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Say Again Yes I Do (Chinese: 再說一次我願意; pinyin: Zai Shuo Yi Ci Wo Yuan Yi) also known as I Do2 is a 2014 Taiwanese television series created and produced by Sanlih E-Television. Starring Lin Yo Wei, Mandy Wei, Michael Zhang and Vivi Lee as the main leads. Filming began on August 6, 2014, and wrapped up on December 31, 2014, the drama was filmed as it aired. The series began airing on Sanlih's TTV channel on Sunday nights August 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM and will take over the timeslot of previous TTV drama "Fall in Love with Me 愛上兩個我". The drama concluded on January 4, 2015, with 20 episodes total.

Say Again Yes I Do
Also known asI Do2
Created bySanlih E-Television
Written byYaya Chang 張綺恩
Li Jie Yu 李婕瑀
Xu Zhi Yi 徐志怡
Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真
Directed byYang Bu Xin 楊佈新
StarringLin Yo Wei 林佑威
Mandy Wei 魏蔓
Michael Zhang
Vivi Lee
Opening themeSay Again Yes I Do 再說一次Yes I Do by Lin Yo Wei 林佑威
Ending themeLet Go, Travel 放下, 旅行 by Dino Li 李玉璽
Country of originRepublic of China (Taiwan)
Original languageMandarin
No. of series1
No. of episodes20
Executive producersPan Yi Qun 潘逸群
Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真
ProducersLeung Han Hui 梁漢輝
Xu Zhi Yi 徐志怡
Production locationTaiwan
Running time90 minutes
Production companyEastern Shine Production Co., Ltd. 東映製作
DistributorSanlih E-Television
Original networkTTV
Picture formatSDTV
Original release24 August 2014 (2014-08-24) 
4 January 2015 (2015-01-04)
Preceded byFall in Love with Me 愛上兩個我
Followed bySomeone Like You 聽見幸福


Can you rush true love before its time? Shu Xin Kui (Mandy Wei) met Xiang Zheng Yang (Lin Yo-Wei) four years ago and got married after a whirlwind romance of only a couple of months. But as the stress of married life set in – trying to get used to each other's habits and dealing with the extended in-laws – the young couple began to bicker and ended up divorcing just six months into their marriage. Four years later, Xin Kui and Zheng Yang meet up again when they both start working together as managers-in-training at the same hotel. As the same chemistry they initially felt toward each other starts to brew, can Xin Kui and Zheng Yang make a relationship work the second time around? [1]

Plot summary

Xiang Zheng Yang and Shu Xin Kui meet by accident when he takes her cup of coffee at a cafe. Later that day the two encounter each other again at a singles party that their friends dragged them to. After that faithful day the two embark on a whirlwind romance and decided to get married after only dating for a few months. After their flash marriage the two starts to see faults in each other and find each other annoying. She sees him as a controlling neat freak who has a love for amphibians. While he sees her as a messy clumsy oath who pigs out on junk food. Unable to cope with each other anymore the two agree to a divorce after six month of marriage.

On the day Zheng Yang and Xin Kui divorce is finalized and they divide their assets, the two have a huge fight over belongings. The two swear not to ever encounter each other again. While at the beach reminiscing of the good times he had with Xin Kui, Zheng Yang sees a woman about to drown and saves her. Ge Qian Qian has also just ended a relationship. After a few kind words about relationship issues from Zheng Yang at the hospital the two part ways.

Four years later fate brings Zheng Yang and Xin Kui back together, when their best friends who dragged them to the singles party, get married and ask them to be the best man and maid of honor at their wedding. The day after their friends wedding, both also find out they're candidates at the same "Mars Hotel" management training course, which is a job promotion for those who survive and passes the training course. Also a trainee at the same course is Qian Qian, the women Zheng Yang saved from drowning four years ago. Things get more complicated when the strict director of the training course is Ji Shi Yu, Qian Qian's former fiancée who she ran out on four years ago without giving any explanation.

Shi Yu is the stern supervisor who believes the guest at the hotel are always right even though they are not. He tells his trainees that no matter what the guest must always leave "Mars Hotel" feeling satisfy with the best hospitality provided to them. He acts cold towards Qian Qian because of how she ended their relationship, but deep down he still cares for her and wants to know the reason she had left him. Qian Qian truly loves Shi Yu and was set to marry him four years ago until she found out she could not fulfill his dream of having lots of children since her doctor told her she could never have a child.

After working closely together Zheng Yang and Xin Kui learn more about each other that they didn't know about before. The two decide to give their relationship another try but with Zheng Yang's family business in financial troubles and with his mother still disapproving Xin Kui, it puts a strain on their relationship from going forward.

Meanwhile, Shi Yu finds out from a family friend about Qian Qian's condition and realizes why she ran out on him. Still in love with her he tells her he does not mind that she can't have children. However Qian Qian still does not want to be a burden to Shi Yu and ask a friend to help her pretend that she's marrying someone else and tells Shi Yu that she doesn't love him anymore. Her actions breaks Shi Yu's heart and he starts to find comfort in Xin Kui to help him ease his broken heart. [2]


Main cast

Shu Xin Kui's ex-husband and later husband again. The heir of Dong Hua Hotel and a trainee at Mars Hotel. He is a neat freak who has a love for amphibians. He meets Xin Kui by chance when he accidentally grabs her cup of coffee and later on the same day at a singles party. He proposes marriage to Xin Kui after dating for only 2 month but the two divorce after putting up with each other for 6 month. 4 years later the two encounter each other again at their friends wedding and when both are trainees at Mars Hotel. After learning about each other more a second time, the two give their relationship another try, but his family business crisis and his mother comes between them.
Xiang Zheng Yang's ex-wife and later wife again. A unorganized klutz who likes to pig out on junk food. She meets Zheng Yang when she has to chase after him for grabbing her cup of coffee. She agrees to marry him after dating for only 2 months but later divorces him when she can't stand his antics. Wanting a better life and better pay she signs up for the Mars Hotel training course in hopes of landing a manager position after completing the course. She was an orphan who was abandoned by her mother when she was young. Mother and daughter encounter each other again at the hotel. After realizing her ex-husband Zheng Yang is a caring and understanding man the two give their relationship another try but his family business, his mother and his childhood friend Liang Man Ni tries to come between them.
Ge Qian Qian ex-fiancee and Director of Mars Hotel management training course. A strict and stern supervisor who believes the guest are always right even if they are not. He highly believes in offering all guest the best service the staff can offer. Still in love with his former fiancee Qian Qian, he is clueless to way she ran out on him 4 years ago until a mutual family friend tell him that Qian Qian in unable to have children.
Ji Shi Yu's former fiancee and Mars Hotel trainee. 4 years ago she ran out on Shi Yu when she found out she was unable to have children. She also meets Zheng Yang on that faithful day when he thinks she is committing suicide and saves her from drowning. She is a quiet reserved person who always puts other first. When Shi Yu finds out the truth about her condition and wants to reconcile she has a friend pretend to be her lover in order not to be a burden to Shi Yu.

Supporting cast

Mars Hotel

Mars Hotel manager.
Mars Hotel trainee.
Mars Hotel trainee.
Mars Hotel trainee.
Senior Mars Hotel house-keeping employee. Family friend of Shu Xin Kui.
Wife of the founder of Mars Hotel. She and Shu Xin Kui's grandparents where friends.
Daughter of Mars Hotel's Chairman. Arrogant and spoiled she ask for unreasonable demands from the hotel staff.

Extended casts

Shu Xin Kui's friend and Cai Tao Gui's wife. She was the friend that dragged Xin Kui to the singles party. At first not interested in her husband Tao Gui but the two get married 4 years later. She helps her husband run and manage a manga rental shop.
Xiang Zheng Yang's friend and Chen Mo Li's husband. The friend that dragged Zheng Yang to the singles party where he met with Xin Kui. A nerdy looking guy whom his wife was originally not interested in, but the two get marry four years later. He and his wife own a manga rental store.
Xiang Zheng Yang's childhood friend who has been in love with him since they were young. Zheng Yang's mother highly likes her and wants her to marry Zheng Yang in order to strengthen the family business. She plays victim and lies about Xin Kui in order to come between Xin Kui and Zheng Yang.
Liang Man Ni's older brother and CEO of the RC Group. While preparing to take over Mars Hotel and Dong Hua Hotel he sees Xin Kui hardworking attitude and becomes attracted to her. He helps protect Xin Kui from his sister's lies.
Liang Man Ni and Liang Lei Hao's father. RC Group founder and close family friend of the Xiang family. He also owns large shares of Mars Hotel and Dong Hua Hotel.
Xiang Zheng Yang's mother. She highly objects to her sons relationship with Shu Xin Kui as she sees Xin Kui as someone that brings down Zheng Yang. Due to the family hotel business in shambles she wants her son to marry his rich childhood friend Liang Man Ni in order to strengthen the family finances.
Founder of Dong Hua Hotel and Xiang Zheng Yang's grandfather. When he dies Dong Hua Hotel is put in crisis when the managing employees plans a hostile take of the hotel from his family.
Dong Hua Hotel Managing Director. After Xiang Zheng Yang's grandfather dies he tries to hostile take over Dong Hua Hotel.
Mr. Kawase's soon to be wife and Shu Xin Kui's mother who abandoned her when she was a little girl. She arrives at Mars Hotel to get married. Once she realizes that Xin Kui is her daughter she wants to recognize her as her daughter again.
A Japanese VIP guest at Mars Hotel. He goes to the hotel to have his wedding. He supports his wife when she recognizes Xin Kui as her daughter again.

Guest role

Little girl at cafe where Xiang Zheng Yang and Shu Xin Kui met.
A young guest at Mars Hotel who is left alone at her hotel room while her mother goes to work.
Guest at Mars Hotel and Bei Bei's mother. She blames the hotel staff when her daughter becomes sick while she is left alone by her.
Her mother abandoned her at a restaurant.
VIP guest at Mars Hotel and Ge Qian Qian's friend who helps her lie to Ji Shi Yu.
Guang Cheng Group Vice President and Liang Lei Hao's University friend.



Say Again Yes I Do Original Novel
AuthorSanlih E-Television 三立電視監製
Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真
GenreFiction novel
Published6 December 2014
Media typePrint paperback

* 6 December 2014 : Say Again Yes I Do Original Novel (再說一次我願意原創小說) - ISBN 9789863662259 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製 & Chen Bi Zhen 陳碧真 - Publisher: KADOKAWA Media (Taiwan) 台灣角川

A novel based on the drama was published detailing the entire story line of the drama. Spoilers are revealed in the novel before the drama finished airing. The book comes with a desktop foldout 2015 calendar[3]

* 5 November 2014 : S-Pop Vol. 22 November 2014 (華流 11月號/2014) - Barcode 4717095578623 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製

Main leads Lin You Wei and Mandy Wei were featured on the regular issue of November 2014 issue of S-Pop magazine. The issue came with the gift of one of two random 2015 calendar with the Pleasantly Surprised drama theme.


ChannelCountryAiring DateTimeslot
TTV HD TaiwanAugust 24, 2014Sunday 10:00-11:30 pm
SETTVAugust 30, 2014Saturday 10:00-11:30 pm
ETTVAugust 31, 2014Sunday 8:30-10:00 pm
Astro Quan Jia HD MalaysiaNovember 21, 2014Friday 10:00 pm–12:00 am
StarHub TV SingaporeNovember 15, 2014Saturday 8:00-9:30 pm
Amarin TV ThailandMay 20, 2016Monday–Friday 2:00–3:30 pm

Episode ratings

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:
Air DateEpisodeAverage RatingsRank
August 24, 2014011.291
August 31, 2014021.221
September 7, 2014031.251
September 14, 2014041.431
September 21, 2014051.371
September 28, 2014061.231
October 5, 2014071.171
October 12, 2014081.251
October 19, 2014091.091
October 26, 2014100.961
November 2, 2014111.321
November 9, 2014121.131
November 16, 2014131.321
November 23, 2014141.391
November 30, 2014151.241
December 7, 2014161.481
December 14, 2014171.341
December 21, 2014181.311
December 28, 2014191.341
January 4, 2015201.611
Average ratings1.29

Awards and nominations

Year Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2014 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards 華劇大賞 [4][5] Best Actor Award Lin Yo-wei Nominated
Best Actress Award Mandy Wei Nominated
Best Foolishly Award Yang Li-yin Nominated
China Wave Award Lin Yo-wei Nominated
Weibo Popularity Award Lin Yo-wei Nominated
Viewers Choice Drama Award Say Again Yes I Do Nominated


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