocationAiring DateTimeslot
TTV TaiwanJuly 22, 2012Sunday 10:00 PM
SETJuly 28, 2012Saturday 11:30 PM
(starting 11/10) 10:00 PM
ETTVAugust 5, 2012Sunday 7:30 PM
LTV HDJanuary 22, 2013Monday-Friday 9:00 PM
PPS ChinaJune 6, 2012Sunday 10:00 PM
TVB J2 Hong KongMarch 10, 2013Sunday 8:30 PM
Astro MalaysiaMarch 28, 2013Monday-Friday 10:30 PM
True Asian Series ThailandSeptember 15, 2013Friday-Sunday 7:00 PM
Vietnamese Broadcasting Services United StatesUnknown9:00 pm

Episode ratings

"Miss Rose" ranked number one in its time slot throughout its original airing with a total average of 3.49. The viewers survey was conducted by AGB Nielsen with a survey range of over 4 years old TV audience.[12]

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:
Air DateEpisodeTitleAverage RatingsRank
July 22, 2012 01 A Lonely Life... A Peaceful Life!
一世孤單 一生平安!
2.37 1
July 29, 2012: No episode was aired due to TTV airing the "2012 London Olympics Special"
August 5, 2012 02 Miss Screw, Mr. Patch.
2.76 1
August 12, 2012 03 What Am I In Your Heart?
3.37 1
August 19, 2012 04 Lecher, Pervert, Peeping Tom.
3.22 1
August 26, 2012 05 Girlfriend In Name Only
4.35 1
September 2, 2012 06 Quietly Creeping Into Cheng Kuan's Heart
3.83 1
September 9, 2012 07 We Are The Only Ones Here, Understand?
3.96 1
September 16, 2012 08 Silly Things Boys Would Do
3.73 1
September 23, 2012 09 Luckily You're Here
3.70 1
September 30, 2012 10 There're No Medicine For Regret In This World
3.35 1
October 7, 2012 11 The Value Of Love
3.82 1
October 14, 2012 12 Hypothetical Question
3.72 1
October 21, 2012 13 I'm Leaving So I Can Be Close To You
4.19 1
October 28, 2012 14 Kiss And Change Sides
4.04 1
November 4, 2012 15 Something Must Be Wrong
3.95 1
November 11, 2012 16 Who's The Third Party?
3.50 1
November 18, 2012 17 Call Me Cheng Kuan
3.13 1
November 25, 2012 18 Let's Be Together Forever
3.35 1
December 2, 2012 19 Will You Marry Me?
3.28 1
December 9, 2012 20 A Temporary Test
2.90 1
December 16, 2012 21 Overcoming All Obstacles
2.61 1
December 23, 2012 22 Only A Few Steps Away From Happiness
2.61 1
December 30, 2012 23 I Do!
4.18 1
Average ratings 3.49


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